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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts III: Sora's Goodbye

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Dec 15, 2009

"Well, I guess we better be going, Riku." said Sora.

"Yeah, we'll catch you later, Kairi." exclaimed Riku.

The boys walked off to a giant Gummi ship. King Mickey stood in front of the vessel with Donald and Goofy. "Your majesty, how did you get here so quickly?" asked both boys with a shocked expression on their face.

The small mouse-king sighed lowly, "Sora, Riku, something strange is going on in Radiant Gardens. I need the two of you to check it out immediately."

Sora ran to the ship. He looked back at Riku. The silver haired boy stood on the sand. Sora walked over to the sixteen-year-old. "Riku, what's up?" asked the brunette.

Riku turned his head to the fifteen-year-old, Keyblade Wielder. "Sora, this maybe the last time we see each other." said the silver head.

"What are you talking about, Riku?!" asked the brunette with shock in his blue eyes.

"Sora, we've been friends for a long time. Something seems different about this quest. It just feels different for some reason." replied Riku.

"Riku, nothing's going to happen to me! I promise you I won't let -." yelled the brunette.

Riku interrupted, "Sora, just listen to me. Lots of people are counting on you. If anything happens to you then what am I or Kairi going to do. Just be safe."

Sora had ran off to take the Gummi ship with Goofy and Donald before anyone knew it. Riku felt a little tug on his ankles. He around to see the mouse king smiling at him. Riku turned to look at the sky as he thought about Sora. "Be safe, Sora. I'm counting on you." whispered Riku to himself.


"Why'd we have to leave so sudden, Sora?" asked a tall dog-like figure as he tipped his hat over his small head at the steering wheel.

"Yeah, Sora, ever since you got that letter you have been acting strange." exclaimed a white duck as he watched Goofy drive.

Sora folded his arms and leaned back of the Gummi ship. He stared at the stars as the ship passed by them. His thoughts were on Destiny Islands, everyone, Kairi, and why he left so sudden. "I don't know." answered Sora.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter 1: The Possession

"Where did King Mickey say we should go to first, Sora?" asked Goofy turning his head from the steering wheel.

Sora answered with an emotionless tone in his voice, "Radiant Gardens."

Donald and Goofy stared at each other and looked at Sora. "Sora, what's up with you?" asked the both of them in unison.

Sora grunted, "Nothing, I'm just being my usual self."

Goofy turned back to the steering wheel with a worried expression on his face. Donald got close to Sora's face. The duck hit the boy with his long staff. "Sora, are you in there?" asked the duck.

The brunette's blue eyes suddenly turned a yellow color. He stared Donald in the face with an irritated expression. "Sora, isn't here with us?" laughed the boy.

Donald jumped back startled. "Who are you?! What did you do with Sora?" yelled the duck mage.

"I'm not telling you, Roast Duck." chuckled the brunette.

"Tell me, what did you do with Sora?" asked Donald.

"It's been too long. That boy is no longer in control of his body. He's gone. Now if I can get the other half of me back from Riku I'll have my revenge." answered the presence possessing Sora's body.

"Riku, what does he have to do with this?" asked Goofy turning his head from the steering wheel.

"You losers ask to many questions." exclaimed the presence.

"Who ARE you?!" asked Goofy and Donald with anger on their faces.

"My name is Vanitas or at least I'm part of Vanitas." answered the presence.

"Vanitas? Wait, you're that person that was after Aqua, Terra, and Ven ten years ago. I thought they got rid of you." replied Donald.

Goofy kept listening to the conversation between the evil spirit possessing Sora's body and his friend, Donald. The brunette's spiky hair started turn a darker shade of black. His skin becoming paler as the spirit became stronger.

"Those three couldn't destroy me. After Ven supposedly defeated me and became a heart. My power was split in two. One went to a little silver-haired boy, which you call Riku and the other went to the boy I now possess." explained the spirit.

"Sora, I know you're in there. Fight this 'Vanitas' and regain control over your body." yelled Donald and Goofy.

Vanitas forced Sora's body to cover his ears to block out the two's squabbles. A silver light surrounded the body. Vanitas screamed in anguish. "No, not you again. Not now. I won't let you take control. I won't allow you to defeat me again. No!" grunted the presence.

"Go Sora, beat that kook. We believe in you." cheered Goofy and Donald.

The signs of the presence started to disappear. Sora's hair turned back to it's usual brown-color, his skin became tanner, and his eyes returned to their ocean color. The hands drooped down from his ears. Sora lifted his head at Donald and Goofy with a smile. "Guys, thank you." replied the voice.

"Sora, is that you?" asked the two.

Sora shook his head with a downcast frown. "No, I'm not Sora. Take me to Castle Oblivion. I have to set things right. I can only hold a certain amount of time over this body before he comes back." exclaimed the new spirit.

