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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Reality~IT'S NOT JUST A GAME

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Mar 8, 2006
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Sorry for the long wait, guys! This might be boring but here’s chap 9!
Thx DS ^^, thx everyone 4 your comments of this fic!

Chapter 9

“Those creatures will never know when to stop, eh?” asked Kaito.
“Lucky they have us to finish them off!” said Shiro.
“You two okay if I leave you around?” asked Kaito.
“Don’t ever underestimate us!! You’ll need us sooner or later!” said Shiro.
“Yeah yeah whatever you say…” muttered Kaito, “Meet me back at the Queen’s Castle, okay?”
“Right!” they said in unison.

Shiro and Yuta ran swiftly to the other parts of the forest. Kaito gazed at them till they disappeared, before he looked around and spotted a yellow flower, still closing its petals. “Alright, “he muttered, “Let’s see what you can do…” He approached the flower, and heard a small voice, “Give me a Potion and I’ll make you bigger.” “I know, no need to tell me, “he replied grumpily. He took out a Potion he’d got from Leon and friends, and used it on the flower. The flower magically blossomed and gave out a puff of smoke. Kaito felt his body grew bigger and bigger till the thatch grass was just as high as his knees. However, Kaito didn’t care much about this magic; he quickly jumped on a trunk where Ceshire Cat appeared earlier, and it slumped into the ground as easy as it was a permanent button. He also saw, beside him, another lotus sprouted up from the ground, but he had no time to examine it.

Now he got to become smaller again. He looked up and saw a seed resting on a branch of a tree. He aimed very carefully, and swung his Keyblade to send the seed flying off the branch and dropped on the ground before his feet. Meh, piece of cake. Kaito took the seed and took a bite from it. There was another puff of smoke and he shrank into his earlier size again.

‘Don’t waste more time…’ Kaito kept telling himself while he was running and jumping through the mushrooms and lotus leaves. The coast was all clear; looked like Yuta had cleaned the Heartless up. He found a hole on a tree, but he passed it and searched for the other hole at the end of the path made by lotus leaves. Sure, Wonderland was a really weird world to visit……

Without any further delay, Kaito dived into the hole…uh, dived?...because he found himself falling down and landed on a tap. Luckily he wasn’t afraid of highness, wew. OK, it was the Bizarre Room after all. He carefully took a step forward and looked around him. Great, one proof for Alice, on a cupboard with a very narrow place to jump on. Kaito concentrated more than ever, and jumped. Success! Now he could take the proof from this stupid box…uhh…what Yuta said before? The Claw Marks, alright, save in his hands.

His satisfaction was interrupted by Ceshire Cat, as usual, making his appear out of nowhere and smiling broadly, on the tap.
“If you appeared here…”said Kaito, “Then Shi—Donald and Goofy have taken all the proofs, correct?”
“Correct, “said the Ceshire Cat, his smile widened.
“So…? You’ll give us a tip after finding all of them?”
“Tip, no…”said the Ceshire Cat, “But as you wish, you can get something else.”

“All in apple order!” said Yuta when they met at the Queen’s Castle again.
“Did the mad cat give you the Blizzard Magic?” asked Shiro.
“He sure did, “answered Kaito.
“Then go meet the Queen and show her what we’ve found for Alice.”

“That’s pretty much evidences, but still I’m not impressed…” said the Queen arrogantly.
“Quit babbling, just show us yours, “said Kaito.
“Cards!” said the Queens as though she didn’t hear what Kaito said, “Bring down my evidence!”
One box appeared before them.
“Actually, this is weird, it’s four to one, you should free Alice now, no doubt, “Kaito demanded.
“It’s not your rights to decide!” said the Queen, “But it’s just wasting our time checking one by one, you just need to choose…”--all the five boxes floated in the air and were shuffled magically—“…One of them…”—the five boxes were now in a row on the ground.
“Oh another injustice, “grumbled Kaito.
“You dare object??” asked the Queen furiously.
“No, I don’t, “he lied.

“Be careful of choosing it, Sora, “said Shiro.
“Ah shuddup, leave this to me, “said Kaito, “Oh I’m not in the mood of choosing now, I’ll make it random and fast.”
“What is he doing?” asked Yuta.
Closing his eyes, Kaito leaped over the third box and swung it open.
“That’s too random, you idiot!!” said Shiro.

