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Fanfiction ► Riku and Mai 2

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Oct 6, 2007
Okay, here' s the next chapter peoples! Oh, and I just beat my family in Phase 10! I beat this this morning too around 2am and we played again an hour ago or so and I beat them again! Yeah! Yeah baby!

Anyway... (clearing throat) tonight I'm going to eat at Golden Corral, or something like that, I can't wait! As small as I am I eat like a pig... with table manners... sorta. And Tuesday I return to NJ! My Home State! Yay! I sorta miss it but at the same time I don't, I guess I like texas, regardless of the bugs, there are tons of crickets out here, big ones, the things are like the size of my thumb, and the spiders... (chills) but it's not as bad as I thought. But I know one thing for sure, the sky is a killer, beautiful, wide and open, barely any planes or wires to block the view of the sky.

IDK, I might actually decided to come down here for college. Only time will tell -^0^- Anyway, on with the story!

Oh, you guys are going to love/hate this chapter! I love it, but the way it ends is like such a cliffhanger... hehe...


Part Five
Riku and Mai: Birth
Ch. 4

“She’s driving me crazy!” Dusk yelled in fury. “Every time I think she’s about to have the baby she doesn’t!”

“Dusk control your anger,” Dawn groaned. He stood from his seat and thought it over. ‘She must be the one controlling the shield, if she’s controlling the shield that means that we can trick her into lowering it. Riku… yes… if we make a deal with him, the Goddess might heed the words and lower the shield. We have to kill him anyway but after all this trouble I can settle for just her.’


Dusk half bounced with eagerness but it stopped suddenly. Dusk picked up the table and threw it into the wall. The table broke into many pieces. Dawn wasn’t affected by her behavior at this point in time, he was too busy thinking. ‘But we still have to kill them all. Question is… how many are involved, from our last attack they had a large group, at least twenty to fifty people, and they were friends… what about the thing humans call “family”? And on top of that we can’t kill Riku when the Goddess is around. So… we have to somehow kill her… keep the baby alive and kill Riku… demo, Riku has people with him that will make killing them all off harder. And last I checked, the Goddess can bring people back to life… there’s no telling if she can do the same for herself… and that worries me…’

Dawn looked at his mate. ‘She’s in need of an intercourse… that’s why she’s so irritated.’ He sighed and dropped his once folded arms, they rested at his side. “Dusk, come, we will sleep together.”

“No! Not now! She could have the child at any moment!” Dusk yelled turning away from him. Dawn collected her into his arms and held her. Kissing her he got her to calm quickly but clearly she wasn’t easy to subdue.

But Dawn won in the end and Dusk was then willing to subdue.

Mai had no clue why Dusk had stopped screaming but it was a good thing, Dusk was giving Mai a headache and that just gave Mai more pain. Mai gritted her teeth, ‘Ugh, I hate pregnancy!’

Mai leaned her head back, she had to sleep. So that later she could fight to keep her child in her until Riku came to save her. But her child on the other hand had different plans.

‘Mommy, soon, I promise…’

“No, wait until Daddy is here, wait.”


~not long after~

Riku, Doki, Sora and Kairi were talking through the woods, Riku realized that Raven wasn’t with the group. But he didn’t ask, Doki would answer him without him saying a word. Riku ran through all the possible reasons why Raven was gone, Doki nodded when Riku hit the mark. Riku grinned, he’d do the same for Mai, so he understood where Doki was.

Riku and the others came to a clearing, the clearing was small and on the other side there was a gate, wide open. Riku swallowed. This was it. He had to fight to save Mai.

“Ah, you finally showed up…” Dawn was leaning on the wall near the open gate. He chuckled, it was filled with evil obviously.

Riku narrowed his eyes, “Dawn, were is Mai?!”

“She’s fine,” Dawn said closing his eyes.

“Give her back or I’ll kill you.”

“You’re not in any position to do that human, besides if we kill you Mai will lower her shield and we can kill her.”

Riku sucked his teeth, “Dawn, you’re really testing me, let Mai go!”

Dawn chuckled, “Human, mortal, pathetic human, do you really think I fear you just because you have the Keyblade? And just because you have an Emo-troller on your side? Ha! I can kill all of you with ease! But I’m going to give you a chance, Riku.”