"How do we know we can trust you? Tell us your name!" said the duck.

"My name's Ventus. I have to go to Castle Oblivion to separate my heart from Sora's. I have to do it before Vanitas gains complete control over Sora. Please, you've got to trust me." exclaimed the spirit with tears dripping out of Sora's eyes.

"Alright if you say so, 'Ven'." replied Donald.

Donald walked over to Goofy. "Goofy, head to Castle Oblivion."

"Donald, are you sure we can trust him? I mean, what if Sora is just playing a prank on us." said Goofy with a doubtful look.

"Goofy, we have to trust this 'thing'." replied Donald.

"All right, if you say so, Donald, but we can't disobey the king's orders." said Goofy.

"You fools, truly do know how to be too trustful." said a familiar voice.

"You?!" shouted Goofy and Donald in unison.

Sora was standing up in front of the two. He had an evil look in his eyes. His shadow swallowed over Goofy and Donald. They fell out of the Gummi Ship and into Deep Jungle.

Vanitas flew the ship to where they were at. He laughed as he was at the steering wheel of the spacecraft, "Never let your guard down. Now, time to go see Master Xehanort."

Donald jumped off the ground grumbling, "Give us back Sora!"

The ship had already left the world. Donald and Goofy were under some trees whimpering. "RING RING RING" came a noise from Goofy's back pants pocket.

Goofy pulled out a round, mouse-shaped cell phone. On the top screen was King Mickey.
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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter 2: Trickery

In Radiant Gardens, a man in his mid twenties, with long brown hair, and scars running down his face was fighting off a group of dark shadows. He spliced through their dark skin leaving only a black cloud behind. He was accompanied by three other people, a man with spiky blonde hair about the same age, a short girl with short black hair with a Shuriken, and a tiny, hooded figure with some sort of sword in hand.

"Hey Leon, look out!" shouted the girl as a large Wyvern soared straight towards the brown-headed adult.

The man ducked the attack and shot a bullet at the dragon-type heartless. It hit the creature in the leg. The heartless screamed in pain as it crashed into the ground. "Good shot, Leon. Impressive as always." said a male voice.

Everyone turned around, except the cloaked figure. They all saw a brown headed, teenage boy headed towards them with a key-shaped sword in hand. "Sora, nice timing." said the blonde.

Sora gave a fake laugh. "Oh, guys, I hear you were in trouble. So, I came to help out. Do you mind telling me what the problem is?" asked Sora holding back a fake smile.

Leon looked up towards the large castle looming over the small village. A dark sphere of darkness came from the top of one of the towers. "I don't know how long it's been there, but it's causing the swarm of heartless to grow larger." explained Leon.

"Yeah, and they already got Aerith." interrupted Cloud with tears in his eyes.

"But, we need to fight off those things so they won't get to the security system and override it like last time." exclaimed Yuffie.

"All right, I'll see what I can do, guys. Besides, this should be a piece of cake for the Keyblade and me. Nothing to it, but to do it." commented Sora as he folded his arms behind his fluffy brown hair.

"We're counting on you." said Leon.

"Don't worry I got it, guys. No need to worry." replied Sora.

Leon turned to the rest of the three with him. "Guys, let's go to Merlin's house to check on Cid and the security system. Let's hope that the Heartless haven't gotten there yet." The three of them left only one stayed behind.

Sora's calm stature was broken by stares from the cloaked figure that remained behind. The brunette pulled his hands to his sides and gave a mean glare at the figure. "What...why are you staring at me?!" screamed Sora.
"That's no way to treat an old friend, Roxas." said the figure with frown on his face.

Sora summoned his Keyblade to his side. He went into his usual battle stance. "Who are you?!" asked Sora with suspicion in his voice.

"You really don't remember. It's me...you know." said the figure as he pulled down his hood and stared the boy in the face.

Sora dropped his Keyblade and it disappeared into the dusk. His jaw was wide open as he gazed at a spiky, redheaded man with piercing sea-green eyes. "A-Axel, what are you doing here? I thought you died when you sacrificed yourself a year ago to save me from those hordes of Dusks." asked Sora.

The man had tears running down his face. He lacked the teardrop marks. "No, I'm not Axel anymore. The name's Lea, got it memorized." replied the man.

"But, how'd you..." asked Sora with still a stunned look on his face.

"Sora, after that happened to me or my Nobody or whatever. I went to a dark place called the Realm of Darkness. There I walked for many days and nights in the shadows until I came across my heart. A bright light open towards me and I found myself here." explained Lea.

Sora tilted his head. "If you're here, where are the other Nobodies?"

Lea walked toward the giant sphere of darkness. "The others made it safely back to their worlds, except Isa. He's still searching for his heart in that horrific place. I miss him." said Lea with tears streaming down his eyes.

