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  • I liked it but it took me awhile to get into it. I'm in one rp that's actually alive but I've been in 8 or more rps at once simultaneously before.

    Full-time job though?? Money must be good.
    Don't worry, past months in roleplaying have given me some idea of ways to avoid issues like that, at least till everyone gets on their own two feet.
    I'm going to set things up to give everyone the usual expository introductory post, but beyond that, move to let things be taken care of for the next few in-roleplay days, before the group re-convenes.
    Hey abs, Lunar and I have been talking and we want to create a new Soul Eater RP! You interested in taking a look???
    Though there's nothing stopping you from still being in the Companions, I've granted the Werewolf role to Nigga Sauce's Tyronius. As a hardy Orc, an idea I've had might be possible for you, but only if you really feel like implementing it: Perhaps have Shell as a shield-warrior, going into battle with dual shields, one blunt-edged, one sharp. Using both for offensive and defensive purposes, one crushed armour, the other cutting flesh when used as a weapon.
    That should be alright. For now - and until we see further who's joining as what - just provide an outline of what you're hoping to work with.
    Hmm... I'll need to look at it to be sure. But what we can say was that off-screen, Yumi eventually landed in TT to join the Revolutionaries and joined them to Yen Sid's Tower, with her Stitch-clone companions and have you continue there, okay? :)
    Hmm... well, what was the last thing you posted in the RP? Because I think we might be able to work it out into a way that your character was moved over to Mysterious Tower with the rest of the Revolutionaries.
    Yep, definitely sounding like Karma by Bump of Chicken and Life on the Run by Dierks Bentley fits with Team Ragnarok. :) It seems like they all have their own little issues here and there.
    Hey, I've been doing okay and I read it; great job! Loving Lindsey's sarcasm and attitude toward the others, Nimby turning out to be pretty cool too. :) How have you been?
    Im sorry for holding you T_T forgive me TT_TT, i just got out of work, tired, but tommarow i only have one class at 8:30-9:20 after that i dont go to work till 2 so i have about 5hours to work on a post and i will! Promise!
    Dear Abs.

    The emperor is at the station and everyone else except Luna's character is fighting in the tunnels.

    Have fun.

    From Lunar.
    Can't you think of something else to use instead of the Experiments? Just asking. :)
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