Dawn walked to the center of the clearing, he opened his golden eyes and gave an evil smirk, “Riku, I will spare the Goddess’ life and your friends if you give yourself up. You see, although we came for you all and anyone else involved we can always make deals. And if you give yourself up we will be able to end it. Give yourself up, and we’ll let the others go free.”

Riku turned and looked at the others, they were sweating with a slight fear, but more so because they were nervous that he might attack before they were ready. Sora shook his head slowly.

Riku passed his gaze to Doki, ‘Riku, don’t listen to them, they’re lying, they’ll do anything to kill us all, that includes you falling for a fake deal.’

‘Doki, I can’t sit around and fight these guys, you know that, we’ll all die if we fight.’

“I can see you need time to think, but let me warn you,” Dawn smirked he lifted his hand and Dusk appeared with Mai in her arms. Dusk placed Mai down quickly, Mai’s body was burning Dusk’s arms and anything else that touched Mai. “We can either kill you all in front of her when she wakes up or you, Riku, surrender yourself now and save Mai the suffering of seeing you all die.”

Riku swallowed, he hated both options but he couldn’t let his friends die. He looked back at Sora and Kairi and Doki again. “Guys… I…”

“No, Riku!” Sora exclaimed, “They’re lying, they’re toying with you! They know you’ll give yourself up and we’ll try to stop him and then we’ll all die in the same instant! They’re lying!”

“And what if they’re not?” Riku asked. He de-summoned his blade, he started to back away from them, slowly, “And… what if they mean what they say?”

“Riku! Don’t listen to them!” Doki yelled out. Riku grinned as a tear ran down his face.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “But it seems it’s the only way…” Riku turned around and faced Dawn. “I’ll do it on one condition…”

“What?” Dawn asked with a sudden frown.

“Let me talk to me, and let me take her to Doki…” Riku said, his head hanging.

Dawn groaned. “Fine, just make it quick, human, I don’t feel like killing you quickly to get done with this mission. I plan to do this slowly.” He folded his arms.

Riku had more tears run down his face, he tightened his jaw and walked over to my with a stiff walk. When he reached her side he touched the side of her face. She quivered and then woke, “Riku…” she said softly as if she was dreaming. “You… you came for me…”


“I’m here Mai…” Riku held her tightly. “I’m here,” Riku held her Mai started to cry, she thought she was free. “Mai, I’m… I have to…”

“It’s okay, we’re together that’s all that matters,” she hugged him with a grin on her face. But she didn’t know the real danger. Riku collected her into his arms and carried her to Doki, “Doki take care of her, please…”

“Riku?” Mai widened her eyes in confusion. “What are you doing?!” Riku stepped away from Mai, “Riku… Dawn… isn’t dead…?”

“Mai, I love you… be safe… okay?”

‘Daddy?’ the voice questioned. ‘Daddy?!’

Riku turned around and faced Dawn again. “Alright… do what you have to do,” he closed his eyes and lowered his head.

“This is going to be fun,” Dusk cracked her knuckles and walked over to Dawn, she summoned her large, old looking, Keyblade and smirked with evil and darkness surrounding her. “Finally, we get to kill something.”


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Riku you idiot! Dont fall for it!!!!!
my god, zipporhass, your gonna make me cry :(


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Oct 6, 2007
Here's another chapter, it's bonus day! Yay!


Part Five
Riku and Mai: Birth
Ch. 5

Dawn and Dusk raised their blades, they were finally going to win.

‘Finally, we can kill them all. Let the others go, thinking the Goddess is safe but we’ll be watching until she has the child and then we’ll slaughter her and anyone who knows about Heart Haven! But with Riku gone Mai’s powers will be weaker! We finally won!’ Dawn thought with his evil smirk.

Dawn and Dusk swung their blades. Their strikes were going to cut Riku into pieces.

Mai screamed and fought to get Doki off of her but he held back, he averted his eyes so he wouldn’t see his friend die, ‘I wish Riku didn’t have to die this way!’ Doki had tears sliding down his face.

“Riku! NO!” Mai screamed. Kairi hid her face in Sora’s chest and Sora turned away.


Ring, ding, cling!

Dawn and Dusk stood confused. Their attacks were cut short. Dawn and Dusk gazed filled with shock. “The… the shield?!”