A figure of Soldier Heartless emerged from the box, surprising the Queen and her Cards, but it quickly vanished into a puff of smoke.
“Did I make it right?” asked Kaito curiously, opening his eyes after the figure has vanished.
“And what the hell is that thing???” asked the Queen.
“It’s the Heartless, who has a bad habit of stealing people’s hearts and whatsoever…see, if you still say that’s Alice, I think you need glasses, “said Kaito monotonously, “But what did I need to say this for? If you’re against us…”—he summoned his Keyblade—“Get it on!!”
“Kaito, wait a sec…!!!“

“Do you realize what you are doing???” said the Queen, “Cards!!! Seize them of trespassing against the Queen!!!”
Kaito, Shiro, and Yuta stayed rooted in spot as they watched the place changed itself magically and a tower with a gear sprouted from the ground in the middle of the area. One of the Cards approached the tower swiftly and winded the gear on the tower. The cage that made Alice prisoner started to be lifted out of Kaito’s reach. The Cards Soldier then surrounded Kaito, Shiro, and Yuta, their spears ready to strike.

“I daresay that it’s a cheap little trick to do…”said Kaito, “But who cares, we’ll beat you all up anyway!!”
Two Card Soldiers leaped on Kaito.
“Whoah! Not two to one!!” he cried, but Shiro and Yuta quickly reflected the attack from both sides. The two Card Soldiers were flung backwards of the sudden impact, and Shiro shouted, “There’s no way you cheating us again!!”
“We’re outnumbered, Donald!” said Yuta.
“Kaito, destroy the tower, quick!”
“Why are you giving me orders??”
“Because…aack, don’t waste the time!!”
“Then go around and finish ‘em off while I’m giving a damn out of that tower!”

Kaito ducked when another Card Soldier swung his spear at him fiercely. Yuta whacked the Card Soldiers guarding the tower nearby, the coast was finally clear, Kaito dodged roll to approach it and smashed the gear.
“What about Al—YEOOWTCH!!” One of the Card Soldiers suddenly stabbed Shiro’s butt with his spear.
“Uh-oh, Shiro, I bet it allows…” said Yuta.
“…OF NO EXCUSE!!!” Shiro yelled, “FIRE!!!”
A fireball burst out from the tip of his wand and burnt the Card Soldier. He let out a cry of pain and the other Card Soldiers hesitated to help, all afraid of the flames on their friend’s body. Shiro was now running amuck. He shot Fire Magic combos to the “innocent” ones (including Yuta). Between all that racket, all the Card Soldiers’ attention was now on Shiro, and Kaito could attack the left-unguarded tower freely.

“The last hit!!” he shouted loudly as he gave his last slash to the gear so Shiro stopped torturing the Card Soldiers and all of them looked up. The cage that was imprisoning Alice fell back down and hit the ground with a loud crash. Or actually…the cage that was ONCE imprisoning Alice, because the girl was no longer in there.

“She’s gone!” mumbled Yuta, “They really did kidnap her then.”
“Aww I wish I could see how they did it, if those arrant knaves didn’t make me busy, “said Shiro.
“How could this happening??!?” said the Queen.
“What’s amiss with it?” said Kaito, “Your prisoner’s gone. The End.”
“YOU!! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO IS BEHIND THIS!!” said the Queen, trembling with rage.
“Uh…What did she say?” asked Yuta.
“CARDS!!” she yelled, “SEIZE THEM!!!”
“Kai…..tooooo…” said Shiro.
“W-wait a second, I didn’t do anything wrong…” said Kaito as more Cards were starting to surround them like walls, “Run for it!!!”
The trio dodged the Cards and ran together through the hole leading into the Lotus Forest.
They could heart the Cards’ footsteps chasing them.
“We’re doomed!!” said Shiro.

Suddenly they heard another loud sound behind them, the moans of the Card Soldiers, and a sly voice coming from behind, “You succeeded in drawing the Queen’s attention entirely from Alice, very satisfying.” They turned around. A boulder was now blocking the hole to the Queen’s Castle, and they still could hear the fruitless effort of the Card Soldiers to move it. And yup on the boulder, was the Ceshire Cat.

