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  • Hey, if you want you can take over HSB. Or remake it, or whatever. Something came up so I'm not gonna be able to continue it.
    Hey, I was thinking of adding a "summoning" type of ability to my new character, basically using his power of necromancy to revive animals dead and buried under the earth. I figure, as old as that planet is, and the fact that there's so much magic around, there's probably been some right proper beasties running around in the past, nothing too extravagant though, of course. Would that be okay?
    Would like maybe like one offensive ability edited into my chara's ability be okay I mean like only if it's like okay with you
    ;A; I'm sorry, we were having a discussion on our history.

    Although the good news is we are supporters of Eve :D
    Hey, I was just wondering, in the Salvation roleplay, would an "evil" character be allowed? One who's not affiliated with anyone, rather just out to end humanity? Or do you have a "villainesque" person already planned?
    Hey, I was wondering if I could post up this RP again. Naturally you would have first dibs on joining. Along with other perks.
    No problem, but why had ya been in the hospital? I hate all of those places, the nurses are evil and the food is worse!
    She is, even my character can't help taking a interest in her. But only to make sure she doesn't kill him.
    Angel, ya character I have to say got my high intrest, almost as much as seph2 lol
    Yeah lol

    Alright soon the Rp will be up, and I'll have the sign up page for a avatar rp up soon.
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