Riku opened his eyes to see a crystal like wall protecting him. Riku watched as Dusk swung more and more but the hits didn’t even come within three feet, they were completely stopped, as if they were hitting a rock.

Riku turned around and saw the same shield protecting the others. Riku grinned, he wiped the tear away and summoned his blade, “It looks like you can’t attack me.”

“That… that’s impossible!” Dawn exclaimed. ‘The shield should only work on her! What’s going on?!’

“I guess its my turn now!” Riku attacked.

Riku would kill them both.


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Hooray!!! Dusk and Dawn can't touch them, and it's all because of Mai's super baby!!! Holy cow, the child isn't even born yet, and it already has tremendous powers; man, I can't wait to see what it's like as a teenager. Oh yeah, now we get to see the battle royale between good and evil. Riku or someone should pour gasoline or alcohol on Dusk and Dawn and then throw a lit match at them; it be funny to watch them burn to death, well, at least to me. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.
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Hey kiddies! This is the next chapter! I have to do this quickly for many reasons, but one is because I gotta rest up for tomorrow because I'm leaving for home! Yay! So, enjoy this chapter while I make my trip home! or sleep, which ever comes first!


Part Five
Riku and Mai: Birth
Ch. 6

Riku jumped in the air and brought his blade up high above his head.

Doki opened his eyes to see Riku fighting… still alive. Doki grinned and placed Mai down, he leaned her against a tree, “Kairi, stay here and watch Mai, I’m going to help Riku.” Doki stood and summoned his blade and went to assist Riku. Dawn pushed Dusk out of the way of an incoming attack by Doki. Sora joined in and Riku, Doki and Sora took turns trying to take Dawn down.

At that moment Ninja and Hurricane appeared from above and attacked Dusk. So now Dusk couldn’t help her mate. Dusk smirked, “Lightons, you guys are annoying always coming to counter our missions.”

Ninja narrowed his eyes, “It doesn’t matter now, I’m going to kill you, I will make sure you never hurt another human again.”

Dusk smirked, “Try me!”

Hurricane was the first to attack. She took a deep breath and blew out ice crystals, they flew at Dusk with great speed and stabbed Dusk’s hand to the point not only did she drop her huge Keyblade her hand was bleeding and broken. Dusk screamed, she charged for them and Ninja went in to stab her with his magically sharp nails, stopping her in her tracks. Stabbing her in the chest he smirked, “That’s a shame; I hoped you’d give us a fight, Darkling.”

“Dusk!” Dawn yelled out. He watched as Dusk, his beloved mate, fell to the ground, bleeding from her heart. But she wasn’t dead yet. “That’s it! You hurt my mate you hurt me! Now I’m going to make you suffer!” Dawn back-flipped out of the way and clapped his hands together. Closing his eyes he summoned a great deal of power and took in air. When he released it he created a fire that covered the area.

But sadly it didn’t work, the shield protecting Sora and Riku was unbreakable.

“The Emo-troller’s shield!” Dawn saw at the corner of his eye. At that moment he attacked Doki. Doki slammed into a tree and passed out. Dawn satisfied with what he did forgot about Riku and Sora.

Riku looked at Sora and Sora nodded. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” Sora answered.

Together they preformed Eternal Session. Dawn fell and was frozen, every cell in his immortal body was screaming in pain. Riku tried to catch his breath, he gasped for air as he walked over to Dawn, whom was on the ground. “Any last words before I cut off your head?”

Mai stood, with Kairi’s help, and went to Dusk, Dawn had landed near Dusk. Mai stood over her, Ninja and Hurricane were near by waiting.

Mai had a calm look on her face. Dusk held her belly, “Goddess, please… forgive me and let me live…”

“Why should I?” Mai asked with the same calm and distant face.

Dusk struggled to get on her hands and knees, “Goddess, please, I… I have a child… inside me…” Dusk begged.

Mai was wide eyed. Doki was out cold so he couldn’t tell Mai if she was lying or not. Mai turned back to Dusk. She was crying and bleeding. Mai waved her hand, “You shall die, and your child will be transferred to another body,” Mai looked at Hurricane, “You shall bare the child, Hurricane.”