“What’s good with it, huh?” asked Kaito.
“Now now, you don’t need to bother about the Queen, “said the Ceshire Cat, “Alice, whom you’re looking for, was taken by the shadows.”
“Errr…who’s shadow?” asked Yuta.
“Of that you must find out by yourselves, “he replied.
“Right, “said Kaito, “We’ll meet you at the upside-down room and you’ll save your lecture till then.”
The cat didn’t say anything else as he disappeared out of their sight.

“Kaito, “Shiro started grumpily, “I’m starting to trust you and you made another mess again!”
“Not that fatal, “said Kaito.
“Well you almost ruin the story!” said Shiro.
“I don’t care about that, “he said simply, “C’mon, we gotta meet that mad cat at the the Bizzare Room.”
Still muttering grumpily, Shiro followed him walking towards the Tea Party Garden.

Author’s Note: the Trick Master’s boss battle coming up! ^^ And yes if somebody asks..."Quit Babbling" is Kaito's favorite quote

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really great...i want to read more. I will try to be patient..but for how long i dont know. Hopefully long enough. GREAT UPDATE!!!! Oh and smitey...you better make a de-cookiefyer fast....im really hyper cuz school os almost over for me....HYPERNESSS OVERLOAD *falls over from trying to bounce off of walls and prevent from bouncing off of walls at the same time...(ouch by the way)*
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*twitches* that...was...the..most...PWING CHAPT-AH!! Awesome, but how the heck did Kaito mess it up? I thought he did everything fine... acept from dissing the queen that was just dumb...

I was grounded for a week, so I had pleanty of time to make a de-cookiefier, but not to test it. *Gets hit by D_S and gets smacked silly* Ooooooo! I wander what this button does... *hits big, red button marked 'Do not press'*


Ooops... Ah well, at least it worked!


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Mar 8, 2006
email me and i'll tell u!
^^ lol smitey

( O__O; ) Great, I can finally post this. I’m positively tired of all my bustle this whole week. Maybe I won’t be online much till July. Oh good ol’ July, give me time to write more chapters when you arrives, especially with your wasting-time special occasions, me buddy’s birthday, me birthday, me cousin’s birthday, me holiday visits…oh whatever.....once again thx for your wait guys, I love you all <3333 Enjoy the chap!

Chapter 10

“Crawling…crawling behind the darkness…seeking for hearts…searching…further…”

“………….Lookie behind this door, “said Yuta, “Looks like an upside-down room.”
“The mad cat’s there, “said Kaito, “C’mon, quick.”
The trio went inside the door leading into the Bizarre Room, well this one’s upside-down, so they’re standing on the ceiling of the room.
“Ceshire Cat! Show yourself!” said Kaito.

In the middle of the room, eh ceiling, on a lamp, appeared the Ceshire Cat.
“The shadows won’t come out, “he said.
“We need to light that lamp, right?” asked Shiro.
“Uh, Donald…” said Yuta, “Them again!”
Predictably, Heartless appeared before them, attacked them from all directions.
“They’re yours, guys!!!” said Kaito as he jumped onto Ceshire Cat’s side.
“WHAT??!? YOWTCH!” said Donald as a Heartless shot fire to him.

Kaito lit the lamp with his Keyblade, so that a fire burning brightly inside the lamp.
As the Ceshire Cat vanished onto the other lamp next to the previous one, Kaito jumped onto it, and lit it either.
“Have you done it???!” asked Shiro from below him.
“Then help us, dimwit!!”
“Before you go helping your friends, “said the cat, “I shall tell you that the shadows won’t appear in ‘here’.” And he vanished into thin air.


“Finally they’re gone!” grumbled Shiro, “I’m all busted and I wanna go—“
“Errr…guys, “said Yuta, “Was it just me or I kept hearing voices inside my head?”
“Huh? What are you talking about?” said Kaito, “I don’t hear voices.”
“But I just—“
“Oh c’mon, “snapped Kaito, “The day you stop acting mentally is the day I join the anti-Semites.”
Both Yuta and Shiro gazed at him for a few seconds.
“Just a matter of speech, “Kaito said, smirking.

“Ack, stop dreaming, Yuta, “said Shiro, “Now how’re we gonna follow that mad cat?”
“Oh!” said Kaito, “Remember the secret door there?”
He pointed at the other side of the wall. Looked like it was made of plain old wood, but it had a little lock on it.

