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Data Ansem the Wise

Japanese Voice Actor: Genzo Wakayama 
English Voice Actor: Corey Burton

 A data imprint of Ansem the Wise, left in Sora's heart by the real Ansem during the year Sora was asleep. 

This Ansem appears to Riku in Sora's heart, as it's manifested as the shoreline of the Destiny Islands. Ansem congratulates Riku on waking Sora up at last, and reveals the bottle that has washed up on the shore is the result of Ansem's research.

When Riku asks Ansem what he means, Ansem explains that upon the completion of Sora's memory restoration, Ansem realized that he was in the wrong - and implanted the results of his findings about the true nature within Sora as a failsafe in case anything were to ever happen to Sora or his friends. 

Ansem explains that the heart has always been quick to grow, provided it has the love and encouragement of others. He reveals that once someone sees the heart of something, that it becomes real. 

Ansem's parting words are that Sora is the key, because his own heart is pure and his love is capable of making something real or returning something that's been lost - and that the key to reviving Sora and Riku's lost companions is that love. The rest of what's needed has been left in the bottle. 

Riku thanks Ansem for his help, and leaps into the sky - hoping to rejoin his friends at last. Upon his exit, Ansem calls to Riku:

"Young man, I don't believe you ever told me your name!"

He smiles, "It's Riku."

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