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  • It's not Merlin, it's the Experiments that bother me. I have no issue with Merlin possibly being alive (Goddard might though), but the whole explanation for the Experiment clones could cause problems for later on in our plans.
    Uhh, when you said clones, I thought you meant of Yumi. >>;; I'll need to talk to Goddard about this, as it's better than using Stitch himself right now, but the whole background bit can potentially interfere with our own plans. Sorry about this. :c
    Oh another detail I just noticed: the Legion of Light is already disbanded. Its remnants are working with the Revolutionaries though. :)
    Well, My Finals went so-so......I bombed both of my Non-English Finals. (I take four classes) And now I've had to do Financial Aid crap all month.....The UIC Financial Aid Office never gives us the full story, so We kept having to go a million times, but we finally got it all settled., If All goes well, I'll in classes again Tuesday.

    I know I haven't been on much, sorry about that. You kinda get tired of the KHI after a while....
    As soon as bone finishes his editing along with seeker. At work now Lmao but it's dead and I'm on my phone. But ist ill be able to post tonight but ill go ahead and try
    lol its k, lindsey is going to have some splaining to do when everyone gets back, and they see the hated person... Timmy's going to be like Ha! servers you right that your a hybrid now, the things you dispised! -sticks tounge out-
    lol the kids can walk, but they wont leave zack sorry. So i guess by wanting to abondon zack, your abonding the kids
    not posting untill bone fix's his post, mostlikely you would have to take zack to but keep him locked up.
    Lol she wasnt suppose to last abs, if she was i would have made a temp, as for the rangers they are to last... which is why i made the temps for them... so basically ill be controling idk about lets see 9-10 different people lmao?

    Nah, after im done, im going to put them up for grabs, XD maybe... idk yet still thinking about it... mostlikely they will only be in fights.

    Also yes by almeans post again, and it dosnt matter how far we get ahead of them, because in the rp reality everyone is going to finish fighting around the same time. Bone on the other hand needs to wait to post for a while, if you want to pp the witch i give you permission as long as you let me pp lindsey.. of course no going over board. Lindsey is going to win fairly easily since, the witch hasnt been a hybrid for a while, and is just accessing alot of her powers.
    yep i shall dont worry give a me a while, cause i just got back to my room, i was finishing a check out process to my other room
    Actually my character doesn't leave the next morning. He leaves the next night. which is why he can be their at 8am. But..... i forgot you character had left immediately. So i will change it.
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