Hurricane at first frowned and relaxed her face, “I’d rather have Tundra give birth. She loved children.”

Mai smiled, “Alright, when I have the child the child will be transferred to Tundra.”

Ninja nodded, “So keep her alive?”

“Yes, but Dawn must die.”

Ninja nodded, “Riku, I’ll do it.”

“Doki!” Raven ran into the clearing to find Doki against a tree. “Are you okay?!”

Doki smiled, “I’m fine… now that you’re here.”

“You baka!” Raven yelled out, “I bet you were stupid and reckless weren’t you?”

Doki opened his eyes, “No, I just got hit that’s all.”

Raven groaned, “What am I going to do with you?”

“Everyone’s alright, let’s head back to Destiny Island,” Sora cheered.

“Ninja, have Dusk put into a cell until I get back,” Mai commanded.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Ninja said. He took Dusk into his arms and opened a corridor and was gone.

“Alright, we’re going.” Riku said.

“Don’t worry about us,” Doki waved, “We’ll catch up.”

Riku nodded and turned away, he opened a corridor and Sora, Kairi, Riku and Mai entered.

“RIKU!” Mai let out a scream. “The baby!”

“Oh, crap, it’s time!”


Aug 2, 2008
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Holy crap, that was totally awesome!!! Man, I so loved the battle. I cannot believe the Riku almost cut off Dawn's head; it would have been really awesome if he actually went through with it, but I'm just glad that that evil bastard is dead. So, Dusk was pregnant the whole time? Huh, I didn't think that Darklings could get pregnant, but I guess they could. Oh, and I am really glad that no one died, especially Doki; I probably would have cried if that happened. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.

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whoa I missed alot ^^
whats this thing with making the messages at least 25 charatcters long?


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Holy crap, that was totally awesome!!! Man, I so loved the battle. I cannot believe the Riku almost cut off Dawn's head; it would have been really awesome if he actually went through with it, but I'm just glad that that evil bastard is dead. So, Dusk was pregnant the whole time? Huh, I didn't think that Darklings could get pregnant, but I guess they could. Oh, and I am really glad that no one died, especially Doki; I probably would have cried if that happened. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.

Actually, TR, Dusk became pregnant because of Mai allowed Havens to be pregnant. Uh, you'll understand at the end of the story.


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Woah. I missed quite a lot in a matter of days. I'm so happy that Doki and Riku are friends, they really have each other's backs, and I'm so glad Doki or anyone else for that matter wasn't killed. The fight was also pretty big and I enjoyed reading it. Other than that, I can't wait for this baby to come! (It will also be interesting to see how Dawn's baby turns out. Who would have ever thought tho?) Its going to be great ending I hope. Great job, and I can't wait to read what happens next.


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Hey guys! Here's the next chapter for you! I hope you enjoy it! I'm sure you will... hehe, Riku's going to love this... hehe...


Part Five
Riku and Mai: Birth
Ch. 7

Riku collected Mai in his arms, “Guys I have to get her to the hospital now!” Riku opened a corridor and had Mai at the hospital.

Mai continued to scream in his arms. Riku ran until he got a doctor to take her. Mai continued to scream. Riku paused; he knew the doctors wouldn’t let him in unless he was sanitized. But Riku had to stay with Mai. So with that being said Riku opened a corridor to the sanitation room where he did everything himself, few doctors saw him but thought nothing of it.

Riku opened another corridor and was with Mai in seconds. The doctors were too busy helping Mai to notice that Riku opened a corridor. Riku held Mai, she was groaning and yelling.

“Riku it hurts!”

Riku started to sweat; he hated to see her in pain. ‘Why did she have to rush things?’ Riku felt his hand start to crack, ‘She’s breaking my hand!’ Riku winced in the pain, he heard stories about men having their hands broken but Riku never believed them… until now.

A doctor came to her and a few nurses; they had loads of towels and other medical stuff. Riku was freaking out in his mind, he knew what was coming. The doctor opened Mai’s legs and had his nurses stand by.

Riku swallowed, this was the moment of truth, Mai was going to give birth.

“Alright, push!” the doctor commanded.

Mai complied with a yell and a push, “Riku!” she cried out.

“C’mon! Push!”

A nurse came to Mai and gently wiped the sweat from her forehead, “C’mon, you can do this!” she cheered her on.

