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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts III: Sora's Goodbye

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Aug 2, 2008
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Man, things are just getting crazier and more confusing by the minute, aren't they? Geez Louise, between Sora turning into a Heartless and getting destroyed, Roxas and Xion coming back, Riku and Kairi going on a warpath to avenge Sora, Ven waking up, and now this Skylar weilding a Keyblade and his friends Rico and Carly ending up in Castle Oblivion, it is a little difficult to follow everything going on. So, are Sora and Skylar connected or is it just coincedence that they both weild the Kingdom Key? I highly doubt it is all a coincedence, but I'm still not sure. Well, all I can hope for is that it will all be explained soon. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Dec 15, 2005
This is really awesome, Xiolio! Can't wait for Chapter 7 to see what's beyond the white door that Carly and Rico are headed and wonder if Skyler be able to find both of them, with the help of Goofy, Donald, Max, PJ and Bobby. Keep it up! :D


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter 7: Ven

"Somebody, let me out of here!" shouted Ven. He pounded on two large white doors. They didn't budge even slightly. "How did I get here?" asked Ven to himself.

Carly and Rico were walking towards the doorway as they heard something. The girl pulled the boy back with her hand. "Do you hear that, Rico?" asked Carly as she listened to faint echoes coming from somewhere deep in the room.

"I don't hear anything, Car. Let's just keep moving. I'm sure it's nothing." replied Rico. He ran toward the doors trying to get them to open. Nothing worked. "How do you get these blasted doors open?!" shouted Rico.

Carly pounded Rico on the head. "Don't be such an idiot, Rico! We have to find the source of those sounds fast. Somebody could be in danger." exclaimed Carly.

"I'm sure we're the only people in this castle, Car. What type of people get stuck in a boring place like this?" asked Rico.

"Help, Help, Get me out of here." said a boy pounding at two white doors.

Carly ran to the doors and tried to yank them open. She turned to Rico yelling, "Rico, help me!"

Rico walked over to her smirking, "So, I see the girl can't do a man's job."

Carly glared at him and pulled her hand away from the door. She slapped the brunette in the back of the head. "Don't make fun of me. Just help, okay!"

Rico sighed, "All right, I'll help you, but it'll cost ya."

He went next to the girl and the two of them shoved the doors open. A boy fell forward onto the white, marble floors of Castle Oblivion. Carly and Rico stared at the boy. "Do we know you from somewhere?"

The boy jumped up from the ground. He was a head taller than the two. The boy smirked, "My name's Ventus. Just call me Ven for short."

"The name's Rico." smiled Rico flinging his coins everywhere.

"My name's Carly." said Carly with a big smile on her face.

Ven stared at Carly. He saw a familiar face in the girl's complexion. A teenage female with strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes. "Dude, are you alright?" asked Rico.

Ven blinked the sight of the familiar face away to that of Carly. Carly giggled. "Can we go or what? We need to find Skyler, Car?" groaned Rico as he pulled the girl away from Ven.

She glared at him and smacked him in the back of the head. "Let me go, Rico! How do you suppose we get out of this place anyways?" asked Carly.

Ven interrupted them, "I can get us out of here, but my ride might be a little small for all three of us." He pressed onto a large circle shape on one of his shoulders. Rico and Carly stepped back as they watched the young teenager glowing in a ray of light. The light effaced and there stood a figure in armor with his Keyblade shaped like a skateboard of some sort.
"I'll get you out of this place, but first let's head to the entrance." said the figure (Ven).

A couple hours later, the three of them found them outside a levitating piece of land in the middle of a world that appeared as it was swirling in an endless tunnel. "Here we go. Hop on." said Ven.

The two hopped on. "Are you sure about this?" screamed Rico.

"Trust me." replied Ven.

