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  • This definitely sounds nicely linked in with the Roleplayer's Academy that we're trying to get going, so I've got no problem with such a thing getting the full go-ahead. You've my blessings and best wishes.
    Yeah, same shit happened to me bro. That's crazy... I remember that Role-Play. One of my favorites that I made, but one I also hated for several reasons.
    Your first paragraph is my number one problem with this site, and the reason why at one point there was a sarcastic full 1 page article about me on the front page of the site. The main site mind you.

    One of the people in the pack happened to be an admin.
    I would agree with that statement entirely.
    I absolutely believed you were someone who felt homosexuals had no right to marry whatsoever, nor should it even be considered so, but that even seems to stem from not being aware of that particular decision. I honestly was not aware that that was the wording of that particular decision either, when I came across it I was trying to find a different decision which, even had I found it, would have been less helpful (the rights of prisoners to marry).

    That said, you are quite the strong debater, and from the conversation outside the chat, a strong intellectual as well, which is a very good combination.
    Whether a point is reasonable or not is an entirely subjective opinion. I have no doubt that most of the people who do not support Gay marriage in the US do so based on what is to their perspective a logical and fair point.

    As I posted in the thread, I feel this is primarily the result of influence from religious groups which seek to impose their beliefs on the whole of America.

    After all, more than 40% of Americans do not believe that evolution occurred in any way shape or form, and most of them believe that the earth is only 6000 years old, despite the entire realm of science to the contrary. (I did not bring many of those points up in the thread because I felt that would be too far off topic.)

    More troubling is the notion that facts themselves are subjective.

    Thank you for contacting me in order to work out our differences in point of view though. It has made my afternoon far less frustrating knowing that the person I am debating with is not in fact spreading lies and possible brain dead himself, but rather engaging in an intellectual exercise aimed at furthering ones understanding of the topic at hand.
    A distaste and rude reaction to what you thought I to be is a justified reaction.

    Torrence should not be applied to people who spread blatantly false information.

    Thank you for the apology, I felt you were doing the same, thus my tone.
    I still feel you are wrong, but the knowledge that you are at least attempting to be as correct as possible will mollify much of my anger towards incorrectness, since it seems we are both approaching the same ideal, just from different viewpoints.
    When you were 18? Whoa dude, props

    Well basically a hand-made bow and arrow in the first post would be 'beast'
    Well you seem like an intelligent person so the choice was probably thought-out

    Concerning my battle, are we allowed equipment we've already made in the wilderness?
    If the battlers seem very evenly matched by the end of three or four weeks, we'll have to call things off and deliberate over who wins. Some of the battles, if the battlers wish, can be continued unofficially and outside of the tournament.
    Yeah, like I said, I myself am not the most knowledgeable battler eight. Therefore, it can be difficult for me to determine when one character is simply too much for another to handle. I understand what you mean about that kind of advantage being earned. As a fairly competitive person myself, I certainly understand the concept of being entitled to the skill that you earned. I guess I just, in my thought process, thought that a battlers skill can be better flaunted when the characters are on as even grounds as possible (because then, it's undeniably all about creativity and experience). Had I more experience myself, I probably would have handled it differently; and I appreciate the feedback.
    I understand what your saying, but I didn't mean to refer to battling experience in general, more of a character crafting type of experience. For example, Ubi Ty can create a very powerful character that doesn't go beyond the rules because he knows them better. Tenyas, however, doesn't. I don't mean to penalize Ubi Ty for his ability, I just wanted to make the power levels of the characters as even as possible.

    That being said, I too am not particularly familiar with battling as well, so placing me in the position of "judge" was probably a decision that should have been more carefully considered. All the same, I felt that if I could more evenly level the playing field as far as characters are concerned, then the match would actually be more based on experience and creativity as opposed to simply characters "outclassing" each other.

    I'm not saying my decision was perfect or that it couldn't/shouldn't have been handled differently. I'm just saying that, given my personal experience and the situation, I tried to make the best decision that I could.
    Eleven levels (0-11) that are clear cut and are supposed to minimise the confusion and ambiguities that exist in powerful characters. It's based upon the maximum power of characters in the instance that they're fighting. I mean, a character at Tier 7 - Which is like an Elemental or mild demi-god - may eventually reach tier ten (full-blown god), but for their immediate use, they won't. A character's tier can be declared by a player, and challenged by any other roleplayer.

    I'm doing a revamp of the rules and guidelines sticky, and am going to include that in them as reference generally.
    That way someone can say, if they want to, 'Okay guys, let's make it a good, clean right: Nothing above Tier 7'.
    Lol the trip down memory lane took a toll on me just now. I didn't dub myself a vet but I hold the title as you do. There was a time when all I did was "normal" characters, but after that wasnt enough to win against deities and the like I went in. Its sad when you make a name for yourself and newbs don't get how hard you worked. You thought I was apparently new a few months ago too.

    Lookout for her then. My mom was like that and then she kicked my dad in his nuts and smashed him in the head with an expensive vase
    I know it. Its like people just don't bother to put any work into their ocs and then when yours is strong its suddenly a big problem; albeit the idea unfortunately wasn't their own.

    Well that sounds rather pleasant. Its amazing you're in love and married as is. Unless of course the marriage was for ulterior gain. Pssh
    Eh it's always the same. I just like to see what they have to say. I've been around too long and murked too many characters to change my over exerted exterior now. People are always going to freak out, so unless they have a valid point I laugh to myself and argue back.

    Lol so how's the wife??
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