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Alaude Drenxta

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  • thanx dude.
    i thought the neck was okay, but differences is
    pretty much the whole point in opinions. Anyway I'm
    pretty calm now, so no disrespect to anybody, I was
    just frustrated, and i don't have too many ppl to reconcile
    with besides Sephora, ER, and Rain at least. ER especially,
    because i don't know how she does it, but she really warms
    the heart. Alright man, i'm cool. I'll leave you alone, LOL
    and thanx again for the opinion, i appreciate it
    we had a competition down in
    Traditional Media to draw Super Heroes
    as a first round. I asked Stooge personally,
    what was a good super hero to illustrate, and
    the two choices were Flash, and the Green
    Lantern......I did the sketch but there's not
    so much feedback except from Vice, and Frozensoul,
    so i'm just kinda randomly asking out for opinions.

    here's the link:http://forums.khinsider.com/traditional-media/124290-aotm-round-1e-zionsphoenix-vs-ojike.html

    if you're cool with it
    i can get annoying when i'm frustrated.
    I'm still frustrated right now, so i need to
    take a break from here for a little bit. Just
    to throw off that topic a little, are you
    interested in comic art or anything???
    it's a weird question but it'll be clear when
    you answer :/
    see i never knew that.
    I didn't quite get why i had 2 rep points.
    until all the reps were wiped out. But my problem
    was that i had been nega repped before for a reason.
    I didn't think my typing would be considered one, because i
    didn't do anything bad or stupid, it was just for the way i
    typed, and the only reason i put it in my sig was because i
    thought it was a stupid reason to nega rep me. I thought
    i was being provoked :/....but im leaving this alone, because
    i'm only making things worse on myself
    no the negarep was effective, but i'm saying it was nothing.
    I just thought a negarep was if someone didn't like you as i said
    before. I didn't think that just by the way you type eh........nvm

    diggin' a hole diggin' a hole.......
    Hmmm, let me see how I could reword that...

    You shoulda jus straight jacked the whole shit from that nigga.
    You should've just Deus Ex Machina'd that shit.

    You know how we do nigga
    Avatar RPs almost always suck for some reason.

    I could've told you that.
    Brian comes back, and the first RP he looks at is a KH one.


    <<---- D2L
    :| what happened to this place man, it was all n00bs, flashchat, epic scandals and kikyowhereareu.

    Now it's all whorehouse, whiney little bitches, and KH messiahs. lolwtf.
    Oh right. I got a name change.
    Used to be Beau.

    You should be bitch slapped at least twice for not being on when I talk to you.

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