A portal of aqua light appeared and the Keyblade Wielder and the two kids that found him sped out of the World In-between Worlds.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter 8: Return to Lea's house

"Axel, is that you?" asked a sleeping girl in a red house.
Roxas stood by the girl with a downcast look on his face. "Xion, please wake up." thought Roxas to himself. He watched as the girl tossed and turned in her sleep.
Roxas was too mesmerized by the girl that he didn't notice the CREAK from the behind him as it opened. The teenager was broken out of his trance by Lea's voice. He muttered as he walked pass Roxas to place the tray next to Xion's dresser. "Let the girl get some rest, Rox."
"Lea, I'm just worried about her. What if she never wakes up?" asked Roxas as he turned to the redhead adult.
"Just give her time. She'll wake up." said Lea as he backed away from the oak dresser.
"Yeah, I guess you're right, Lea. Can I ask you a question?" asked the blonde teenager.
"Sure thing, I'm always here. You know I can handle anything, Rox. Got it memorized?" chuckled Lea with a smirk on his face.
"Yeah, I guess you're right, Lea. How did we get here?" asked Roxas

"I dunno, Rox." shrugged Lea.

"I guess it's not that important, Lea." replied Roxas.

"How so, Roxas?" asked the adult as he tilted his head sideways.

"While I was dreaming I saw this boy that looked like me..." exclaimed Roxas.

"You mean, Sora, right?" said Lea.

Roxas shook his head. "No, it's not Sora. He's younger than Sora, but he's able to wield the Keyblade. I've heard the name Skyler. He was chosen by the Keyblade after Sora..." replied Roxas.

"That's confusing. I wonder who this Skyler person is. Maybe, it was just nothing." shrugged Lea.

"Next thing, I know, there was this bright light that said. When the return of the Keyblade Hero disappears another shall take his place, but if he were too fall into the darkness. His existence will cease to bring back the first. That's all I remember." said Roxas.

"I'm glad you remember all of that, Rox." laughed Lea.

"You know I had the same dream, Roxas." said the girl as she opened her eyes and went into a sitting position on the bed.

Lea smirked, "You're finally awake, Xion. Here's your Sea-salt Ice Cream."

The girl took the popsicle from the man's hand. It was halfway melted, but she didn't seem to mind. She began to eat it. The girl turned to Lea and Roxas confused, "Where am I?"

"You're in Lea's house, Xion." answered Roxas.

"Who's Lea, Roxas? All I see is you and Axel. Axel, where's your coat?" asked Xion.

The same sad expression appeared on Lea's face. "I'm not Axel. I'm his somebody, Lea. Got it memorized? You and Roxas appeared after a few hours Sora had disappeared into the Dark Corridor after that man, uh, uh, Braig, I think."

"Braig, who's that, Lea?" asked Roxas with an aggravated expression. "How did we get here?"

Lea flicked the back of his spiky red hair with his hand. "I dunno, what happened to Sora? All I know is that Braig is Xigbar's Somebody and one of the annoying guards of King Ansem."

"I'm confused." said both Nobodies in unison.

"Same here, but I tried to stop Sora. The kid didn't listen. Braig mentioned something about Kairi and next thing I know he's off. So, don't blame me." confessed Lea.

"It looks like we're going to find out for ourselves, Xion." said Roxas.

"Yeah, I agree. This is going to be fun." chuckled the black haired girl.

"What?! You guys best stay away from that castle. Do you know who's there? The boss man's Nobody, Xehanort, and along with the other founders of Organization XIII." yelled Lea.

"We'll be find, Lea. What could possible go wrong for us, Nobodies?" said Xion and Roxas together.

"A lot of things. I won't let you two go there and disappear, like Isa and I did so many years ago. Got it memorized?" warned the redhead.


