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  • It's hardly something major, but I should let you know that in most cases Orion will be wearing his mask, the one Morpheaus granted him. Though it does usually adopt patterns, colours and intensities that match up to Orion's current emotions and thoughts.
    Just dropping by to say that the Unseen Veil is finally moving along, on both sides.
    Can we expect a post soon? If so, we'll wait. If not, we'll proceed, keeping Elwyn in a position from which he can jump in.
    Ah, it's good to hear from you, Morphaeus. Don't worry about the Unseen Veil; nothing was affected by your absence. If my studies (and other RPs) allow for it, I'll try to get things started again.

    I can't guarantee a spot on the Sanguine Heart roster, but I'd love to see a template from you.
    That's fine, as long as you hadn't forgotten. Um, I don't really use any chat clients to be honest, haha.
    I'm reading over it now, Morphaeus, and it's more than adequate; it's quite nice.
    You've definitely been accepted.
    That's perfectly understandable, Morpheaus; everyone has been in similar situations.
    I look forward to seeing your template, and hope that we can all get started soon.
    Well, the Agents ought to at least have the capability to control Denizens--but they needn't have a single beloved companion. I can easily envision a purist-minded Fae picking up Denizens when needed, then tossing them aside, or absorbing them for more power. The use of Denizens is only needed to demonstrate their "proper use" to the humans working for the Fae.

    The concept of an extremist Fae can also be carried over to the Fae Council--who can be viewed as the Netherworld's "meddling bureaucrats", forcibly interfering where they see fit.

    So, as a more direct answer to your question, a fixed Denizen companion is not necessary. My policy on exceptions is that, so long as they're reasonably explained, I'm fine with them--hence Sunny's inclusion of Doctor Who.
    Hah, I'm already a fairly patient fellow, but with the current rate of sign-ups, you won't be moving very slowly at all.
    I'll be looking forward to the template, whenever it comes along.
    By all means, I'd be glad to have you aboard.
    Feel free to post a template whenever the mood strikes you. :)
    Oh why thank you, you fine gentlemen.

    I shall take it as fluttery than. I am too tired to be insulted.
    Per minute actually. I was eating a ice cream while typing so it was harder. Notice how it only took me yet 2 minutes to type however? With one hand. I must have much skill. However on the comment of arrogance and the being of 'verbose', I do not know whether I should be flattered or insulted Richy.
    I do not pound my fists onto a keyboard. I shall tell you of that first. I write 115 words on adverage per second and now can touch type without the need of staring down at my fingers. I am the fastest and most accurate typer in my school, thank you very much. Afterall, if I type my reply without mere breaks it only takes me 15 minutes to reply back to you. Match my efforts? Hah. I think your just as much as a rambler as me. :p

    And do not fear. I shall be writing a very extensive letter on the very progessions of my day and the stupidity of the adverage teenage ape. Oh awful days, I must say.
    It is not my fault that my day was not only bad but exhausting. It is at this point I feel the need to ramble however I have been holding it in. Why? I was waiting for your private message as you are the only one I know who can ramble as much if not more than me!
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