“We can go through there to reach the Queen’s Castle!”
They quickly approached the door and released the lock.
“What about the cards? They’ll chase us till they—“said Yuta.
“We’ll run then, “Shiro cut, “Or sneak, we’ll find a way.”
“Ready, then? Let’s go,” said Kaito.

“………why…chasing…people…why…eat hearts…unanswered…is it all for you…Kingdom Hearts…?”
“Huh? They’re gone, “said Kaito.
“Not even a card, “said Shiro, “Where have they…?”
“C’mon, “said Kaito, “We have an appointment with a cat on the table in the Bizzare Room.”
“That’s funny, “said Yuta.
“Believe me, I rather not, “said Kaito.

“Feed by darkness…alive in darkness…buried in darkness…darkness…is that all?”

“There he is, “said Kaito.
“There’s a better view up here, “said the cat from the table, “Why don’t you come?”
Kaito, Shiro, and Yuta obeyed and climbed up the table.
“Now what?” asked Kaito.
The Ceshire Cat slowly stood on his hind legs, grinning happily. Leaning onto his large-sized tail, he showed his own shadow and said, “Now we can see, the shadows, but, “—he rose his left paw--“Are you ready for the worst?”
“What’s up there?” asked Yuta, looking up, but his face quickly turned ashy pale, and he yelled, “Oh, look out!!!”

Something enormous (from their point of view, of course) fell from the ceiling, landed on the ground, and jumped across the table where Kaito and friends stood frozen as if it had springs under its feet. A symbol bordered clearly on its chest—the Heartless.

“Trick Master!” shouted Shiro.

If just the Trick Master wasn’t five times bigger than Kaito, he would think it was a colorful clown juggling two sticks used for fire-related tricks in circus shows, though it had five faces in a column on its head with ten bright, yellow eyes, claws, and arms attached to its broad shoulders waving around freely as they were made of rumpled paper. Thin and tall, looks like it wasn’t designed to walk properly, since it had no “flesh” from its waist to its feet, but red-colored skeletons. Big deal, thought Kaito, how much time they’ve wasted to design this gay Heartless for one boss battle in a gay place called Wonderland.
(Me: Can you please stop saying those words, or this fic’ll get banned 0_o)
(Kaito: Can you stop banning my words or I’ll quit from your fic.)
(Me: Oh great now I’m arguing with my own character.)
(Kaito:That’ll prove you’re mental.)
(Me: Oh be quiet.)

“Earth to Donald Duck!” Kaito finally said, “Climb up the table and knock it off with your magic!”
“Why don’t you do it yourself?!”
“Coz I’m not a master of aiming, specializes in physical, short-ranged attacks in any battles, “he replied firmly.
“Oh, that’s why your battle with Maleficent dragon is your mortal agony!” snapped Shiro, “Big deal!”
“It’s no big deal, now quit babbling and just do what I say!”
Still muttering to himself, Shiro climbed up the table and positioned himself right in front of the Heartless, which was now walking around juggling the maracas-like sticks in its claws, its sharp, pointed feet moving around restlessly.

Kaito swiftly joined up with Yuta.
“Now listen up, after Shiro knocked off that thing, we gotta attack it time and again, but when those juggling sticks catch alight…”
“How do they catch alight?”
“With matches, whatever, “muttered Kaito, “That’s not the point. When they catch alight, that thing will start shooting fire everywhere and slam down the table, at that time we gotta lay an ambush for it, though its short-range attacks are rather dangerous but…”
“…But we got teamwork!” said Yuta.
That wasn’t Kaito really wanted to say, but he appreciated Yuta’s guessing, so he opened his mouth, closed it again and said in animal spirits, “So you got my message.”
“Of course coz we’re pals!”
“Of course!” said Kaito, “Together we’ll defeat this bloke, and Ansem!”

<Meanwhile, far, far away in the outside world….>

“………The data is acting differently………”
“What’s amiss with it?”
“………We can’t know it now, “replied the first man with a sniff, “I’m studying about those poor kids first…….”
“The kids inside?” said the other man with underestimating tone, “And what their profiles suppose to do with the game?”
“Loads of stuff, young man,” said the first man, “You’ll never dream what this data can do with very simple information.”

“Hmpf, “said the other man, “Can you give an example?”
“Hackers can do anything they want to if they know how, “said the man, “It’s not really hard for skilled ones like me to dig deeper profiles from forum members, like this boy called Kaito.”
“Kaito?” repeated the young man, his expression changed, but he quickly hid it.