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Man, Roxas and Xion aren't the only ones confused with what has been going on. Things are just getting really crazy. The whole thing with Roxas' dream was the most confusing. He saw Skylar instead of Sora because Skylar is now the new chosen Keyblade wielder, and there was also a bright light or something that told him about how one Keyblade wielder is chosen if another dissapears. So, what you're saying is that, when Sora went away, Skylar was chosen to be the next wielder, but, if Skylar goes away, Sora can come back. I think that's what you're saying, but I could be wrong. Sorry for the long rant, but it's easier for me to think if I get it out in the open. Anyway, great job, and I can't wait to see what happens next.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter 9: Link to Hearts

A teen in armor riding a Skateboard-like Keyblade and with two preteens clutching his chest tightly as they rushed out of the portal as it slowly closed. They landed in the middle of the colorful town on cobblestone sidewalks near a fountain. The two preteens hopped off the Keyblade. Ventus pressed onto his shoulder and his armor and Keyblade dispersed in the bright light. Ventus was back in his casual clothes and his Keyblade had reformed back to it's normal sword shape. "This place hasn't changed at all." said Ventus with a big smirk on his face as he lifted his head towards the bright blue sky and his spiky blonde hair glistened in the bright sun.

"What is this place?" asked Rico.

"This place is called Radiant Gardens." smiled Ventus.

"Maybe, Skyler's here!" squealed Carly with excitement.

"Skyler's who's that?" asked Ventus. Something in his heart clicked with that name. He didn't know it at the time that Skyler was his and Sora's successor and that somehow a part of Sora had found it's way into the boy and caused him to pass out in Traverse Town.

"Skyler is a boy that was trying to save us from being kidnapped by these strange black creatures. All I remember is tears wailing down from his blue eyes and his loud scream." answered Rico.

Carly sat on one of the walls of Radiant Gardens. For some reason, she was drawn to Ven. Ven got a glance of the young Aqua-look-alike. He ignored Rico's tale and went over to sit next to the girl. She stared into his Aqua eyes. "You know, you look a lot like Skyler, except you're older and not as immature." commented the girl.

"That's funny, because you remind me of someone too." laughed Ventus as he thought back to two females. A woman in her mid-twenties with short Aqua-blue hair and aqua-colored eyes and wore armor identical to his and a fifteen-year-old girl with strawberry-blonde hair and a strapless pink dress that stood on an island watching the blue sky as two silver shooting stars shot by. Ventus was in a deep trance.

"Hey Ven, wake up." said Carly as she waved her tan-pink arm in front of the blonde.

"Huh, what happened?" asked Ventus as he stared at the girl with a questioning look.

"I dunno, you just fazed out on me. You said something about Aqua and Kairi. Who are they?" asked the brunette.

"They are just some people that are special to me. All I know is that I have to help Terra and Riku." said Ven as he stood up and yelled in angry voice.

"Who are they?" asked the girl.

"They're old friends of mine. Terra's here. I wonder if he's okay." said Ven as he ran away from the preteens. Carly ran after him. He was headed towards the giant castle that loomed over the small town.

"Wait Ven, we'll help you look for your friends, but we need you to find Skyler." yelled the girl as she chased after him. He ignored her words and ran straight through a clearing between two buildings. Carly stopped and watched the boy disappear from sight.

"At least, I still got you Rico. You won't ditch me like Ven just did." said the girl with a smirk on her face. No reply came from him. She turned around to the place where she and Ven had left Rico to his constant rambling. He wasn't there no more, like Ven he vanished.

Carly sighed, "Can't believe this." She looked around to see a red house nearby. "Maybe, someone who lives in that house will help me look for them." said the girl with a sense of hope in her voice. She walked over to the house.

The girl knocked on the door, but nobody answered, but she could tell that someone was home. She heard several clicking noises and people's voices. Carly kept knocking in an attempt to get someone's attention, but it didn't work. So, she chose to sneak in. Luckily for her there was an open window. She bent her hands through the window to open it up more. It was now fully open and the girl slicked her whole body through the small opening.

She heard a man's voice coming closer. The girl hid underneath a table behind the large cloth of Fleece fabric that reached down to the floor. While, Carly pulled up the fabric and crawled underneath the table, something was caught in the blanket's tug and glass splashed onto the marble floor. The man's voice grew louder and he ran into the kitchen.

Carly heard the man yell, "Who's here?!", but she dare not to speak to the man out of fear of being captured. She didn't know much about the house, but she knew whoever lived here wouldn't be pleased with finding trespassers. She saw the man turn and head out of the kitchen door. The girl pulled back the table cloth and crawled out from underneath the table. "That was a close call." gasped the girl.