Sora asked, "Who's Isa?"

Lea replied, "Isa was my friend. He and I used to sneak into the castle to... Uh-oh!"

Heartless rose from the ground beneath them. A man with elf-like ears, yellow eyes, tan skin, dark hair tied back in a pony-tail, and an eye-patched walked up towards the two. He had a sinister smirk on his face. "Now, why are you telling him that stupid news, Lea?" chuckled the man.

"You, why are you doing here?!" grunted Lea with anger in his throat.

"Who is this kook?" asked Sora to Lea.

"As if, I'm telling you, traitor." replied the man.

"I thought I destroyed you back at The Castle That Never Was." shouted Sora.

"As if, you destroyed my Nobody not me, brat! Now, I owe you for bringing me back to this place. Oh and by the way, Sora, Kairi makes a lovely sacrifice." chuckled Braig as he summoned a Dark Corridor and disappeared into it.

"What!? What does Kairi have to do with this? I thought she was at Destiny Islands. How'd she get here? Did you hurt her?!" asked Sora as he jumped into the portal leaving Lea alone.


Back in Deep Jungle, Donald was jumping up and down trying to catch a glimpse of King Mickey. Goofy held the phone close to his eyes as he watched the mouse talk. "Your majesty, why you call?" asked Goofy.

"Let me see, Goofy!" yelled the jumping duck.

King Mickey giggled as he watched Donald hop. He answered Goofy with a frown on his face, "Goofy, Xehanort has returned and he is doing something awful at the castle. I don't know what's going on, but Riku had already left to check it out."

"XEHANORT!?" yelled Donald.

"Yes, after Sora and you left Destiny Islands. Kairi was kidnapped by some Heartless and taken to Radiant Gardens. Riku leapt into the Dark Corridor and followed them. He recently sent me a message that he is in the basement of Hollow Bastion." explained Mickey.

Goofy sighed, "Your majesty, something weird happened to Sora. He started chuckling, calling himself Vanitas, and blasted us out of the Gummi Ship with the Kingdom Key."

King Mickey's jaw dropped. "Vanitas, how'd he take advantage of Sora? Where is Sora?"

Goofy handed the phone down to Donald. Donald sighed, "We don't know where Sora is. All we remember is Ventus trying to fight Vanitas in Sora's body. Vanitas won and took over the Gummi Ship from under our noses. We don't know where he went."

Mickey exclaimed, "I see, maybe the darkness are Radiant Gardens with Xehanort has something to do with Sora. I don't know how to figure it out now, but I'm going to send a ride for you right now."

"Thank you, your majesty." said Donald and Goofy in unison with excitement. Donald hang the phone up and gave it back to Goofy. Goofy placed it back into his pants pocket.

"So, when is our ride going to be here, Donald?" asked Goofy.

"I don't know, Goofy." answered Donald.

"BEEP BEEP." echoed a Gummi Ship.

"Huh?" exclaimed the two.

The large vehicle landed in the grassy plains. A dog-like figure emerged from the right side of the vehicle followed by a fat, cat-like figure on the left. "Hey dad, I'm here to pick you and Mr. Duck up." said the dog-like figure on the right.

"Yeah, Mr. G, King Mickey lend us the Gummi Ship to pick you up." said the figure on the left.

Donald groaned, "Not those two again."

Goofy waved happily at the two, "Max, PJ, why are you doing here?"

A ladder rope was thrown down to the two. Goofy and Donald climbed into the Gummi Ship. Max and PJ went back into the vehicle as the doors closed. Goofy and Donald sat in the back. Max sat in the driver's seat. He fixed the mirrors, "Next step, Radiant Gardens."

The Gummi Ship levitated into the sky. It then sped off into the sun leaving the Deep Jungle behind. Trees blew as the ship passed them and Tarzan and the apes watched as the Gummi Ship left.


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Okay, I saw this before and didn't pay much attention to it, but now, after reading the first few chapters, I am really liking this story. I so love that the Org. members are back, especially Lea and Braig. I so hope to see more of them, especially Ienzo, Aleaus, and Isa. Anyway, great start to the story, and I look forward to more.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter 3: Journal of Control

In the castle of Radiant Gardens, a silver-haired teen snuck around the corridors of the rooms. It had been awhile since he had stepped through the dark, ruin castle. "Aelues, Dilan, I need you two to guard the girl. Sora shall be on his way to the castle as we speak and it seems Xehanort's plan is working." said a man with long, blonde hair, green eyes, and fair skin.

Two men stood side-by-side of each other. Both of them were tall and wearing some sort of black guard uniform. They had their faces lifted high up with eyes closed and their sharp blade-like weapons in a position forming a cross in front of their chests. One of the men had long, black dread-locks and pierced ears and the other curly, light brown hair. The man with the dreads responded with his eyes still closed, "Yes, Even, we understand. Guard the girl, so she won't get away."

