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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Reality~IT'S NOT JUST A GAME

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Mar 8, 2006
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Hey I'm back!!
I've thought much about the ending, about how to continue from KH to KH2 and all the rest, just see what'll happen next

*workin for the next chappy, wHo0t!*:D


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Mar 8, 2006
email me and i'll tell u!
Thanks True_Separation! And thanks guys, I love you all! ^_^
Sorry I’m out so long, here’s the next chappy

Chapter 4

“Open!!!” Kaito used his keyblade and opened the door easily. He ran into The Secret Place. Why was he running like this…? He knew Kairi would be okay. He knew Kairi would always be with him after this. That was what he would think if he wasn’t so worried that time. Nothing logical worked for panicked men.

He was so relieved when he saw Kairi, standing alone in The Secret Place (once again, nothing logical worked for completely worried men.)
“Kairi!” He approached Kairi, “Are you o--?”
“Here…” said Kairi with completely blank expression.
Kaito looked at her, horrified.
“Here. Just…till..here…” she continued.
Suddenly, howling wind…or maybe just darkness…Kaito didn’t know…burst from behind Kairi so strongly that her body (or…heart?) was blown towards Kaito. Kaito couldn’t think of anything else to do, he opened his arms to catch her, but just like in the game, Kairi just went into him. The wind went rougher and Kaito, too, was blown out of the Secret Place.

“YOWTCH!!” ………It wasn’t a pretty good landing.
Kaito landed on a….not an island anymore, but a piece of Destiny Islands, almost all swallowed by the darkness.
“This is not…neat…” said Kaito to himself.
When he was completely attracted with how damaged the islands were, something moved behind him, with a rumbling sound, drew half of his attention and he turned back to see what it was, his Keyblade was still in his clutches.

A completely familiar name popped out of Kaito’s mind, Darkside. In Kaito’s description: it was this tall creature, all in black, from its awful hair to its pointed feet, it had a hole in its stomach, big deal… its eyes were glowing yellow and…wait, why should I describe this stupid thing? Just beat him and be gone…

The black beast attacked him with his giant punch. Pretty lame…it didn’t even hit Kaito, well Kaito had considered that this creature was both dumb and blind, fitted it best, at least… Kaito jumped forward and started attacking that hand. Shadows appeared around him, started attacking him either. He tried to destroy some of them, but a few shadows had attacked him first. He felt his HP decreased, although he didn’t know how much. How? Who knows…

‘This is not a game…’…Kaito destroyed all Shadows around him.
‘This is a game, but this isn’t one either…’…Darkside raised his hand and bowed down.
‘If dies here…’…Darkside slammed its head on the ground, but Kaito jumped and evaded it.
‘Then all will be ERASED…’

Kaito immediately hit Darkside’s head. It didn’t give any respond at all, still moving slowly like an oversized snail. Eeew…how Kaito hated this thing in first person mode, like this time, for example. Darkside raised its head, and Kaito couldn’t see what happened next, coz sparkles of purplish light came down pouring on him like rain.
Well this one wasn’t a pretty good rain for your health, Kaito knew this, so he tried to prevent all of those while kept on bashing Darkside’s hand. He didn’t feel tired, or sick, or something, even though he attacked with all of his might and power. In this game…stamina is nothing important.

Wait? I thought Sora can’t fight like this, thought Kaito, I know his combos, I remember all, and now I am attacking in my own combos and style… Oh someone please tell me, is this a game or not?? Or maybe Ken’s right, I’m dreaming, then why don’t I wake up now, or why did I fall asleep in front of my computer…arrgh…

Between all his confusion, he kept attacking the Darkside. Dodging its attacks, he felt as both Sora and himself, aw phooey, this was so ridiculous, WTF was exactly happening here, plus, he could attack even stronger than Sora himself, looked like they were really fused into one body, goodness…

What? Bet ya could beat this thing quickly as Sora, and so did Kaito, maybe even faster.
“This last one…will end you!!!” he yelled.
(Me: how did he know? Just guess :D)
Kaito quickly evaded Darkside’s another punch, he jumped and ran onto its arm. He used all his left power to hit Darkside’s head. Vapors of darkness burst out from its head, as the result of Kaito’s last attack, it didn’t even move, but it slowly flew to the sky.

