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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Reality~IT'S NOT JUST A GAME

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Mar 8, 2006
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Divine Shadow said:
This is so great!!! How does Malificent know that Kaito/sora isn't sora? Wait stupid question. she is watching him...wait...does this mean that ken/riku will be locked away behind the big door with king mickey when it ends...NUUUUU NOT RIKUUUUUUU...ok im fine....*nervous twitch*

Well Maleficent's knowledge will bring much trouble for Kaito and friends :D

now for the next chap, maybe it'll up soon, since I'm having end of school holiday


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Mar 8, 2006
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Och's going away? He hasn't told me yet!!! *erase Och's name from yahoo buddy list* (nah j/k)
hey you four people making fun of me that whole hour! I put that short part, the actual is much longer, rrrriiiigggght???

you realized somethin from the previous chap?


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May 13, 2006
in my home, of course...nah it's around japan
realize what? Oh wait, Maleficent didn't know about Kaito, Ansem did (HE is Ansem) Ansem told those bad guys to mess up with Kaito, now Kaito's in trouble, oh whatever, I read the whole chap! what didn't i notice? I always read a fanfic WHOLE, that's a tribute to the author and all his/her characters.
\OMG what was i talking about?/

when's the next chapter?
\and where's my cookie, i forgot to ask/

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Feb 25, 2006
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Guess who's back! *pulls out cookie-gun* I'm thinkin' of upgrading this...

Great chapter, this is getting wierder by the second.

I've just thought: I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE KAITO TRY TO FLY ZEH GUMMY SHIP, BWA HA HA HA HA PWNAGE! I hope he crashes a lot!


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Mar 8, 2006
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(^ ^) you'll see...in the next chappy!

Chapter 7

“So this is…the Gummi Ship?”
“Yeah, we got a little surprised either when we first got onto it,” said Shiro.
“Can I design a Gummi too?”
“Who knows, just think about it later.”
“Wow, I can really drive this thing?”
“Ahk, you cheat! C’mon Kaito, lemme drive, I like driving a Gummi.”
“Hey that’s not right! I AM the one who supposed to drive it.”
“Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, just this one! “
“Ha, can a duck drive a Gummi?”
“^%&*(%...I’m NO duck!!!”
“Oh my God, “said Yuta, “Stop wasting our time!”

“Its control’s different with the Analog Stick, “said Kaito, “So…?”
“This button’s for firing the laser, “explained Yuta, “And this one’s the steer for going up and down, right and left…and this is for the breaks…”
“What’s this one?” Kaito pointed at a round button.
“Uhmm…that one…”
“I’ll try it.”
“Oh so this is the launch button.”
“You FOOL!”

“Right, to the right, you idiot!!”
“Shut up, I’m workin on it!”
“I don’t think so!!”
“I’m adjusting…wait…”
“Then why did you press the launch button if you’re still studying??!?”
“That was an accident.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll arrive in Wonderland save and so—“
“Look out in front of ya!”

“Wow, it was worse than the racing simulation game… ”said Kaito.
“Much worse, are you absent-minded??”
“No! This isn’t as easy as you think! I’m…”
“Get out from there before…!!!”
“Oh my God!!”
“How’s the HP?”
“Not really that bad…”
“You’ll destroy the ship!!! Get away from the lasers!! Do something!!”
“Okay, okay, I understand!”
“Wak! Don’t go over there!”
“Whoops…I hit somethin…”

“Huh…arrived at last…” said Shiro.
“One more hit and I’ll completely airsick…” said Yuta, “Huh? Who’s that?”
“It’s a rabbit.”
Not just a normal rabbit. It wore glasses and clothes, it ran on two feet, not hopping, it was holding a clock with chains on his hand, and it talked. But wait…just ignore the last one, coz Kaito traveled with a talking duck with no pants on, and was looking for a mouse who could wield a Keyblade…

“I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!!! Oh the queen…she’ll have my head for sure!!” said the little rabbit frantically, ignoring Kaito and friends while he dashed to the corridor in front of them and went out of sight.
“Where did that rabbit come from anyway?” asked Kaito, scratching the back of his head.
“Who knows, this is Wonderland, anything is weird here…c’mon let’s follow him, “said Shiro.

The rabbit brought them into a room. Looked like it was just a normal room…but Kaito know it wasn’t. The rabbit then went through a little brown door with a large doorknob. Kaito squatted so he was face to face with the door. He couldn’t get into that door, it was clearly too small for him.

