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Alaude Drenxta

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  • xD you do remember me Lance, I used to be Kissui Tensai/KHProdigy1 around the time you were Breaking Point.

    Was just responding to that post you left in the interview thread.
    Like Kegan I made a second account as to break from the old one.
    Yours was some guy in a suit with a white mask on, and on that white mask was a series of red or black lines and circles scratched into it. God how do I remember that.

    Well, only a mod in the KH and FF sections, and content writing for the front page and archives, but I'll probably expand into more sections soon enough, roleplaying among them.

    Kegan's back, and got off his Rainfire account and is now fully back to Lord of Chaos.
    Yeah, Roleplaying's gone down a lot. I don't want to sound conceited, but sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one active and really pulling out all the stops. I mean there are other good roleplayers out there, but compared to how much goes on in the section, it's an extreme shame they're not more active.

    Oh yeah, and the avatar cache got cleared out because it was crazy huge. Just re-upload something. Oh yeah, and I became a mod.
    Hey I was just wondering if you wre gonna post in the KH outlaw RP. We can't really move on untill you do, unless we powerplay a little.
    Mhm; we can commence Monday if you'd like to set up the thread. I have some things to take care of up til tomorrow
    You have? Oh my, sorry for my blatant ignorance xD
    Carry on.. uh... Carry on o.o
    I'm really happy you posted in my roleplay, but before you can join, you need to make a template, which can be found on the first page of the OOC's.
    Thanks for showing interest in my RP :D
    I used live in a townhouse. FUck the freezer. I'll sleep downstairs.

    That sucks ass. I stay with my fam and i'm going broke just paying bills to help out.
    There we go. A man in charge. I'm starting a revolution. No man will ever sleep on the couch again.
    Hell yeah. Your a married man. Your ten times older then me now. So how's the married life old man?
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