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  • I think I know what you're talking about, but the one I saw was on Nick. I guess, it was the actress that was brought in, she tuned down the scariness of the show as the producers were trying to make it more child-friendly.
    Yeah, that's true. I didn't know about FF games after I got KH games, I don't have any older consoles to use for the older FF games, but I have PS3 for the new FF games, which I think I'll try to check it out.
    Yeah, the third season was crap. They should have kept the spooky stuff, because that's what made the show good not crap. I mean, the show was dark, but kids love dark stuff.
    Oh, I don't have FF games, I just watched some playthroughs and well, I just seem to know how to beat a boss, which is strange, considering I never own any FF games.

    Don't worry about it; me too for UC3 mulitiplayer. And yeah, that's right. :)

    I see.. Well, you have to keep pushing until you win it. :) Don't let him get you down, show him who's the big bad man is! xD

    Okay, sounds good.
    Wait, never mind again, lol. I misread what you were saying about the ages.. Heh.

    Do you have a healing character in your party and also did you level up everything to the point it's full?

    Sure; just let me get ready.. I'm slow on my day since it's Saturday, lol.
    Gee, you're older than I am, lmao. But at least you have some gaming skills before I did.

    Revolutions? That's an horrible name if you ask me. I hope we do get an actual AC game for 3DS soon.
    So Weird.1x04- Sacrifice. - YouTube Yeah, at least So Weird got it right, well sort of. The first and second seasons were spooky to me as a kid, but then when the third season came. It fell down the toilet.
    Yeah, it was. :) I never had a console before, so it was pretty new to me and all. Kingdom Hearts was my first RPG game ever to play, lol.

    Ahh, that sucks! :( It sounded like fun to play.
    Yeah, tell me about it. I mean, I liked any show when the narrator doesn't have an annoying voice or treats the show like it's a joke. Sure, I don't believe in UFOs, but that's aside the point.
    Well, for me, I would have to say all of them, lol, but the one that really brought me to the series was KH1 since it had Disney heroes that I loved and grew up with, I couldn't pass the chance to play it, so I got it. :)

    Lol, only D.D.D. I'm planning to buy some more 3DS games soon once it's a good game I like.
    Yeah, that's true; Hey, what's your favorite KH games out of the series so far?

    Ah, I have a 3DS, so no Vita for me to play.
    Really? I thought Re:Coded was awesome. After all, I was curious to see who wrote that message in the Journal and the ending made me sad/happy; Sad because all those people are in torment for years; Happy because it's Sora's job to bring them back to life.

    Oh, don't worry about it; I haven't played Uncharted series since Drake's Deception, lol, so I might be rusty after all.

    Yeah, me too. That sort of style for that show really worked for me.

    Yeah, I am. An movie of Kingdom Hearts in CG would be awesome!

    Yeah, Sure. :)
    I think I must have.. Sorry about that.

    I saw the trailer for it.. I'm not even interested in it now.

    I agree on both counts, lol. They should have made a movie about it or at least an anime series. :)

    Sure, I'm game, but for some reason Uncharted games hate me since I can't get to log in to the servers.
    Weird or What S02E07 - YouTube Isn't this narrator annoying? I just find the way he handles the documentary as a joke. I mean, what would you do if somebody told you that if you dropped a pair of scissors that your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on you?
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