"Precisely, Dilan, we don't want any interferences." replied the blonde, middle-aged man. He turned his back on the two guards in the entrance of the castle. Riku hid behind a door as the man's long, gown-like lab coat swept across the door. Even stopped and stared at the door since he had suspicion in his mind.

"Even, where are you?" asked a teen with messy bluish-grey hair with a lab coat on. He ran down a staircase in front of the door Riku was hiding behind. The teen bumped into Even and bent down panting as he stopped himself from bumping into the middle-aged man.

"What is the MEANING of this, Ienzo?!" growled Even in an aggravated tone.

The teen bent down gasping for a breath. "Xehanort wants you. He says that there is an intruder in the castle."

Even rolled his eyes. He looked around him. Even then leaned down into Ienzo's face yelling, "There is no intruder in the castle! And, what does Xehanort want?"

Ienzo gasped, "He wants you to look at El Corazon Necklace."

Even rolled his eyes. He shouted in an annoyed voice, "Doesn't he know that thing is dangerous?! I hope that project up ahead is going all right. Is that all?"

Ienzo nodded. He lifted his head and replied, "Yes, I guess I'll be going. Gotta head back to the top." The silver-blue haired boy ran up the stairs turned a corner and disappeared into a doorway.

Even looked toward the doorway. He saw a shadow in the crevice of the door. Even whispered to himself, "Whoever you are show yourself." Nothing replied back. Even sighed and followed after Ienzo. His coat swept breezily with each step he took. He disappeared into the doorway like the teen did just moments before.
Riku pulled the door forward. He stepped out from behind the large door. The silver haired teen looked around to study where he was at. He sighed, "He's here. I got to check out if it was safe to proceed through the parlor. Nobody was around.


A man with long, wiry, silver hair, tan skin, and yellow eyes held a necklace in his hand. He twirled the silver chain of the heart-shaped necklace around. It was a keychain of some sort that had belonged to a long-dead Keyblade Master. Something about the locket Keychain reminded him of a long ago past. "Aqua, Ven, I miss you."

"Xehanort, Xehanort, what is the meaning of this?!" asked Even as he burst into the lab. He had an angry look on his face. He shouted, "Why did you ask for me?"

Xehanort placed the bracelet within his pocket. He turned to the middle-aged man. "Even, I wanted to see you about the project."

"Oh, that silly thing." laughed Even. He stared at Xehanort with a puzzled look. "All righty then, where is that necklace?" asked Even.

Xehanort pulled out the necklace from his pocket. He walked over to the other scientist. Xehanort placed the keychain into the man's hands. Even studied it with his green eyes. "Ah, I see it is in mint condition. It hasn't been damaged by the constant rough-housing."

Xehanort rolled his eyes. "The keychain of Darkness. It has the power to overpower the good within people's hearts. It doesn't matter how pure the heart is the slightest build of darkness can take control turning the heart completely dark over time." explained Even as he studied the keychain.

"RUSH...RUSH...RUSH." came the noise of a Dark Corridor. A man with slicked black hair with grey highlights walked out of the portal in front of the two scientist. "Hey guys, our experiment followed us here."

"What are you talking about, Braig?" asked Even with an annoyed tone. Xehanort didn't say anything as he watched Braig.

Braig chuckled, "As if, Even, I got our little experiment to follow us to the castle." He pulled out a brown-headed teen from out of the Dark Corridor. "Sora, he was so determined to get back his girlfriend that he foolishly followed us."

Sora was tightly clutched within Braig's hands. He screamed, "Let me go! I have to find Kairi. She needs me."

"As if, Sora, she isn't on this floor." chuckled Braig as he glared Sora in the face.

"Sora?" exclaimed Xehanort as he approached the brunette with a shock look in his face.

"You, you're the one that caused this. Why did you bring me here? What's going on?" asked Sora with indignation.

Even chuckled, "You have the piece of the Locket Keychain. That part of it is already corrupting you. Soon, you won't be anymore, but a Heartless." He twirled the keychain in Sora's face.

Sora shouted, "Shut up, I control my own heart. Nobody else not even darkness."

"That's what you think, kiddo." replied Braig.

Xehanort walked over to Sora and pulled a long beaded chain from Sora's pants pocket. He gave it to Even, who connected the chain to the necklace. The Locket Keychain glimmered with an essence of darkness. Even gave the newly reunited Keychain back to Xehanort. Braig let go of Sora.

"All right, time for you to get a taste of your medicine." shouted Sora as he summoned the Kingdom Key. Xehanort smiled as the Locket Keychain lifted out of his hands and connected itself to the Kingdom Key.

