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Grand Councilwoman

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (2010) 
Origin: Lilo & Stitch (2002) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Ikuko Tani 
English Voice Actor: Zoe Caldwell

Grand Councilwoman is the leader of the United Galactic Federation which oversees and protects everything that goes on in the galaxy. She's a very firm woman whose temperament only falters when her subordinates fail her. Other than that she can be seen as very fair and comfortably open-minded.

The Grand Councilwoman first appears when Gantu takes her to see Terra, who was locked away in one of the ship's locked cells.

Not long afterwards, Aqua arrives and is quickly captured by Gantu, who brings her to the Grand Councilwoman where - after Aqua explains she is there to eliminate the Unversed - is hired to protect the ship and seek out Dr. Jumba and Experiment 626. When Grand Councilwoman notices on the ship's monitors that a fight had broken out between Gantu and Aqua, she hurries to the scene to stop them and then demotes Gantu for good measure.

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