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  • I'm just disappointed that they only made Days into cutscenes. That was the game that got me into Kingdom Hearts after all.
    I really agree with everything you typed out. I became an fan of Green Lantern: The Animated Series since it's inception.
    I hope so, for everybody's sake.

    I wish I lived in Japan so I could just enjoy animated shows and everything it has to offer.

    Me too; Those guys were awesome every time I see them on Saturday..
    So do I... So do I.

    I think there's really no chances for shows like that to even make it to the new era of Reality shows. But I just hope for the cartoons to keep going strong.

    Yeah, I'm sure of it. Well, people don't really know her that much until the show. Yeah, I think the next episode is about trying to bring her back alive.
    Yeah.. It's not the same.

    Wait, Greg made Gargoyles?! :O That's like my favorite show while I was growing up. I just hope Greg can break the spell somehow.

    Well, Aya was part of the Green Lantern comics at some point, but it was just a small role unlike what we see on the TV show.
    Cats Dont Dance - Little Boat on the Sea - YouTube Cats Don't Dance, Darla Dimple. Oh the irony, horrible, horrible irony!
    Yeah, I lost interest in Pokemon, especially the anime. I mean, why is Ash the protagonist and why won't his pikachu evolve? I hate Pikachu, he could have at least stayed powerful, instead of being a dopey sidekick that goes from super-powerful to super-weak in every season. Raichu is my favorite by the way.
    It's still a show, anyway.

    Well, they thought it was better to put it there than use it for gaps between season..
    Very, very strong following if you ask me. They had better keep it or all of us will march right up to them and demand that they put it back right now or else.

    There's Teen Titans GO! and Beware of The Batman that's supposed to be replacing those.

    I hope Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series stay on TV! I just don't get Warner Bros and CN anymore...
    I'm thinking about it, but how can I pass this, lol, since considering I bought all of the DLCs (the important one for the story), so why not this one. :)
    Oh, okay. I guess some people like them; some don't. You looking forward to Tyranny of King Washington?
    I haven't gotten on all day long.. it was busy with Church, going to Wal-mart and just pretty much talking to friends online here.

    Did you complete all of those ship missions? I have one more to go then finally done with those missions!
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