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  • Sometimes, I feel like that. I wish the creators could just come up something new to the series, but like what?

    Nah, I'm not. I should be, but I didn't feel like doing more school work after doing it for 10 years of elm, middle and High school, lol. Enough is enough for a while. I'm thinking about going back though.

    You could check it out on Amazon.com.. I usually do for something new or old.
    I pretty much agree with you on that.

    You're lucky, lol.. I spent all my money getting 3NDS and D.D.D. xD

    Me too.. until that happens, looks like the NDS is the only way.
    Yeah, I hate his voice. I mean, he makes the show annoying not scary! I liked the old documentaries about ghosts, because at least the narrators' voices were creepy and tolerable.
    I liked all of them, lol.

    Well, there's Pokemon Y and X coming out in October this year. I'm checking it out. Wait, you have AC3: Liberation?! :O I was wanting it, but my love for KH won, lol.

    Who knows, they may do it in the future; just not now.
    Yeah, I know. And, a lot of the scenes are overrated. Travel Channel Presents - The Most Terrifying Places In America 7 - YouTube
    Yeah, I'm watching 'The Travel Channel-The Most Terrifying Places on Earth 7' and the narrator's voice is annoying and just takes away from the creepiness of the show.
    Mickey Mouse - The Prince and the Pauper - YouTube I found this and this was Mickey Mouse version of the Prince and the Pauper.
    This is a haunted ship called the Queen Mary in California that is said to be haunted. Unsolved Mysteries (Halloween Ghost Special) - YouTube
    That's true.. :) But I kind of like his combat style; fast, brutal and right up your face. Here's hoping the next Assassin's Creed will involve more like that.

    Oh, another game I need to check out for my 3DS. I seem to not to get enough time to play games on it, lol.. :(

    Or even better, PS3/Xbox? It would be interesting on the controller part, but it's the same story, regardless.
    I will. :) Though, it'll take me a while, lol. I loved doing the Homestead side quests.. it really helped make Connor look human.

    Yeah, they are. Wait, there was an anime of Tales?! :O but it's different, huh? Well, games is the best to stick with.

    Lol, me too! I really liked them in KH3D.. In fact, I was thinking there was a game of TWEWY on PS2 or something like that, haha, just from the looks of the characters, lol. xD
    I haven't yet to beat AC3, but from what I heard, there was mixed reaction to it. I supposed I'll find out once I beat it.

    Lol, you might want to go ahead and get the first one if you can, though the controls is different, but you'll pick it right up pretty fast.

    Say, I need some advice: Should I or not get and play The World Ends With You? People I know is trying to get me to buy it, but I'm not sure about it. I do know it was made by Square Enix, the co-makers of Kingdom Hearts with Disney.. So, that's something to think about.
    Yeah, it's huge around here, but I'm getting tired of it, lol.

    Yeah, it's awesome! plus the story is always enjoyable and the characters are well invested in this series. :)
    It's the same for Assassin's Creed. Some people talk about it while others talk about other games.

    Well, I'm not exactly an fan of it, but I'm slowly learning about it one at a time, haha.
    Well, she does try to make Penny's life a nightmare. Like she shoved a nerdy boy into a closet with Penny and her parents came home and saw Penny come out of the closet crying and holding the boy, but they never believed their daughter. Instead, they think she was a slut, even though she keeps telling them she isn't and apparently the nerdy guy went popular.
    Well, LaCienega laughed at Penny Proud after she saved LaCienega from bieng the first cheerleader in space and ended up getting a busted ankle.
    Yeah and LaCienega is if she was put in a different realm given super powers and etc, she might make a decent villain, I guess. Heck, she would be like one of Cinderella's evil stepsisters, but pretty.
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