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The Dream
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  • Bout the same. Minus the high school... and the switching countries... hahaha I guess I haven't been up to much but gaming and working, along with RPing. I gotta make sure I stay up to date on it though
    XD well if you ever do give me a shot we'll party and such XD or i'll just kidnap you in a blanket XD. Yes I have been busy XD very busy for sure... how about you?
    o_O oh damn what country are you moving to as for myself ill be moving to japan soon X3 AWESOMENESS. Ya cuddle partner XD *captuures you in blanket* MINE ALL MINEW XD besides the insanity doing well my friend. Joined the air force graduated and all that junk X3.
    *snuggles* XD neat you should join Traces I am sure you would love it x3.... that or Fragments... or even apocalyp.... actually not that one its pretty dead right not XD. But still how have you benn its been forever since we last spoke X3.
    I know! In fact, I should be asleep right now; gotta get to work in twelve hours, and I don't do well on less than eight hours of sleep....
    Managed to spy on a little of your conversation when I was dropping a line to kingdomkeylight and couldn't resist. The Dream. Eternal Dream. Whole lot of sleepy heads around here, apparently!
    o_O VARSHA (BEAR TACKLE) ODS (GLOMPS) I remember you hun you were in my Dreams rp XD funny as your name now. Actually I myself just retruned a little while ago as well X3 nice to see some old faces.
    No problem, I've been quite busy lately as well. We'll keep you posted on major developments and, of course, alert you when the actual thread goes up.
    Alright then. Aldrain had said that you were leaning toward being a player. If you'd like to help in worldbuilding, just go ahead and pitch any ideas you have to me or Aldrain (he's probably on more often). If it gets to a point where you're having just as much input as us we'll discuss an alternate means of communication.
    I gotta ask you (granted I have been a rather aggressive advocate for the PS4, constantly arguing for it lol) have you really researched it? Have you sat down with the flurry of informatoin on IGN and really weighed everything out? I assume that touch pad will simply be for web browsing, and the cross play with the Vita, as most games on the Vita have silly touch oriented controls. Now be aware that it is a pad, not a screen, which one makes it less funtional, and less expensive- next, I will say I am dissapointed in there being no BC, but, most gamers aren't overly... nostalgic. I won't honestly miss my PS3 games. They aren't the benchmarks of my gaming experiences- now I do miss my PSP because that was my first hardcore gaming handheld.

    That being said- you really need to read all the articles IGN has put out on it. All of them are simply informative, not opinion based. And that share button is equated to the start button, as well as its main function is to simply record your play sessoin.
    Well, that is certainly impressive. I'm only marginally older than you, 17. I am graduating though, so I can be considered a coot. You probably overall have more hours, because I don't tend to game as hard during the summer.

    Speaking of games, how bout dat PS4?
    Between Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Monster Hunter Tri, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Battlefield 3, every KH installment besides DDD, and my multiple play throughs of inFAMOUS 2, I easily clock in around 1000 hours. That is counting the hundreds upon hundreds of hours spent in almost every pokemon installment, and just about any other games I have owned over the years. Do not test me child ^^
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