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  • The maybe is because I may drink the rum and keep the monkeys for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There will be fire nation men, bounty hunters, Vaults and all the good stuff I've been planing. Maybe even a box of rum and a barrel of monkeys!!!
    Yes, four. All different, but as of now. Not one of them is Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, pokemon or digimon. These are all rp's that haven't been done at all, or for a awile....Well, all but the Fire nation one. That will be an epic though.
    By the end of the week there will be four new Rps out. Welcome to the fallout Angel! Get ready for the meachas to drop from the sky and attack the Fire nation!
    I've returned to turn this place upside down, and maybe cause some chaos around the way.
    I'm alright, life has been a little crazy, but with some luck and my skateboard, I've manged to remain insane through out all of it!
    Well seeing as how Raiden already put up the message, I guess that I don't really need to ask if you we can start up the high school story rp again. I know of some others that are interested in it.
    Please do the high school RP again! If you want I can help you on making a good plot to build up on and we can go from there!

    I was wondering if you'd be okay with me starting this one back up in January. I really liked it and want to play it again.
    I was wondering if you wanted to continue the High School Story RP. I mean, that one barely got past the intros!
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