“Hey, Doorknob, whatever your name is…” said Kaito, “Wake up now.”
The doorknob suddenly yawned widely.
“What do you want, disturbing my sleep…” he said.
“Well good night, “said Yuta, “We wanna ask you something…”
“Can you…er…help us a little?” asked Kaito, “How can we make the table and the magic potion emerged from the ground?”
“Well that’s easy…”said the doorknob sleepily, “You can just…see it now.”
They looked back and saw a table with two small bottles on it and a chair appeared magically from the floor.
“Oh thanks, “said Kaito, but the doorknob had gone back to sleep.
Kaito stood back up. He approached a bed a corner of the wall.
“Now about this little bed over here…” said Kaito.
“What’s with the little bed?” asked Yuta.
“Oh it’s this little trick…” Kaito pushed the bed towards the wall and it into it, showing a hidden hole.

“Oh I forgot to ask you…”said Yuta, “How’s Ken?”
“Maybe he’s in Hollow Bastion or somewhere else…” said Kaito, “He’ll be alright.”
“Yeah he’ll be alright, “said Yuta cheerfully, “Erm…and how’s…”
Kaito felt his heart skipped a beat.
“Dunno, “he answered.
“How can’t you know, I know she’s inside y—“
“No, don’t say it!!”
Shiro and Yuta gazed at him.
“What the heck were you saying that for??” asked Shiro.
“I don’t know but don’t mention it again, just knock it off…”
“Well then…” said Yuta, “We gotta hurry up and get her outta ya so she won’t bother ya anymore!”
Kaito didn’t say anything.

“Now hurry up and drink the potion…”said Shiro, “So we can help Alice in Queen’s Castle.”
“Oh hey, Shiro, maybe we can find out how Maleficent kidnap her!” said Yuta.
“So you still remember that part? Very fascinating…”
“Cut it out you two, “said Kaito.
“Erm…what’ll happen if you drink the wrong bottle?” asked Yuta.
“You know, I wanna know that too…” said Kaito.
“Are you two idiots?” said Shiro, “We’ll become bigger like Alice did and this room will explode.”
“At least I’m not a type of a person who likes to watch Disney’s AiW, “said Kaito.
“Shut up, it’s my sister, not me, “said Shiro.
“Oh so you baby-sit your sister, “said Kaito.
“Wait a sec, stop fighting, will ya?” said Yuta, “You two want to be here forever?”

“Course not, “said Kaito and he drank the potion in one of the bottles.
“Make sure it’s the right one, “said Yuta.
“It is. Look! We’re shrinking!”
It was true; they shrank into a size of a lilliput, so tiny that the three of them could walk around freely on the table.
“Yuck, it tastes horrible!!!” said Kaito.
“Really? How’s it?”
“Sort like the cough drop, “said Kaito, “Plus something like a jelly and some salt…”
“Eeeww…gross!! Maybe it was age-worn…”
“Oh shit!! Why shouldn’t you who drink that thing??”
“It’s destiny,” said Shiro.
“Damn you squirt!”

They jumped down onto the floor.
Heartless appeared around them just in a second.
“Hell, they’re everywhere!” said Kaito, “They’re starting to drive me crazy!”
“They have, coz I’ve met them all the time in the game…”said Shiro boringly.
“I thought you’re playing Kingdom Hearts 2? We’ll meet Heartless again there right?”
“Yeah of course, the eternal enemy…”
“Save your energy! Let’s just straight ahead!”

They ran into the hole Kaito opened before and arrived at…some kind of an open court.
There were some human-like cards who were holding spears, acting like guards of the court. There were also a girl standing I front of a fat woman sitting on the high chair who dressed like a queen, and there was the little rabbit as well, who was running up the stairs onto a small podium, almost out of breath, but he could blow a trumpet he brought afterwards. Then he said loudly and hoarsely, “The court was now in session!!”

“Uhm…” Kaito wanted to say something but Shiro intercepted him.
“Kaito, we shouldn’t interrupt this now…” said Shiro.
“What’s the difference?” said Kaito, “As long as we still follow the story, it’ll be okay. We gotta do this as fast as we can right?”
“Hello, excuse me?” said Kaito to the queen, who was lecturing Alice with her “crimes”.
“And who are you that you dared to interrupt the queen??” she asked.
“I’m Sora, “said Kaito, “I know who the real culprit is, so let her go, please.”
“Have you any proof, little boy?”
“Uh…no. But give me a chance to look for it.”
“I will, “said the queen, “But if you cannot then you shall be hung!”
“Well that’s so kind of you…” said Kaito rather politely.
Shiro slapped his own face behind him.
“He’ll ruin the whole story sooner or later…” he whispered.
“Psst Kaito, enough, “said Yuta.

The cards put Alice in a special cage with a hook on it shaped like a bird’s head.
“Now go and bring me your proofs of Alice’s innocence!” said the queen.
“Don’t worry, we’ll be back in an hour!” said Kaito.
“Do you think that we’re doing her shopping??” whispered Shiro.
“Oh great, in this state…“said Yuta, “We’ll never arrive in Hollow Bastion…”

Author's note: The new chap's coming soon! Bless you school holiday!! (^ ^)


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Apr 10, 2006
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Yay! Another great chappy!