The Kingdom Key glowed eerily. Sora stared at his Keyblade as he dropped it. It changed into the Oblivion Keyblade. "What did you do?!" shouted Sora.

The three men replied, "Your Keyblade has turned on you. You are no longer a Keyblade Master just a slave to the darkness."

"Sora!" shouted Riku as he watched his friend being attacked by the Keyblade in the shadows of the long hallways.


Aug 2, 2008
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Aw man, you made Ienzo and Aleaus evil!!!! Those two are two of my favorite characters, and I was so hoping to see those two on the side of good. Well, I'm still going to hold out hope that at one point they switch over to the good side, although there is a good chance that won't happen. So, what was up with the ending? Did Sora's own Keyblade just attack him or was it something else? I was just confused with that; I hope it gets explained soon. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter 4: New and Remembrance

"Watch it will you?!" grumbled Donald in the backseat. Goofy turned to look at his companion. There was a pre-teen sleeping on Donald's side. Donald pushed the kid sideways towards the window.

Everyone in the Gummi Ship turned their heads to Donald and the pre-teen. Max, PJ, and Bobby sighed, "The kid hasn't woken up yet. Ughhh." Max and Donald turned their heads to the trio. "Who is this kid?" asked Goofy.

Max sighed, "I'll tell you when we get to Disney Castle. We can't talk now it's too dangerous." BUMP came a sound from outside the Gummi Ship. A large chunk of the ship broke off the ship.

PJ turned around. He had a very scared look on his face once he turned around. "What's going on?" asked everyone in the ship. PJ screamed, "We're being attacked!"

"What are we going to do?!" screamed Goofy. Max turned to his father with a reassuring grin, "I know what to do, dad, just trust hold on tight."

Back in Radiant Gardens,
"Man, I can't believe he didn't listen to me." said Lea to himself as he strolled down the cobblestone sidewalks to his house.
A black swirling mist appeared in the blue sky. Something dropped from the mist and was rushing towards one of the houses of Radiant Gardens. Lea's eyes opened widely. Something in him told him to run towards the 'thing'. Before, he knew it he was standing in front of two cloaked figures, both teenagers, but one was male and had spiky blonde hair and the other was a female with short black hair. They were holding hands.
"Which would you rather suffer the lost of...some make-believe friendship or a real one?" asked a voice in Lea's head. He couldn't help, but stare at the two with worry in his green eyes. "How did this happen?!" asked Lea to himself as he bent on his knees, arms outstretched, and screamed.
He unbend his knees and got up. Lea knelt down to the two sleeping teens and slugged their small bodies over his shoulders. He stared at the castle with doubt in his eyes. "There's no way Sora could have..." said Lea as he strolled from the spot of where he found the two.

[Memories flashed into his head.]

Ten years ago, Radiant Gardens, Radiant Castle.

"Hey Isa, hurry up!" said a redheaded teen as he ran across the cobblestone bridge. He stood in front of the large wooden doors to catch a breath. A blue haired, sixteen-year-old boy was walking slowly carrying a book in hand as he finally approached his friend. "I'm coming, Lea." said the blue-haired teen as he closed the book and placed it under his armpit.

The teen was finally next to his redhead friend in front of the doors. "How are we going to get in, Lea?" asked Isa.

"I dunno, Isa, I'll figure something o..." said the redhead brushing the back of his head with his Frisbees. The doors opened up on their own. Both boys jumped back with surprise.

"I guess our problem is solved, Isa." chuckled Lea. He headed in before his friend grabbed him by the shoulder. Lea turned around to Isa. "Why did you stop me, Isa?" asked the redhead annoyed.

"Lea, doesn't this seem kind of dangerous to you? I mean, a door just doesn't open on it's own, especially not these doors. It'll take a lot of force to push them forward. Ugh, Lea...?" said Isa before he noticed his friend had ran off. He sighed, "Lea, what's with you?"

Isa headed in the castle to follow after his friend. He found Lea in the basement in the castle. Lea was looking through some ravaged things in the lab. Everything in the room was torn apart like somebody had got up and left at the last minute never to return.

"I don't have a good feeling about this, Lea." said Isa with frightened tone in his voice. He saw the redhead messing with a giant computer nearby. "Lea, whaddaya think your doing?! Get away from there!" screamed Isa.

Lea smirked at his friend, "No need to worry, Isa, I'll be fine. Got it memorized?" Lea turned back to the computer. He saw black shadows crawling up behind him. Lea pushed pass the shadows. He ran towards his friend with regret. "You were right, Isa, let's get out of here."

Both boys ran out of the room with fear. They looked back to see that those things were still following them. Lea and Isa were almost to the doors. They were still open until the two were almost there. Someone in a yellow cloak was blocking their exit. Lea screamed, "Get out of the way, man!"