“Push!” the doctor yelled.

Mai complied with the doctor’s commands.

Mai sucked in air and tried to ignore the great pain, but her muscles were trying so hard to push the child out.

“One more! One more! Push!” Mai pushed and with great strength but it wasn’t enough. “You’re almost there! Push!”

Mai pushed one final time, breaking Riku’s hand and gasped for air, the pain was more durable now. Mai was sweating like crazy even though the nurse was wiping her sweat away continuously.

Riku was surprised he hadn’t passed out. It wasn’t the blood that made him sick but Mai’s screams of pain that filled his ears, and the fact that he could do nothing about it. Riku looked at Mai with worried eyes.

“Riku, that… that wasn’t so bad…” she grinned.

“I don’t know how you can joke about it.”

“It… it isn’t easy…” and with that Mai slipped into sleep. Riku grinned, it was finally over. Riku closed his eyes, knelt down next to the bed and went to sleep… or so the doctors thought, Riku had in fact passed out.


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Here you go peoples! The next chapter! I hope you'll enjoy my bonus day!

Oh, I forgot to tell you I'm back in NJ! I took the plane ride by myself and it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. I was writting notes for a story and also listening to my ipod, it was awesome! Now I'm back and my laptop is working again! I got a new harddrive so everything is working fine now. -^^-

Anywho on with the story.


Part Five
Riku and Mai: Birth
Ch. 8

Mai woke, she felt so soar but the soar-ness was fading. Mai’s powers were coming back, slowly, like a cloud on a hot summer day, the cloud moves slowly in the way of the sun’s harmful and hot rays. Much like Mai’s powers, Mai’s came slowly.

Mai shifted. “Riku,” she whispered out. “Riku,” she called out again when she didn’t get an answer. Mai opened her eyes, she looked around and saw Riku asleep at her bed side.

“Mai…?” Riku shifted and stirred until he lifted his head. “Mai…”

“W-where’s the baby?”

“The doctors… have… him…”

“It’s a boy?!” Mai was suddenly filled with energy.

“Ow…” Riku moaned.

“What’s wrong?” Mai asked.

“My hand…” he said gazing at his right hand that was sealed in her left. “You broke it…”

“I… oh, babe, I’m sorry,” Mai said slowly releasing his hand. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know what else to do! I mean…”

“It’s alright,” Riku grinned, “That’s what potions are for.”

Mai giggled relaxing, “You’re right.”

Riku reached into his pocket and pulled out a hi-potion. His hand was healed and so was his headache. “I’ll go get the doctor.”

“Alright,” Mai nodded and tried to sit up some more. Riku was out the door by the time she sat up.

“Goddess,” Ninja appeared to her, “It seems the birth went well.”

“I did. I just wish I had a name for him.”

Ninja grinned, “Why not Benjie?”

“What? Why would I name him after my dog?” Mai thought it was joke and giggled.

“Because your son’s heart came from Benjie,” Ninja answered. “Doki can read his mind and so can you. That means that Benjie’s heart transferred into you as a child.”

Mai was filled shock, “But when… how…?”

“Well, when I took Dusk to her cell in Heart Haven I ran into a very old seer there,” Ninja thought back, he came closer and continued his story. “The seer, was no other than the first Ikari. She came to me and told me to pass the message on to you. She told me that you got pregnant by using one of the rules to get there. Someone would have to die, sacrificing themselves for the child. But because you didn’t know that and your dog, Benjie, didn’t either and because he risked his life for you he broke the chains and now any and every Emo-troller can bare a child as a human would.”

“So you’re saying because I didn’t know that rule and got pregnant anyway I wiped away the other laws about pregnancy?”

Ninja grinned, “Yup, you have done that a lot, erasing rules because you didn’t know about them, for example, your kind can’t read the mind of the person they were meant to be with. And that was because you refused to read Riku’s mind in Heart Haven those years ago. And now that he knows what you are and because of what you are that rule applies to everyone.”

Mai blinked, frozen in her own amazement. “I didn’t know I did that…”

“You did… I’m thankful you are my goddess,” he smiled, “And if you revive Tundra we’ll follow your path.”

“What do you mean?”

Ninja grinned sheepishly, “Tundra’s my mate,” he answered.