I wonder if Ansem is going to be a Real-World-Person just like the others, that would explain certain knowledge that he has.

Oh, and how are you going to upgrade the cookie gun Smitey?

Divine Shadow

May 4, 2006
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sweetness...i love it. man are they ever going to mess up the story. Why...oh why does riku get locked away...wait...oopz...wasn't suppose to say that...man am i random. ehehe. But yeah great chappy dude....i lurves it alot. major lurves it...*loves it sooooo much huggles pc screen.* see i almost love it as much as the internet and my pc. HAHAHA...greatness of this fanfic....its awesomeness...AWESOMENES I SAY. oopz over extreme there sry for rambling on and on.

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Feb 25, 2006
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*Pokes at Divine Shadow* ALL WIERDOS MUST BE COOKIFIED!!!

Meet the new, improved cookie-o-tron 1000!!! (now with go-faster stripes and extra chocolate chips) *Zaps Divine Shadow*


Love the chapter, Kaito needs some flying lessons pronto!

BTW, what will happen if he mucks up the storyline? Will the game crash and they all die? I hope not 'cos that would be so lame...


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Mar 8, 2006
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Well I see some people were buckin me up to tell more about the Kingdom Hearts Reality site so…New chap! I guess this chap’s pretty much around this and that, so….I’ll try to finish Wonderland in the next chap. Sorry for the sudden twist though (^ ^), hope you like the chap!

Chapter 8

Kaito put his hands together behind his head. “Now…where were we?” he asked playfully. Yuta took an angry look at him before he muttered, “Sora, can’t you act a bit more serious? Coz Kairi’s right, this is NO game.” Kaito’s smile vanished and he lowered his hands. “What? Even Ken disagreed with her…what ails you two? This is a game…look, everything here is not real…even our bodies aren’t…do you take that “ERASED” quote seriously? And I know Kairi better than you two…she’s a freak if it’s getting around this kind of situation…I—“

However, he felt his heart throbbed painfully as he talked, and it cut his speech. Both Shiro and Yuta didn’t realize it. “Well, Kairi’s not a free agent now…” grumbled Shiro, “But if she was, I know, yeah Sora, I know, coz I’ve heard much about her from yourself…that she would remind you time and again, that this is not just a game. Though you like her, you even don’t know that Kairi…” “…was taken away because of you, right?” said Yuta.

These words stabbed Kaito like sharp needles. He couldn’t say a thing.
“But…I disagree with you, Donald!” said Yuta cheerfully.
Kaito quickly looked up at him.
“Kairi knew Sora better than his other friends in his town!” he said, “So she won’t mind of Sora’s attitude, Sora’s Sora!”
“Wait a sec…!” said Shiro, but then he sighed, “Well…just don’t get off the limit…”
Kaito smiled as his spirit came back to him.
“So let’s go now! Shall we?” he asked.

The trio walked into the hole leading to the Lotus Forest without any more ado.
They saw a huge forest, with tall trees, tall lotus-leaves-out-of-the-water grew high above them, tall thatchgrass as around them like fences, and a yellow flower sprouted out from the grass-like fences, or fences-like grass, Kaito could not decide which, before they something completely peculiar, right in front of them.

Yuta rubbed his eyes and blinked one two times.
“Er…was I just dreaming or I really saw a cat’s head floating in the air??” he asked.
“No, you weren’t dreaming, it’s the Ceshire Cat, “said Shiro.
All of them turned to come across a purple and striped cat appeared on the large trunk beside them out of nowhere.
“Oh for heaven’s sake, not you again, skip the introductions, skip the speech, I’m tired and confused of your entire lecture, “said Kaito, affecting to close his ears.
“You’re the Ceshire Cat right?” asked Yuta, “Have you known about Alice and the Queen?”
“Oh yes…” he replied, though he was smiling almost gleefully.
“And who’s the adder’s tongue?”
“The Queen herself…” he said, still smiling widely, “...doesn’t know who the real culprit is…Poor Alice was not caught in the very act…but she still had you to take action for her…so she is lucky after all…”

“Quit babbling; just tell us what we should do for her, “said Kaito, closing his ears.
“There are four tracks left from the culprit, right?“ said Shiro, “What we need to do is to look for them.”
“Correct…but the last one is tricky, make sure you find all four of them,“ said the Ceshire Cat, “…However, I sure the shadows aren’t here just for Alice…”
“What?” said Kaito, finally opened his ears, but the Ceshire Cat had vanished.
“He’s just talking about you…”said Shiro, “Now look alive! We have four to give a damn for…”
“Oh, I know that!” said Yuta, “Footprints, Antenna, Stench, and Claw Marks. Footprints’s around there, Antenna’s back over there, Stench’s on the fireplace in the Bizarre Room, and Claw Marks’s on the little cabinet beside the tap, right?”