Flew? Kaito looked up. The ball of darkness had gotten three times bigger than when he saw it first with Ken, and it was getting fiercer and fiercer, trying to absorb anything into it. It also absorbed the Darkside, and next… ‘Me, aaaaaagh!!!’ thought Kaito, and while he was wondering how Sora felt when he got swallowed by it, his body was soon floated in the air, he felt terrible, his mind was aching, and he fainted as he came into the darkness…

Far, far away, in a city sparkling with neon lights and shop windows, two people (?) and a dog were walking very fast from a big door, some kind of entrance to the city.
“Wait Shiro!” shouted Goofy.
“Ah come on! We gotta find Leon…and Sora!” said Donald.
“Then can we go home again?” said Goofy.
“Who knows!” said Donald.
“Then where’s Leon?”
“I think we must go to the second district.”
“Where’s that?”
“Are you stupid?”
“I haven’t played KH for 2 years already!”
“You forgot KH for two years?? God I’ll kill you later, c’mon we gotta kickass.”
“You’re worse than Donald.”
“And you’re worse than Goofy.”
“In what?”

The short, white ducky ran towards the stairs beside the shining Accessory Shop.
“Erm…” said Goofy, “PLUTO! Ah whatever…”
The tall, doggish dude chased his friend.
The long-eared, yellow dog which followed them in silence for minutes suddenly ran to the back alley near the Accessory Shop.
There, he found Kaito, still half-unconscious.
“Woof woof!” Pluto licked Kaito’s face.
“Ouch, where am I?” he asked.
He rubbed his eyes.
“Pluto! So I’m in Traverse Town!”
He hurriedly stood up.
“Pluto, where’s Shiro—I mean, Donald and Goofy?”
But that dog didn’t reply, he ran away and Kaito didn’t chase him.

“Gosh, must I keep following the story?” Kaito walked out of the alley.
“This really is Traverse Town, hurray!” he said, “Now gotta see ol’ Cid.”
Kaito went into the Accessory Shop. A man behind the counter noticed him.
“Hey I never see you around here, “ said Cid, “You new here?”
“This is Traverse Town right?” asked Kaito, ignoring Cid’s question.
“Yeah, who’re you?”
“Sora, eh? What’re you doing here?”
“I’m…looking for a duck and a…oh, no, I mean a guy with brown hair and a scar on his nose who carries a big sword…”
“Oh you know Leon? He’s pretty busy now. He said there’s trouble around Second District.”
“Well, so he’s there?”
“Ok then, lemme check District Two.”
“You know the way?”
“Y-yeah, kinda.”
“Then be careful, something suspicious is happening there.”

After said thanks to Cid, Kaito went out and ran to The Second District.
‘Have Shiro and Yuta arrived here?’ he thought.
“Uwaaaaaaahhh!!” someone yelled.
Kaito heard footsteps, and a man came running before him.
He fell on the ground, his eyes wide with fear.
“Hey what--?” asked Kaito.
But something shiny came out from his chest and turned into some kind of creature.
Both the man’s body and that creature disappeared in a flash.

“Uh-oh…” said Kaito. Suddenly, a swarm of Shadows, swimming on the ground, approached him from all directions.
“God, I’m tired of all this mess! “said Kaito, “I gotta find Leon!”
He turned back and ran to the First District, to the Accessory Shop.
“Where’s Leon??” he asked Cid.
“Hey, don’t be that rude, the name’s Cid, “replied Cid, “I thought you are looking for him in The Second District?”
“He’s not there, he’s around here! “said Kaito.
“Whatever you’re saying, I’m not gonna let him hide in my shop, “said Cid, “He’s outside, then, go look for him.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot, Thanks, Gramps!”
He ran back. “Don’t call me Gramps!” shouted Cid.