“But I thought you were siblings? And Tundra doesn’t seem like someone you’d be with, no offense.”

“None taken but there are things about her that are beautiful. She has her nice side and she only shows it to me. She is actually nicer than Hurricane if you can believe that.” Ninja chuckled, “And no, we call each other siblings, but we really aren’t. It’s much like what you and Doki are, you aren’t actually related but every now and again you see him as your brother… or at least that’s how you looked at him in Heart Haven before you met Riku.”

Mai grinned, “Wow, so… Tundra’s your mate, huh? But why is she… so… and you’re so opposite…”

Ninja shrugged with a smile, “Don’t ask me, all I know is that we are attracted to one another flawlessly. She was cold… a lot of times, but she was still very sweet. If and when you bring her back, I think I’ll try out for a child.”

Mai giggled, “Ninja, you’re full of surprises.”

“Tundra told me that once.”

Mai hummed at that, “Well, when I’m fully recovered I’ll bring her back. So how did you finish off Dawn?”

Ninja folded his arms, almost in a cocky way, “I cut his head off and burned his body, then I took his head to Heart Haven and used it as a post. I gave out the order that if anyone tried to harm you again I’d do the same to them,” his grin was filled with cockiness.

“Nice,” she said sarcastically. “Did you scare everyone out of Heart Haven too?”

“No… but I swear as long as I live I’ll protect you.”

“Thank you Ninja, you were a real help to me.”

“Mrs. Shade,” a doctor came in and Riku followed behind. In the doctor’s hands he held Mai’s small and beautiful child. “Here’s your son, we’ll leave him in your care.”

“Mai, what do you want to call him?” Riku came next to her, he nodded once to Ninja and Ninja nodded back.

Mai looked at her child, he had brown and black hair, much like Benjie’s and had silver high lights. Benjie had skin just like Riku’s and his eyes were a mix of red and ice blue. “He’s… he’s really beautiful…” Mai cried. “I… had… no idea… he’d… be this beautiful…”

‘Wow, Dawn was right, he is beautiful…’ Riku grinned. “Mai, do you have a name for him?”

Mai paused and looked at Ninja, then back at her small baby boy. ‘Benjie?’


Mai had a waterfall come down her face, Ninja was right, Benjie… Benjie never left her. Benjie promised he’d never leave her and he kept to that promise. “Benjie…” Mai whispered out, she kissed her baby’s forehead. “Benjie…” she said louder for Riku to hear.

“Benjie? Are you sure… I mean…”

“Trust me, Benjie is perfect for him.”

“Allow me to explain,” Ninja smiled and walked over to Riku, Ninja placed his hand on Riku head and gave Riku the memories he needed to understand what was going on.

“Wow… that’s amazing… Well, Mai, Benjie it is.” He grinned.

“Benjie Lee Shade,” Mai said.


“Do you have a better middle name?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Benjie Lee Shade it is…” Mai kissed his forehead. “Oh, did you call my parents yet?”

“Oh, darn it…” Riku facepalmed, “They’re going to kill us, they wanted to be here for it.”

Ninja bowed, “Let me do the honors, I’ll bring them here, use Stop and place the memories into their minds, that way they’ll think they were here the whole time. I’ll even through in a video recording of the birth,” Ninja smiled.

“Thanks,” Riku said filled with relief, “That would save us a ton of… rambling, if that’s what we should call it.”

Ninja rose from his bow, “Goddess, God,” Ninja nodded to them. He vanished, soon after Riku’s and Mai’s parents were in the room, frozen in time.

“Ninja is someone we should keep around,” Riku said with a grin.

Mai smiled, “I agree.” Mai kissed Riku, “I see why you wanted me to wait, I don’t think I want to have another child soon.”

“Now you understand!” Riku laughed, “My wife is a stubborn brat.”

“And my husband is a stubborn know-it-all.”

Riku kissed Mai again. “I love you, regardless of what you think of me.”

“I love you regardless what the lies you spit out.”


“I’m not a brat!” she gently knocked him on the head with a smile.

“Then you were lying too,” Riku said poking her forehead.

“I hope Benjie turns out like you…” Mai whispered.

“And I hope he turns out like you.”

