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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Reality~IT'S NOT JUST A GAME

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May 13, 2006
in my home, of course...nah it's around japan
Gosh, I'll get final tests in next week either, but...
Did ya say to keep the thread alive?
Roger! I'll try as best as I can lol
\although maybe I'll offline the whole week, sorry/
And post the next chap as soon as you can!
*always gonna wait*

btw, great chappie, I really like reading your chappies, you sure messing up the whole dialogue, hmm...what'll happen next?


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Mar 8, 2006
email me and i'll tell u!
I'm trying to mess it up even more (not me, Kaito is) :D
anyway, the next chap maybe up next month, around 1st or 2nd of June, besides my final test week, my internet gotta explode here lol
forgive me guys, I gotta make you all waitin :(


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May 2, 2006
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lv_kh0720 said:
I'm trying to mess it up even more (not me, Kaito is) :D
anyway, the next chap maybe up next month, around 1st or 2nd of June, besides my final test week, my internet gotta explode here lol
forgive me guys, I gotta make you all waitin :(

Thats OK, its only about 2 weeks.

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Feb 25, 2006
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You really have no imagination. *locks wierdo in a room with no food and fires a cookie-transform ray gun at him* NOW YOU SHALL HAVE TO EAT YOURSELF, BWA HA HA HA HA!!!

Now hurry up and updart! *Threatans with cookie-ray gun


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Mar 8, 2006
email me and i'll tell u!
Thanks everyone for waiting so long, I appreciate you all ^ ^! Well here’s the next chap, hope you like it!

Chapter 6

The Guard Armor slightly attacked them with its steel-covered, claw-like hands.
“Run, run away!” commanded Kaito.
“Wait, was that Demyx’s line??” asked Shiro.
“Who’s Demyx???”
The Guard Armor’s left hand knocked Shiro’s head before he could answer.
“OOW SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Now which one should we attack first?” asked Goofy.
“The left hand!” said Shiro annoyedly.
“Attack together!”
They attacked one of Guard Armor’s hands almost in the same time until it was destroyed.
“Gawrsh, it was fast!” said Goofy.
“Yeah, four more to go!” said Kaito.

But suddenly, in almost a second, he heard a voice inside his head. “Look out, Kaito!
“Huh?” he said, “Who’s that??”

“Sora, watch out!!” shouted Donald.
Kaito looked back just as Guard Armor’s right hand hit his back so hard that he flung away.
“Ouch, I was off guard just now, “said Kaito, “You as*, that was more painful than Leon’s, y’know!!!”
Kaito jumped and performed a combo attack, Donald shot Fire Magic at it, and it, too, was destroyed.
“Now that’s the power of anger!” said Goofy.
“I thought it should be: ‘the power of Keyblade’?” asked Donald.
“Dunno, “said Goofy.
“Look out now…” said Kaito.

The Guard Armor’s movement started to change.
It might (noone would ever know) feel angry coz they just made him alive without any hands (who wouldn’t angry?).
Now it was trying to stomp them to pieces of sandwich.
Its feet started to move around by themselves, and it chased Goofy with terribly high speed.
“HEEELP!!!” yelled Goofy.
“Oh great, Goofy, or Yuta! Keep on making them busy while we’ll attack them from behind!” said Kaito.
“Nooo, please fast!!” Goofy ran as fast as he could.
Actually, he just ran round and round the arena, with Kaito behind him, couldn’t reach a finger of Guard Armor’s feet.
(Donald just watched him circling around him coz he thought that was so dumb.)
“How could we possibly save ya if ya keep moving around?? Slow down!!” said Kaito.
“Wait, Sora, look, “Donald pointed at Guard Armor’s main body in the middle.
The Guard Armor was too busy following Goofy with his feet that its main body and head was stationary.
It might not presume Goofy could avoid its attacks.
“Have you tried to destroy its body before its feet?” asked Kaito, ignoring Goofy yelling, “AAAAAAKH SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP MEEEEE!!”
“Dunno, I usually not, but instead of chasing its feet, why don’t we try it?” asked Donald, who also didn’t care a jot of Goofy.
“Alright, in the count of three…One…”
“Shut up, Goof!”
Donald and Kaito headed straight to Guard Armor’s main body.
It was too late when the Guard Armor finally realized.
Donald and Kaito had almost beaten it black and blue.
Its feet stopped chasing Goofy and moving around confusedly.
“You’ll pay for this, gaaaaaahhhh!!” Goofy angrily joined Kaito and Donald attacking the main body.
Without much time, they had won the battle. Flash of light, Guard Armor’s iron head fell onto the ground from its body with a loud crash, and from the body, flew a heart, free at last from the Heartless.

“So Kaito…” said Donald, “You brought Yuta and I to this gaming world by using some kind of website?”
(Me: From now on they won’t be called Donald and Goofy again in the narrator text, but if you don’t want to, I’ll change it :D)
“Not just you two, “said Kaito, “Ken, and Kairi, they’re in this world either.”
“I heard we must finish the game to get outta here, “said Yuta.
“Yeah, it’s right, “said Kaito, “And if I die, you’ll all die too.”
“What?” asked Shiro, “No continues?”
“Doubt it, “Kaito shook his head.
“Well, we’ve known that if you die, we’ll die too, in that portal of darkness, “said Yuta, “But we never thought of no continues AT ALL.”
“Yeah that odd portal of darkness…” said Shiro, “That’s how Yuta called it anyway, and we heard same voices there…”
“I remember that! Like this: ‘Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Reality, User, you will play as Goofy a main party member. In this game, Game Over will delete the character from the game system. Run your character’s tasks to proceed to the next mission. The game will NOT over until THE END of the game. Remember, your life both here and there, is only one.’ So this means we can’t revive like Donald and Goofy in the game. We all just have one single life.”
“……………that proofs your new form of Goofy didn’t give you lack of memories, “said Shiro, “But you still got half of his dumbness anyway.”