Kaito ignored Cid and went outside. He looked left and right.
“They’ll keep on chasing you, as long as you still wield that Keyblade…”
“Leon! At last!” said Kaito gleefully.
“………………..How do you know my name?”
“Ah, nothin…”
“Well then, let me see that key of yours…”
“This? How much will you pay me then?” asked Kaito, smiling naughtily, “Sorry, but I won’t let ya!”
“Hmp…” Leon raised his sword.
“Hey hey, you ain’t gonna kill me right?”
“If I say yes?”
“Huh, “ Kaito got ready with his key, “I know you won’t do it, get it on!”

Kinda boring? Gimme suggestion and critics lol :D


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May 13, 2006
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Hey Don't call me T_S, okay? It's for True_Serenity, although not much people call like True like that, I don't want and I don't like it. Call me Baka if you want.
\some of my friends call me that, really/

Now for the chap:
One simple and clean word, I'm the first chappy 4th reader, yaay
\....MEH BAH/

You have potential, and I know you can still grow, keep on your work


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Apr 10, 2006
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This is an awesome story, it is in some ways sorta like my fanfic Dimension Defenders. Give it a look, I bet you will see some resemblance. (At least in terms of people from this world going into that world.)
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Mar 8, 2006
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Sorry to double post but Okay here’s the next chap! Enjoy!

Chapter 5

Kaito had memorized Leon’s movements and attacks. Meh, in normal state, he could defeat him blindfolded. (Me: why should you say such a thing, duh…) But in this state, it was pretty hard to defeat him. Why? Besides Leon whacking him without any mercy (SHIT, IT HURT PRETTY MUCH…), somewhat he felt very tired, not his body, but his brain. Maybe like when he played video game too long, his eyes would kinda burn and he would feel sick. Hmmm…but this was too short, usually he could play four or five hours a day. Oh well, he didn’t fight back much though. How he really wanted to get some sleep…Wait…was this his emotion or Sora’s?

Leon’s last hit got him fatally. Kaito felt his HP was running low. Weird, but he just knew it. Maybe his HP was really, really low now. Bah…who cares… thought Kaito, what’s important now is a nap, no I’m gonna faint, well…He felt Leon’s last slashing hit his chest, his eyesight blurred, and he fell backwards.

In an alley around Second District, Donald and Goofy were looking around, searching for…someone.
“There’s noone here, “said Goofy, “And it’s all dark and creepy, why don’t we search somewhere else?”
“No we must search here, “replied Donald.
“I don’t think Leon’s here, “said Goofy.
“No, you dolt, we must look for…”
Suddenly somebody touched his shoulder and he jumped.
“Uh…Donald, is that who we’re looking for?”
Goofy pointed towards a beautiful woman, who was standing behind Donald.
“Excuse me…” she said.
“Oh, we’re looking for you too!” said Donald, “Now stop fooling around, let’s just speak at the Hotel, okay? C’mon!”

Meanwhile, Kaito…
“Wake up, lazy bum…”
Kaito opened his eyes. Honestly…he still wanted more sleep, but he rubbed his eyes and looked around him. It looked like he was in a hotel room.
“Y-Yuffie?” he asked.
“This is weird, we’ve never met, haven’t we?” asked Yuffie, “You sure know much about us, Squall said you knew his name either!”
“It’s Leon.”
“Whatever… Hey, Cid told us your name, Sora, right?”
“And bet ya know what that is?” She pointed at his Keyblade, which was leaning on the door.
“Keyblade, “said Kaito.
“And what chasing you earlier?”
“Yeah, I know they’re called Heartless.”
“How d’ya know all of those?”
“So you know that the Heartless have a great fear of the Keyblade?” asked Leon.
“Yes, “said Kaito, “And I also know that…”
He raised his hand. Leon and Yuffie watched him as the Keyblade appeared in his hand.
“You also know that only the Chosen one who can use the Keyblade freely?” asked Leon.
Kaito nodded.
“Well then because of your unexpected knowledge, we don’t need to waste our time explaining to you, “said Yuffie, “I wonder where you discover all those…”

“Ansem?” asked Goofy.
“Yes, Ansem was our leader; he once researched about what caused all this trouble, the Heartless.”
“And all his reports were lost?” asked Donald.
“Right, we tried as hard as we can to look for his reports, so we can understand more about this mystery…”
“And Keyblade…” said Donald, “Aerith, where’s Leon and Yuffie?”
“They’re right next to us, in The Green Room…”
“Yut—Goofy!” said Donald, “We must see that Sora! C’mon!”

