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  • Neither am I, but they usually give away cool stuff and give you a discount on the game for attending. At least that's what it's like here. If I were you, I'd consider searching for the closest store that stays open later than 8:00. I'm a cheapskate, so I'm definitely going.
    Quick question (I've asked around but haven't gotten a definite answer): do you know if there will be bbs midnight release parties at any game stores?
    Mmmm, Aqua or Terra. Probably Terra cause he's slow and strong and physical based.
    Dustflier is such a pain >.<

    Yeah, I wish I knew somebody else with the game toooo
    Mmm, I really liked Days' replay value. I'm still trying to get all the crowns and sigils to this day.
    I love playing as Saix...xD
    Two is my favorite, I guess. But I really like them all a lot. There's certain aspects I like most about all of them, but Two was the best experience overall.
    Oh man Xaldin was SO HARD
    I was playing on proud mode and I just...augh it was terrile xD
    Oooh tell me about it. I couldn't put the thing down. I was waiting to get surgery done when I got it and it was just so fantastic I stopped caring that my chest was going to get cut into in a few days xD
    Yeah! That's exactly what I was trying to convey, thanks.
    Good to know you share my sentiments.

    *Ba dum tish*
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