“All of these really confused me, I felt like Sora but I also felt like my own self! What’s happenin anyway??” said Kaito.
“You’re lucky; I felt like a duck, “said Shiro.
(In his mind Kaito promised himself not to tell Shiro forever that HE was the one who made him a duck.)
“Nah, you’re lucky stayin alive for yourself, I hold everyone’s fate.”
“You braggart.”
“Shut up.”

“You almost puzzled us till death! I suddenly was standing in front of King Mickey’s throne as Donald, I read Pluto’s letter and I understood that this was really a Kingdom Hearts game. After that I looked for Goofy AKA Yuta in the Castle Garden. Then we recognized each other and planned to get out of here together… “said Yuta.
“So we pursued it by doing Queen Minnie’s orders and looked for ya in Traverse Town, or Leon, exactly, “said Yuta.
“So, “said Kaito, “You know what? Ken disappeared from the island, as Riku.”
“Yeah as the story goes right?” said Shiro, “So will you go with us to look for him?”

“Have you all finished mumbling at each other?”
They jumped and looked around for the source of the voice.
Leon and friends had arrived there.
Yuffie was the one who interrupted their talk.
“No, “replied Kaito.
“Sora, “said Leon, “You have decided? To go with them?”
“Yup, “said Kaito, “I’ll find my friends with them, and King Mickey!”

Kaito, Shiro, Yuta, Leon, Aerith, and Yuffie were standing in front of the gate to the other worlds.
Their journey would start from now…
“Sora…” said Leon.
“Oh, you’re giving us a farewell gift? Then give it now coz we don’t know if we can come back in one piece, “said Kaito before Leon could speak further.
“Kait—don’t say anything worthless you moron!” whispered Shiro.
“………………Your journey would be a very hard one, “said Leon.
“Take these. We hope they can help your journey, Sora, “said Aerith.
“Well, thank you very much!” said Kaito, and he whispered back to Shiro, “Now was that worthless?”
“That’s the limit, “grumbled Shiro.
“Oh, I remember we could give him that, Shiro, “said Yuta.
“Oh yeah, Kait—Sora we’ve just known that we can give you these…”
“Wow, a new ability and magic!” said Kaito cheerfully, “Thanks a bunch, Don!”

“And…maybe we gotta introduce ya?” asked Yuta.
“Huh? Who?” asked Kaito.
Something, or someone, who was very small that he could jump and stand straight on Yuta’s shoulder, surprised Kaito by appearing so suddenly in front of his eyes.
“Cricket’s the name!” said the little fella, taking off his hat and bowed a little, “Jiminy Cricket!”
“Oh you’re the little guy with the journal, “said Kaito.
“He’s a CRICKET, “said Shiro.
“What…eveeerrr…” said Kaito.

Far, far away, inside a large castle, there was a gloomy room, and several people were gathering there.
The leader, looked like, was the woman dressed in black with two horns, which might indicated something about this woman, sprouted on her head.
The other people’s face was hardly recognized of the darkness inside.
The only enlightenment inside was this peculiar magical circle, resting on a stone, showing the minimized illusion of Kaito and friends.
“The boy has finally appeared, “said the woman, “But unfortunately, my friends, I thought there was something suspicious within this boy.”
“What is it?” asked one of her followers.
“He is not the Chosen one, “replied the woman.
“How could that be??!?” asked the large, fat guy loudly, “He has that Key thingy, he must be the One.”
“Yes, I know, “said the woman, “But He said he is not the One.”
“You must explain it to us, “said another woman’s voice, “We have waited for the Chosen one to come, to be destroyed.”
“He is the One, my friends, “said the woman impatiently, “But, he is different beyond our early thoughts, he is not as weak as we suspected before, and He said that he is not only a Chosen one.”
“Can you explain why He thought like that?” asked a man with calm, chilly voice.
“He wants us to find out about this, “said the woman, “Because in this condition, we can hardly control him.”
There was a silence between them.
“Well that’s easy!” said another man, “All we need to do is lure him, and find out his true identity!”
“Exactly, “said the woman, “And I have found the most perfect bait.”
“What?” asked the big dude.
“Well, you can hardly talk with her now, “the woman gave an evil sneer.
“Oh…” said the chilly-voiced man, “You make a girl without a heart, as bait?”
“You may know, “said the woman, “That what I lure from the boy, is not just his own heart.”

Author’s note: how’s it? ^ ^ My final tests week was finally over today lol.
Oh yeah, about this Kingdom Hearts Reality, they WERE the character not possessing them, they just had the new body, so ChaosDragoon0, I don’t think Kaito could talk to Sora, so did the other characters, coz they were the “brains” (^ ^). OK! Hope you love this chappy!
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