“What, for example, a kind of simple information you find important?”
“Like the fact that this boy is one of the first Kingdom Hearts fans in the world…”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t find that important.”
“Maybe you don’t, but if the data knows that, it’ll consider this boy can pass the testing job easily…”
“The data cannot—“
“I’ve told you many times before that the data has the modern and newest ability to hack, “said the man exhaustedly, “It’s accidental, my mistake, to make it invisible, unrecognized…it can read PMs, spoilers, diaries, everything it wanted to…”

“And with your great ability, “said the young man, “What have you found more from the boy?”
“Very well, I’ll tell you what I’ve found, “said the man, “Of course the data has discovered about the boy’s relationship, from the PMs and emails, for example, and also his personality, his interest with Kingdom Hearts, hobbies, even quotes and everything, maybe every single thing about him.”
“Talk about sneaking into somebody else’s private life, “said the other man amazedly, “But it’s no use for the data, right?”
“Not yet, we haven’t known that yet, “said the first man slowly, “If just I can find out the way the data measure people’s emotions…”

That, as you said, can be found easily in the internet, look what teens done nowadays, they can clearly give much info about emotions, love, what’s the most important thing in your life, and so on…”
“Now quick, can you tell me what the nearest link which has those kinds of subjects is?” asked the first man as he grabbed the mouse roughly with his hand.
“What--? Nearest from what?” asked the second man, obviously surprised to be asked a question all of the sudden.
“Nearest from the main topic, of course,” replied the man as he launched the internet explorer browser in his computer, “Kingdom Hearts.”

Author’s Note: sorry for the lack posting of the chap, but I’m seriously busy these days, I’m really sorry if I post the next chapters late again. I think you guys won’t really bother so I’ll just cut the Trick Master battle, then Kaito and friends will advance to the next world. Also, I’ll slip in a few parts about those two mysterious men up there, little by little (^ ^). Now, comments, please!!

Divine Shadow

May 4, 2006
in the recesses of my shattered mind, hoping to fi
First of all...GREAT UPDATE...its wonderrful. I am kinda glad your cutting out trickmaster...i hated him...it took me several trys to beet him...and even then i was pwned by it cuz i sucked at video games back then. But man is this awesome...Kaito is hearing voices...and funny thing bout u and kaito fighting....i love insane things like that.

Second of all...YAY I"M NOT A COOKIE ANYMORE!!!! oh the joy. cgood thing too...cuz i only have 2 real days of school left and i was getting myghty hyper. hahaha. Thanks smitey...not a cookie anymore.. I promise to calm down...if this PWNING fan fic doesn't get any better!!! though thats unlikely to happen. Its wreally awesome. I truly wish it was like a mini video game...or a movie type thingummy. It would be Amazin!!!! kutos to you LV!!!

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May 4, 2006
in the recesses of my shattered mind, hoping to fi
sry that this post is completely off topic but i was wondering bout someting. Smitey...you motto, does it actually mean like smitey is gonna kick heartless @$$? just wondering...and here to say that this fanfic is AWESOME...and to appologies for smacking into people when i was a cookie. thanks for de cookiefying me smitey...i have math exams on monday...and i need to focus.!!!!

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May 4, 2006
in the recesses of my shattered mind, hoping to fi
coolio!!! YEA YA summer vacation just started for me!!!!woot woot everyone. Cookie time *hands out millions of cookies* I cant wait for the next update...i looks forward too itt so much. Oh and please dont mindi f i start talking in third person. You know what i never realized? That if you take Axel, and rearrange it, you get Alex (half of me nake coincidentially) I laugh at it. One way off topic thing though...what is Axels real name if you take away the x? sry for spamming if that is what this is....ehehe


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HEY! I'm still a cookie Smity, and I'm almost whittled to nothing!

Sorry I haven't been on much guys, but these last few chapters have totally owned anything that has progressed in my story!

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Lol, okay I think I got the de-cookiefier working this time, let's fire 'er up!



O_O oops... Guess I should have pressed that button... ChaosDragoon0 should be back to normal now, but thanks to that explosion and his self-munchings, weeeeell... let's just say he's guna find it hard to get a girlfriend :D

No chapter for a while. HURRY UP AND UPDART OR I'll GET THE COOKIE-O-TRON 2000!
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