“They’ll wake up soon, I already changed the memories and also anyone they were with, so its almost like they were here the whole time,” Ninja said.

“Good, thank you.” Mai said.

“No problem, Riku, Mai… and Benjie.”


Mai left the hospital with a grin and her baby in her arms. Riku had his arm wrapped around Mai’s neck. Mai held Benjie in her arms as a child would normally be held. She smiled at her child and then at Riku.

Riku looked up to the sky, “It’s going to rain…”

Seconds later the rain started to fall. Before Riku could open a corridor the rain fell down and around them. They smiled, Benjie was protecting them even in the rain. “He’s going to be a good boy,” Mai smiled down at him, “Let’s walk.”

“Do you really want to?”

“Yeah, I want to take him for a walk.”

Riku chuckled, “He’s a baby, not a dog.”

“But still…”

“I’m not judging, just messing with you,” Riku said.

~Mean While~

Mickey sighed, the new Heartless and Nobodies became frequent but easy to control like any other Heartless and Nobody. Mickey observed the skies and saw that the nights were back to normal, Mickey opened the door to Heart Haven and gave what he learned to Saix, and Saix took the notes and added them with the collection.

“Thank you,” he said with an emotionless face.

“No problem, I’m glad Mai gave me the permission to store valuable information here.”

“She’s a good leader, even though she has her stubborn side,” Axel said with a chuckle.

“Axel, did she awaken any of the other members?” Saix asked.

“Only a few, Zixion, and two or three others, but they have other things to do so we won’t see them at all.”

“She has you guys under oath?” Mickey asked.

“No, we gave her service because she was the only the emo-troller to give us life, we’re grateful to her for that,” Saix said.

“I see, I’ll get going now,” Mickey said.

“Hey, Saix, would you sacrifice your life for Mai’s?”

“Of course, without her, I don’t have one, we just went through the whole conversation, idiot.”

“I know,” Axel chuckled.


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Oct 6, 2007
Last chapter of Riku and Mai 2! I hope you enjoyed this story and just because you guys enjoyed what I have wrote so far I have actually come up with one more part, and I think you'll enjoy it.

You'll find out soon enough -^^- whahahaha!


Part Five
Riku and Mai: Birth
Ch. 9

My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah, where fears and lies melt away~! Angels in flight, my sanctuary, my sanctuary~!

The light blue, silver, red and cream colors were everywhere, on the groom, on the walls, these colors were everywhere but on the bride. Mai’s dress was from Belle, her shoes from Cinderella, her crown from Arura, her necklace was from Jasmine and Snow White allowed Mai to barrow her cape that flowed behind her.

Mai started to cry, she couldn’t believe it. She was finally married her one true love. She was going to be with him forever. Mai was going to be with Riku until the end of time. Mai had tears run down her face, Riku waited, nervous but hid it well.

It took everything in Mai to hold herself together, Riku could see that. When Mai reached the alter she faced Riku, Riku felt strength run through him. He collected Mai’s hands and stared into her eyes.

Saying their vows, they collected he rings. They placed the rings on and the preacher gave them a look of luck and blessing, “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride.”

Mai tilted her head forward a little, allowing Riku to lift the cover over her face.

Riku and Mai leaned in for the kiss and then…

“Why does this thing freeze up at the part?!” Mai yelled out with anger.

“Mom, calm down, we’ve seen it a million times,” Benjie said resting his face on his hand.

“I know but it was a special time!” Mai frantically tried to figure out what was wrong with the DVD player.

Benjie rolled his eyes, “Mom, if Dad comes home to see you freaking out you’ll never hear the end of it,” he started to laugh.

“Hear the end of what?” Riku closed the door behind him. He walked in the living room and stood near the sofa where his son was sitting near the edge his arm on the arm of the chair. He eyed his wife whom was freaking about the video. “Again,” he looked at the screen, he realized what was wrong.

“Yes, again!” Mai said groaning.

“Hm…,” Riku ruffled Benjie’s hair then went to the DVD player. Riku half chuckled, “There’s nothing wrong with the DVD or the DVD player.”

“Then what’s wrong with it?”

“Your son has the second remote.”

Mai was wide eyed for a second, then she narrowed her eyes and slowly looked over her shoulder. “Benjie!”