The figure chuckled, "One who cannot understand nothing can know nothing." Isa was attacked from behind by something. He fell to his knees clutching his chest. Isa startled to glow with a weird pinkish-black light. "Lea, what's happening to me?!" asked Isa looking up to Lea with a frightened look in his green eyes.

Lea stared at his friend with fear. His friend's body had broken into several pale fragments. Only a crescent moon necklace laid on the floor where once a young teenager had stood. Lea turned to the figure with tears in his eyes, "What did you do to my friend?!"

The figure chuckled, "One who understand little understands nothing." Lea ran at the figure with his sharp Frisbees. He attacked the cloaked being, but the man just dodged the attacks. Lea felt something pierce through his chest. He had the same light surrounding him just like Isa did. Lea stumbled backwards and fell backwards dispersing into the same glow.

The cloaked figure smirked and turned away from what now stood two Heartless, a Neoshadow and a Shadow Heartless. He disappeared into a dark pool of energy with a little girl with red hair being forced in with him. "Now to Destiny Islands." said the figure.


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Okay, I'm confused. First of all, who is this Bobby guy? This is the first time he was mentioned, so it was just a little weird to see him come out of nowhere. Also, who is the sleeping mystery preteen? I thought is was the Bobby person at first, but it seems as if it is a totally different character. I hope you explain Bobby and the preteen soon. Another thing, how did Roxas and Xion just appear? Did something happen to Sora? Is his Keyblade responsible? So many questions, so little time. Oh, one more question, will Isa be coming back? I hope he does; I hate seeing Lea in that state. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter 4: Explanation

Riku's POV

"I can't believe those creeps took out Sora like that. How did he wield the Keyblade? Who is Xehanort really? I have to find Kairi and get out of this castle before they find me. Now, much is for certain, but I just have to trust myself."

"Even writing in this journal, I feel that they are watching my every move. I have to hurry before it's too late. Carelessness isn't an option. So, this is the last sentence I'm going to write before I find someway to get to the top and save Kairi. Sora, Kairi, anyone, if you're listening, don't forget me and never loose your light."


"Xehanort, I found something laying on the floor." said Dilan. He walked into the lab with a blue notebook in hand written in cursive. The silver-haired man turned from a shivering Shadow Heartless and dropped the Oblivion Keyblade on the ground. It disappeared in a flash of dark light. "What is it, Dilan?" asked the man.

"See for yourself, Xehanort." said Dilan as he handed the notebook to the silver haired man. Xehanort opened the book as he flipped through the pages to study the writing. He recognized the writing and closed the book. "I knew it was him!" shouted Xehanort.

Dilan tilted his head along with Even and Braig, "Who do you mean, Xehanort?" asked everyone in unison. Xehanort rolled his eyes and turned his back on the three former apprentices. "R...Riku, the boy who refused me!" said Xehanort in an annoyed tone.

"Ah, you mean that pipsqueak." chuckled Braig as he slapped his hand on Xehanort's shoulder. Xehanort pulled the gloved hand off of his shoulder and gave the pirate a glare. "You don't understand." whispered Xehanort.

"What do you suppose we do with that weakling?" asked Even. He folded his arms and gave an angry look at Braig. Xehanort sighed, "We have to stop him before he reaches the top. If he releases the 'girl' then it could jeopardize our whole plan."

"What do you suppose we do about that Heartless, buddy?" asked Braig as Xehanort was about to leave the lab. Xehanort turned around and smirked, "Destroy it, we can't afford any disturbances."

Xehanort said before left the room, "Dilan, thank you for bringing in that notebook from the corridors. It has been very helpful in 'our' plans. Nothing is going to stop us from taking over the worlds." He was gone before Dilan could thank him.

The three former apprentices were left in the lab by themselves. Braig pulled out his Arrow Guns and rubbed one of them across his left cheek. He smirked, "Whaddaya suppose we do, amigos? I say we destroy that Heartless first."

"Yes, I concur with you, Braig." replied Even.

"Guys, that Heartless is trying to escape." yelled Dilan. Braig shot a purple bolt of energy at the small Shadow Heartless as it was about to escape through one of the doorways. The Heartless (Sora) burst into a mist of blackness and faded away slowly. It's loud shrieks echoed throughout the castle.

Riku was running up the staircase. He stopped as he heard that scream, "Sora?" Riku pulled out Soul-Eater. "I can't afford to waste time." said Riku as he continued to run up the stairs. There he saw a young, strawberry-blonde girl wearing a pink strapless dress chained up against the cold concrete wall. She stared at the silver-haired boy, "Riku, why are you here?" asked the girl.

Riku walked closer to the girl. He asked as he slashed the chains with his sword, "Kairi, how did you get here?" Kairi shook her head. "I don't know, Riku. All I remember is worrying about Sora and then out of nowhere this whistle came out of this portal. I saw this man he promised me that I would see Sora, but he tricked me and chained me to this wall."