“………………………………………….What in the devil you need to memorize that for???!” asked Shiro rather anxiously.
“Hmmm…Ahyuk, it was just popped out in my mind!”
“You’re not supposed to remember such things right?” asked Kaito, “Goofy’s kinda a shocking fella.”
“For all that, we shouldn’t waste out time…”
“Yeah my internet’s on…”
“Let’s split up!”
“Great idea, I’ll take the Footprints and you just take the rest, “said Kaito.
“You cheater!!”
“Okay okay, I’ll take the last…”said Kaito, “And you two take the rest right?”

“Okay, let’s take the Footprints first…and then—WAK!”
Without any warnings, a few Heartless appeared before them, raised an alarm like naughty little boys.
“These little bastards again!!!” said Kaito.
“Crush them all!!!”

In a gloomy room inside a beautiful mansion close to the beach, there was a man sitting in front of the radiant monitor of a computer, his right hand was busy moving the mouse, and he looked furious as he bit his lip. A young man walked in. He approached the first man and observed the monitor for a while.

“How is it?”
“Scum!” the man threw his fist onto the table, “This should be a secret project, how did this boy access the half-ready website?”
“A boy browsed your site?” asked the young man, looked astonished, “But how?”
“There’s an error occurring when this boy used his Google search, “said the man, “Though I’ve protected the site with triple password. I shouldn’t make it a site, but I have no alternative, the internet’s the only media that could contain all these data.”
“I don’t know, all the other games are alright, except this one you suggested to me…”
“I’ve told you I know this good game from a friend and that the game’s real-time combat action RPG…” said the young man, “What’s wrong with that? Is it Virus or Bug?”
“No, neither of them…” said the man seriously, “The “Reality” I made has never gone out this far…This boy is now controlling the story and all…”
“What??” said the panicked young man, “He can’t do that! The “Reality” you made is a GAME! Though you never tell anyone but me about this modern technology!”

“You don’t understand eh?” said the man, “Noone can play the game without my own special gadgets, but this boy can. In other words, the “Reality” I made has made its own mechanism in the internet, but it still brought along its own personality I gave before, for example, the “Reality” label.”
“And then…?”
“So it tried to make the game as real as it could. Some of them are dangerous and not supposed to be really happening on the User, like death, Trinities, and Magics, but the data read it wrongly. The data in that site collected millions of information from the internet, and it processed it into a real person’s personality, so the characters can move and talk almost as the real one, let alone the usual quotes.”
“What’s dangerous with that?”
“The data collected more than a person’s personality, “explained the man, “It made a world in its belly, and it became the conqueror of whatever is inside. That is the biggest mistake. The “Reality” I made is just a ‘normal’ and save virtual one, but for this one, it brought whoever its User into its world. That is almost the same as a suicide. And this boy…”
The man clicked the mouse.
“…Is an internet maniac, but he wasn’t online for a week, maybe that’s the one which triggered the data…and that’s how the site knew much about him…”

“But that’s clearly impossible!!” said the young man, “Nobody will ever trust a website which can lurk into another site through the internet all by itself!!”
“Are you talking that I’m lying to you?? The data is even telling around people in the video game!!!” snapped the man angrily, “Something’s wrong with that CD you gave to me!”
“What are you talking about, that’s the pure, original one…nothing’s wrong with that…”
“Then there’s something hidden in this game! It’s the only one acting abnormally!”
“No, it can’t be, thousands of people have played it, someone must have realized if something’s unusual inside…”
“Fool, they will never notice, it acted very strangely with MY program!”
“So what will you do?”
“I must search what affected the data this bad…” said the man tiredly, “Or these boys will never get out of there forever…”

“I thought you said it isn’t ready yet?”
“It is…” said the man, “So we’ll never know…what this site will do next…”

Author Note!: Sorry for the wait! And I tell ya…Kaito’s absolutely NOT a person who likes shooting-simulation games! (^ ^)


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May 13, 2006
in my home, of course...nah it's around japan
There's something -maybe- evil in Kingdom Hearts video game (o.0)
Oh My Gawd...now I'm too scared to touch the CD...(j/k lol)

Awesome two chappies!!! Hmm...Kaito'll destroy the ship...I likeeeee that part lol

Hey LV, will you make a side-story of this fic? Anybody agrees? I really want to see more about Kaito's real life!

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May 4, 2006
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NO IVE BEEN COOKIEFIED!!!!! *munches on other cookies.* YAY cookies!!!! oh and L337...cool piccy... Fayt from Star Ocean. Have you played it? Its AWESOME. But not as awesome as this Fanfic!!!! I'm not allowed to be a cookie...its dangerous for everyones helth...including mine. I get hyper and...well....HAHAHAHAHAHA *bounces off the walls and hits everyone in the head.* told you
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