“So, you’re ready?” asked Leon
Kaito nodded. “I know the Heartless will attack me wherever I go to, but I must find my friend Riku, and Kairi…”
“Alright then…”
“LEON!” shouted Yuffie.

An ugly, little creature jumped onto the table. “That’s Heartless!” said Kaito.
“Yuffie! Go!” saidLeon.
Yuffie immediately ran to the Red Room.
“Yuffie!” said Aerith.
“Shi—Donald, are ya okay?”
“That must be painful.”
“What are ya looking at?? Help me outta here!”
“I want to…” said Goofy, “But how?”

Back to Leon and Sora…
Leon gave a blow that sent that Heartless flew out of the window.
Leon and Sora jumped to the Alley.
“Sora, you better…”
“I’ll find the leader, and you go to the First District, alright?”
Leon raised his eyebrows.
“I, I mean, I’ll just search around, okay?” said Kaito.
Leon didn’t say anything; he just ran away, his sword ready in his hand. Kaito followed him to The Second District. Heartless had waited for him everywhere. He ignored them, but trying to get through them unnoticed was pretty impossible. So he just ran and ran to the Third District. The Heartless chased him all over the place, as if they really wanted to rip him off. Hmm…maybe Leon was wrong, the Heartless wasn’t really afraid of the Keyblade, maybe they wanted to eat it instead, and they really wanted to, coz they chased him like mad.

However, Kaito could arrive safely at the deserted Third District.

“Yuta! Have you seen Sora down there?”
“Really?” Donald looked down.
“Oh, there he is!”
“Where? Where?”
“Over there, down there!”
“I don’t see him!”
“Hey, Shiro. More than that, what about them?”
While they were busy looking for Sora, they didn’t realize that there were Heartless behind them, all ready to strike.
“Uh-oh…” said Donald.
They were thrown into the air just after the explosion.
“LOOK OUT BELOOOWWW!!!” yelled Goofy.
“WAAAAAKKK!!” yelled Donald.

Kaito looked up.
While he was confused if he should keep on following the story or not… “Better not!!”
Panicked, Kaito dodged away and they fell onto the ground, with Donald’s head first.
“Shi-shiro! Yuta! It’s me Kaito!”
“Beg ya pardon??” asked Donald, trying to get Goofy off him.
But they don’t have any time to chat.
A sudden earthquake.
High walls appeared from the ground around them, blocked them from escaping.
A few Heartless appeared before them.
“Now…” Donald (kinda gayly) raised his wand, “You’re my meal tonight!”
“I-I dunno, never battles like this, Donald…” said Yuta.
Together they could eliminate those Heartless pretty fast.

“Piece of cake!” said Donald gleefully.
“Now what?” asked Goofy.
“You forgot? The Guard Armor, “answered Kaito.
“Oh, I remember, that all-body-parts-separated Heartless!” said Goofy.

Just after he finished talking, something fell from the sky. They looked like pieces of a robot’s body parts; head, body, arms (or hands?), and feet. They looked powerless, but then they half-fused, the body parts were still moving around unusually, but they were controlled by one brain. A ghostly metal box with hands that could move around by themselves? Pretty though, eh? No…

“Get ready…” said Donald.
“Guys, this is no game…” said Kaito.
“What makes us stronger is teamwork! Now Sora, we’ll help ya!”
“That sounds like a good idea, “said Kaito, “Will you follow me?”
“Shit OOW, my back…” groaned Donald.

Sorry everyone, I’ll get a final exam week and maybe I’ll be late posting the next chapter. Who likes school, arrrgh…I gotta study *feels frustrated*
Keep the thread on, will ya? Thankies! :D
I’ll post the next one as soon as I can…once again sorry! :(
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