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  • Yeah, there are a lot of Adrians. :) But you're AdrianXIII, though; that's easy to remember. :)

    I guess I'll have to hunt some more for the right Adrian, though.
    Hello, Adrian. :) X-Blades13 told me you can make neat Avatars and Signatures? Is that true; If so, could you make me one? :)
    its all good, sorry to say this but I have to go, I'll be back on later, but before I go I'll give tips on marluixas sleights (the quickest and easy part of his battle).

    You know that he has two sleights (Deathscythe and Blossom Shower) both of which are rediculusly easy to dodge, it all depend on your timing, so I'd sugest that at any point in the battle, when he uses either sleight, don't bother breaking it with a 0 card or a sleight of your own (It would be just a waste). Hope that helps for now.
    what?...use cure? they use that spell in every KH game.

    but anyway, I can only give you a few pointers on marluxias battle (you deck is up to you).
    Thats good, becuase thats the only version I have, if you had the remake I wouldn't be able to help you considering that battle system is alittle arltered (due to being remade into a 3D game rather the 2D)
    cool, but before I give you tips and pointers I need to know, do you have the Original COM for gameboy advanced like I do or do you have the remake RE:chain for PS2?
    I can understand your dislike of the card system in that game, alot of people dislike it (I don't mind it actually consider COM was the first KH game played.....I played KH after that >.>) but anyway, marluxia before his final fight is a touch battle (the first couple of times I lost very badly).

    Riku's stroy goes much more faster for a reason I'll let you find out on your own, but in terms of battle style and abilitys, Riku plays better than Sora, he is faster, stronger and has dark mode to boost his stats, though he comes with many disadvantages and restrictions (you cannot alter his deck and your only attack card is Soul eater, as well you don't recieve half of the total amount of enemy cards in the game as apposed to sora) Even so, riku is extremely fun to play as :D

    If you want to find out a beat marluxia, I can give you a few tips.
    True true, it could also be due to the end of the school year, so people are already off while others need to focus on their final test/exams.
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