Kairi was finally free of her chains. She stared at Riku as he held his head low. "Xehanort, those creeps, they'll pay for what they did to Sora!" growled Riku. Kairi looked at Riku with confusion, "What did they do to Sora? Is he alright?"

Meanwhile, back in a red house in Radiant Gardens, a boy and girl lay in two separate rooms in beds facing the doorways. The first one to wake up was the boy. He woke up and stared at the ceiling with a confused stare, "Where am I? How did I get here? Where's Sora?" asked the boy.

"Ah, I knew you would awake." said Lea as he came into the room carrying a tray with three Sea-Salt Ice Creams laying on a glass plate. The red head sat at the edge of the plaid blankets of Roxas' bed. "Hungry?" asked Lea.

Roxas stared at the man with an astonished look. "Axel, I thought you...!" exclaimed Roxas. Lea gave the blonde a sad look. "Roxas, I am not Axel. I'm his Somebody, Lea. Got it memorized?" said the red headed adult.

"All right, I'm confused." confessed Roxas. Roxas picked up the ice cream from the tray and began to eat it. "Where's Xion?" asked Roxas with a sudden outburst. Lea got up and replied, "Xion is sleeping in the other room. She hasn't woken up yet."

"What!? I got to see her." yelled Roxas as he leaped up from the bed and ran out of the room. He opened all the doors in the house until he came across one room with an orange door. He slammed the door open and there laying in a gray bed under a blue plaid sheet was a girl with short black hair. Roxas walked over to her and pulled back one of her bangs with his fingers. "Xion, don't worry."

In Castle Oblivion, a light of pale energy absorbed into the body a teenager with blonde hair laying in a white throne. The boy opened his eyes. He had a surprised look on his face. "Where am I?" asked the blonde. "Kairi, Riku, Aqua, Terra, where are you guys?" screamed the blonde.

Nobody heard his cries. He sat secluded in the large room. "I have to get out of here!" shouted the blonde. He got up from the throne and summoned a Keyblade. "I'll find a way to get out of this place."
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Chapter 5: Truth of the Mysterious Boy

"We're not going to make it!" cried Donald as he saw several Heartless Gummi Ships behind them.

"Oh, yes, we will." said Max with a determined smirk on his face.

"How are we going to get out of this one, Max?" asked PJ as he bit his fingernails.

"Just trust me on this, guys." replied Max. The ships behind them released a shower of blasts. Max pressed a button and the Gummi Ship disappeared before the blasts could touch them. The Gummi Ship reappeared behind a large meteor just miles away from the attacking ships.

"How'd you do that, man?" asked Bobby. Max smirked, "It was a snap. All I did was just install some new technology abroard the Gummi Ship as dad and Donald were away at Disney Castle."

"Yep, my Maxxy is a mechanic." shouted Goofy as he nudged his son with an arm from the back. PJ removed the hand from Max's head. Max sighed, "Dad, don't be so loud. We're not out of the woods yet."

"Tell us who this kid is?" squacked Donald. The boy in the back fell from the cushion and squashed on top of Donald. "Why I oughtta?" shouted Donald.

Max sighed, "Same old Donald." He turned the ship from behind the meteor and headed towards the nearest world. Max landed the Gummi Ship upon a lake and parked it.

"Should we tell them now?" asked PJ and Bobby to Max. "Tell us what?" asked Donald and Goofy.

"The kid..." said Max as he turned his waist from the driver's seat to face Donald and Goofy. "First, his name Skyler. Second, he is from a world called Isles of Fate."

"How did you find him?" asked Goofy.

"We found him in Traverse Town. He cried out the entire time before we could ask him questions..." said Max.

"Then, the dude collapsed on us. So, we had to take him with us, because those Heartless things were after us." inquired Bobby.

"Yeah, we're lucky that we even got away." exclaimed PJ.

"Since, then we have been in the Gummi Ship running away from the Heartless. We don't know how to wake him. He's been asleep for sixteen days now." said Max.

"Then, maybe we should wake him." replied Goofy.

"Guys, first things first. Get this kid off me!" yelled Donald.

"Oh, sorry, Donald, we almost forgot about you." replied everyone in unison. Goofy reached for the small boy and placed him up next to him.

Skyler muttered, "Rico, Carly, I'm sorry." Tears ran down his chubby cheeks as he slept.
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Okay, what the hell is going on? To say I'm confused is an understatement; I mean, there is just a whole lot going on at once. So, first off, Xehanort can weild the Keyblade and used the Oblivion Keyblade to turn Sora into a Heartless, which in turn brought back Roxas and Xion. Then, Braig destroyed Sora's heartless; I think I got it so far. Question, is Sora really gone, and, if he is, can he come back? I really hope he does come back, especially reading the last part where Ven wakes up; it kind of sounded like part of Sora was in Ven or was reincarnated through Ven. Okay, now regarding the mystery boy Skylar, is he related to Sora? I ask because his name and his friend's names cannot just ba a coincedence. Anyway, enough of my ranting and questions, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Chapter 6: Carly and Rico

"When is that kid going to wake up?" asked Donald. He shoved the boy back as he was about to collapse onto Donald yet again. The boy's eyes opened. He looked around of where he was at and didn't say a word.

