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Alaude Drenxta

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  • Understandable; I will accept your challenge in the coming month; check with me around Thanksgiving
    Understandable; unfortunately, I'm quite busy with college applications and my new Prophecy for Humanity campaign. I'd be up for battling you, but it'll have to be in a little bit.
    Yes I am, I just had to get my college applications done.
    To be honest though, it is kind of hard to understand what is going on. I mean are you the tree or what?
    Hm, let me double check on a few things. We had some issue with Jett dropping out; may be Misanthropy or Rainfire.
    What's up? Long time no talk. I still talk to Rachel. lol I'm actually gonna see her soon, when I head to Europe for a month.
    Don't be. I didn't remember Zetsumi until he told me who he was. And I'd forget Kegan, but the nincompoop keeps calling me.
    like what lol? I'm so fucking bored, soon i have to go to my room and pretend i'm sleeping cuz my mom will flip on me if she catches me.
    I saw you online so I had a great urge to post that. I will control my urges next time. *pulls up zipper* lol.
    This is true :) Should be an interesting match- I look forward to when we start on Tuesday
    Alright; I am familiar enough with Bellefast. It should work out fine with Zauberei
    hey, just wanted to check to see if my character choice for our battle is alright. I am not quite sure who you're gonna use, so let me know if you want another character; I want the battle to work well in terms of power levels and such
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