“What?!” Benjie held up his hands defensively, the remote in hand. “You guys make out WAY too much and to see your wedding? Again and again? Ugh…”

Mai stomped over to Benjie. “Give me the remote…” Mai restrained her voice, she didn’t want to yell at him, although she was really annoyed. She held out her hand for the remote.

Benjie back-flipped out of the chair, still holding the remote Benjie narrowed his eyes. “Heck. NO.”



Mai launched forward. She was going to have that remote. Benjie took off, and Riku just rolled his eyes, “Y’know how your mom gets, Benjie. I don’t know why you mess with her all the time,” Riku said. ‘He gets it from me I guess…’ he sighed.

Benjie jumped and landed on the wall (think spider-man) and waited for his mother to come and get him. Mai jumped on the wall and started to go after him. Benjie retreated to the ceiling. He summoned Loyal Reign, his weapon was the opposite to Way to Dawn, the blade was a white angel wing and the hilt was surrounded by an angle wing and a bat wing ( A/N: I created Loyal Reign it is copyrighted!). Mai summoned Oathkeeper and they started to fight on the high ceiling.

Riku sighed with an anime sweat-droplet. He walked over to the coffee table and poured himself some tea and sat down at the chair. ‘They always do this, it’s never going to get old but it’s always the same.’ Riku sighed. He waited and waited, he knew it was coming.

They didn’t always fight over the remote but they did fight for a whole almost everything, what channel to watch, who would drive the new bike that was originally for Riku but gave it up to both Mai and Benjie. The list goes on…

“Three… two… one…” Riku counted. He watched at Benjie fell from the ceiling, finally he could stop waiting. Benjie crashed into the floor. Mai had claimed the remote. Riku chuckled as Benjie stood.

“You can’t beat the one who taught you everything!” Mai waved the remote as she stood on the ceiling, her hair going where gravity was pulling it. Mai waved the remote victoriously.

Benjie dusted himself off, “Fine, you win this round,” he folded his arms.

“Y’know Mai, I could still kick your butt.” Riku taunted as his wife jumped down from the ceiling.

“I’d like to see you try!” Mai smirked, she stood next to her son. Riku stood from his chair and glared at Mai. Mai leaned in and glared at Riku.

“PLEASE! What ever you do don’t kiss!” Benjie begged covering his eyes.

Riku smirked and summoned his blade. Mai jumped back and re-summoned her blade. “Why not have a three way battle?” Mai offered.

“Oh, so you need help to take me down?” Riku smirked.

“No! We just never had a family battle,” Mai grinned.

Riku shrugged, “Okay, fine,” he got in fighting stance.

“A family forever!” Mai cheered out.

“Yeah, a family forever even if two of them are crazy,” Riku taunted.

“Hey Dad, don’t talk about you and Mom like that!” Benjie joked.

“Please, I’ll kick both of your butts! I’m always the winner!”

“We’ll see about that!” Benjie rolled his eyes and got in his fighting stance which was the same as his father’s.

They fought, for at least an hour or two, there was no winner. “This is pointless, we can’t defeat each other!” Benjie yelled out. They were all tired, they all had ran out of potions and stuff like that so now they were tired and staring each other down.

“You’re right,” Mai de-summoned her blade and took in her breath.

Benjie sighed, “Well, I gotta go…” he started to head for the door.

“And where are you going?” Riku glared him down.

Benjie turned back around and sheepishly answered, “I’m going to spend time with Doki…”

Riku smirked, “Or are you going to going to see Crystal?”

“No, never… I mean… she’s cool too but… I mean…” he struggled for words nervously.

“Oh, leave him alone, go on have fun… just no funny business.” Mai said defending her boy.

“Mom, we’re not dating. We’re just friends.”

“Right,” Riku said. Benjie opened a corridor and was gone. “Well, Benjie should be at the old mansion right now,” Riku said.

“Yeah,” Mai smiled, ‘I’m glad Raven and Doki decided to get married, and live in the old mansion in Twilight Town. They continued to live a rich life style.’ “Say, you didn’t kiss me when you got home.”

“That’s your fault you were the one who was going around screaming about the DVD player.”

“Start over?”

Mai jumped into his arms. “Sure,” they kissed.

They kissed and kissed. They were complete, nothing could ruin their life of happiness.
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