"Hey kid, wake up!" said Goofy as he shook the boy's shoulders. The boy opened his eyes. They were the same color as Sora and Ven. The boy jumped back as he saw five unfamiliar faces staring at him.

The boy screamed, "How did I get here? Where's my friends?" Max put the Gummi Ship engine in gear. He drove the vehicle to a nearby forest. There everybody got out. Skyler stayed in the ship too scared to get out.

Max turned to the blonde, "Hey kid, I suggest you get out of there, before the Heartless come." Skyler gave the dog figure a glare. "Those things that kidnapped me for my home. I'll stay in the ship and wait to beat them. They'll pay for what they did to Carly and Rico." yelled the blonde.

"What's the kid's problem?" asked Bobby. Max turned to his friend and gave a shrug. PJ sighed, "If he doesn't get out of there then the Heartless will come after us. I still don't know if he's able to wield the Keyblade. But, we have to get him out..."

"Let me go!" screamed Skyler as two Soldier Heartless grabbed him by the armpits.

"We have to help him!" cried Goofy as he ran towards the ship with his turtle shell in both hands.

"Wait, Goofy, STOP!" yelled Donald as he chased after the knight.

"Hey, wait up, dudes!" shouted Bobby as he followed after Donald.

"Guys, I think you're making a big mistake." screamed PJ as he chased after Bobby.

Everyone, but Max was headed towards the Gummi Ship. A light showed up in Skyler's left hand. It was the Kingdom Key. The Keyblade glowed with a bright light and evaporated the whole forest. Goofy, Donald, Bobby, PJ, and Max blocked the light with their hands. "Huh?" cried one voice.

"I can't believe he beat those HEARTLESS." exclaimed another voice.

"Who is this kid?" asked another.

The light effaced and there stood the preteen in the Gummi Ship with no Heartless in sight. There was only a lingering dark mist that remained where the two Soldier Heartless once stood. "That was too easy." chuckled the blonde as he hopped down from the backseat and onto the ground. Everyone was crowded around the boy. They all had a surprised expression.
"How did I get here?" asked Skyler as he made the keyblade disappear in a golden ray of light. Max sighed, "Skyler, we took you to this world to escape the Heartless. They were after you."

Skyler jumped back, "HEARTLESS?! What are those things? Are they responsible for kidnapping my friends?!"

Goofy tilted his head, "Your friends? Who are they?"

Skyler sighed, "My friends, Carly and Rico, they were taking by some dark creatures with golden eyes and large tentacle-like ears. All I remember is riding aboard my skateboard to Rico's house and seeing something dragging them through a Dark Corridor."

"Where are you from, Isles of Fate? What's that place like?" asked Max as he walked in.

Skyler turned to Max. He had a shock expression on his face, "First, how did you know my name? Second, how do you know the name of the place I came from? Last, do you know where my friends are?"

Max shook his head. He sighed, "To answer your last question I don't know where they are at. And, I heard you mumbling about them, your name, and your home after PJ, Bobby, and I rescued you from Traverse Town. Can you tell us more about it?"

Skyler's head bent downwards. "I don't know. I just want to see my friends again."


Two preteens run down the white halls of the empty castle. "Where's Skyler?" asked a girl wearing baggy blue jeans, a black short sleeve jacket on top of her long white shirt, two hoop earrings, and a white baseball cap sideways atop of her short black hair.

"I dunno, Carly, but we have to find him." replied a boy with shaggy brown hair tied in a short ponytail. He flicked a silver coin in his gloved hands. "Perhaps, fate will show us the way."

"You sure about that, Rico?" asked Carly.

"Trust me on this, Carly. What could possibly go wrong?" shrugged Rico as he tossed the coin up into the air. "Heads or tales?"

"Tales, I suppose, but it's your fault for us getting kidnapped by those things." exclaimed Carly.

"I thought my act could have gotten them to leave us alone, Car. Why did they come after us anyways?" asked Rico.
"I dunno." shrugged Carly.

"Yeah, perhaps, we should find someone in this castle. Maybe, they'll be able to find Skyler." The coin landed on a heart-shaped insignia. "It's tales so let's head toward those stairs." cried Rico as he ran up some stairs and towards a large white door.


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Skyler, Carly, and Riko seem interesting...
I really like this so far~. Keep going! ^^
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