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  • I saw the trailers too, and it looks awesome!

    Yeah, that's an example of it. Let's say if there was going to be a Harley Quinn movie, I would love to have A.J. Lee from WWE play her. She reads comic book including anything that is Harley Quinn-related.. She just gives off the vibe of the crazy lover role well. :)
    Yeah, along with the Russo Brothers already at the helm for Captain America 3.

    I did read about Jon Hamm, but I would feel better if it was someone that actually love the character and read the comics.
    I think it's foreshadowing Bucky to be the new Captain America at some point in the MCU. After all, this movie will be preparing him for just that.

    It's promising, though. Of course, it's still in works. Who do you think will be perfect for the role of Dr. Strange? I think it will have to be someone that looks similar to him like with Tony Stark/RDJ, Wolverine/Hugh Jackman, Nick Fury/ Samuel Jackson.
    Yeah, I agree.. still, better than nothing, wouldn't you say? :)

    I take it you read Ed's version of the Winter Solider comics? That's what the movie is based on but modified to suit to the modern world. I haven't read it, but knowing me, the film can show it much better.

    As for Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Marvel Studios is planning a script for her alongside with Blade (Reboot).. I think we'll see Dr. Strange after Ant-Man is released and what comes next, that's up to the guys at Marvel Studios.
    We did visit one realm in Thor 2 and that was in the beginning and near the end. I believe it was Malekith's home world. Oh, there was one during Thor's battle with the rock titan. So, that's 2 realms plus Asgard and Earth we visited.. Four total. It's not that bad. :)

    I'm looking forward to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.. Just three more months! I'm more of a Captain America fan than any of the members of the Avengers since he's the guy you can relate to.
    Thor will likely be visiting Earth from time to time when it involves his enemies from Asgard or helping out with the Avengers against Ultron and whoever comes next.

    You may not like that, but it goes whenever the guys at the studios want it to happen. As long as it is enjoyable, I'm okay with it.
    I hope soon.. I need my LoK fix!

    *looks up on Wikipedia.org...* Oh, you're right! I'm looking forward with Thor: The Dark World, though.. Marvel movies always captive me in their world.
    As am I. :3

    You do know the blu-ray/DVD of Frozen will be out next month, and my town doesn't have the right technology to really show the CC.. So, if I want to see something, I can but there's no CC.. I just wait until the Blu-Ray/DVD version come out to stores and I can buy it for my own.
    That's something we'll find out though.

    No, I haven't seen Frozen. I wouldn't be surprised if the movie made its way to Kingdom Hearts 3 as a World, though. xD But that's unlikely..
    Maybe we'll find out in Book 3. Yeah, it's time for Lin's turn on the small screen, but it would be nice to know about them anyway.

    Yeah, it did.. I have moved on, but he's not far from my mind though.
    It is part of my classes and I do like drawing. I am just nervous about passing it and that's why I have been reading the chapters.
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