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  • sorry...i gotta get off...but it was awesome talking with yah! i'm glad you came back, ttyl and hope u join back both War for Power and that roleplay that Naminaru made :D

    good night
    yay! yur back! i've been very busy with my last year of high school, and just plain working alot xD...how about you?
    T_T where are you!!!!!..oh yea i changed my name from thekeyblademaker to Dygado...and that roleplay you like so much died off to about two people barely keeping it alive X_X
    Lol well I just slept in all morning. I'm thinking about going back to bed im so tired. People better hurry up and post because I love that RP XD
    ::sighs:: i can't go back to sleep...i got home at 3 and i passed out until 11..... and now im suffering cause i can't get back to sleep...and im sooooooooo bored....but yea...think i'm gonna start a midnight roleplay for those who can't get to sleep xD lol and yea idk y people didn't post....ehh it's all kewl sometimes roleplays are inactive sometimes they are explosive with activity... it shouldn't be something to be worried about...
    HA HA lol....Bored are you lol.

    How come nobody has posted back on the high school rp....I can't ask in the RP because that would be the dreaded double posting -_-
    I think i should say hi to Sakiyo/SLA.... but how to do it...

    Brol: Hey Saki.*hesitates*..... ugh..*saying in a lower voice*.. hey


    Brix: "Tsh....what are you doing here?"


    Dy: Hey....ugh what's your name again?

    oh god *smacks head*
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