Someone came walking into the kitchen. He looked like Ven in a lot of ways, he had blonde bangs and small spikes all over his head, bright aqua-blue eyes that stood out like a skyscraper in a small city, and a surprised expression on his face. Carly looked at the boy strangely, "Ven, how did you change so fast? Where'd you get the black coat? How'd you get in here?" asked the girl.

The teen stepped back. He shook his head at the girl and ran off. A few minutes later, the teen returned with the man. He whispered something in the man's ears and the man gave a surprised look at Carly. Carly tilted her head asking, "What's going on? Why's Ven acting so strange? Who are you?"

The man stepped forward. He introduced himself, but still had an annoyed look on his face. "The name's Lea. Got it memorized?! Why are you doing in my house and who are you? Don't tell me you're working with that Braig perso-!"

Carly interrupted, "Who's Braig?! Why do you have Ven here?"

The Ven-look-alike stepped forward starring at the girl confused, "My name's Roxas. I don't know who you are talking about, but some how I think I know you."

Carly scratched the back of her head. "Whatever, you say, Ven. Have you seen Rico?" asked the girl.

Lea stepped in with an irritated expression on his face. "Ven...Ventus, I think I remember that name somewhere, but I can't remember. Rest assured Roxas isn't Ven." replied the redhead as he stared inches away from the girl's face.

"What's your name by the way, kid?" asked Roxas.

"You're one to talk. The name's Carly. And, you can stop with this act. It's not fooling anybody." smirked the girl.

KNOCK...KNOCK...KNOCK came a noise from the door. Lea turned to leave Roxas and Carly alone. Carly stared at the teen for several moments. "Not you again! I thought I told you to beat it." yelled Lea.

Roxas ran to his friend's side. Carly followed after the teen. Lea closed the door slightly and held his backside against the slight opening. He had a scared look on his face. "Roxas, they're here. You two need to hide." whispered the redhead.

"Who's here?" asked Carly as she stared at the two males nod at each other. Roxas grabbed her hand and ran to one of the back rooms.

Carly struggled to get free from Roxas' grasp, when she was free. She broke free from the boy's hand and rushed in front of his face. "What's going?!" asked the girl with red in her face.

Roxas peeked outside the door. He saw no one nearby. Roxas answered the girl, "Those are Xehanort's grunts. He's hired a large group of people to snatch people from their homes and bring them to the dungeon to be preyed upon by Heartless."

"How do you know this?" asked Carly.

"Lea said that he watched someone close to him being literally dragged out of their homes by the grunts. He said that he never saw that person ever again." replied Roxas.

"Who was the guy?" asked Carly as her jaw dropped to the ground and her brown eyes shined with fear.

"The guy's name was Isa." answered Roxas.

"Oh..., we have to go protect Lea. What if something happens to him?" shouted the girl.

"Yeah, we should, but Lea's a big boy. He can handle himself. He wants us to remain safe, even if that means..." Roxas went blank. He bit his lips with anxiety. Tears poured out of his blue eyes. He banged his hand against one of the walls.

"Roxas, what's wrong?" asked Carly as she tried to comfort the teen. He flung her hand away from his shoulders. "We have to protect Xion and Lea! I won't lose them...not...again."

Meanwhile, back at the door

Lea stood at the door. He looked back toward the back rooms to make sure Carly, Xion, and Roxas were safe. "Give us the Keyblade Wielder or else you will pay." growled one of the grunts.

"You'll have to go through me to get into my house. I have no Keyblade Wielder here." retorted Lea.

"We don't believe you. Move out of the way or you'll be captured!" yelled the other grunt.

The two men were both dressed in a long black shirt, pants tucked into their black boots, and a red scarf tucked into the collars. One of them was pretty short and looked to be in his adolescence. The other was tall, slightly built, and had a light blonde, short hair and beard. He had ear piercings on both of his ears. "Get out of the way or you'll pay!" yelled the older man.

"Make me, grunt!" growled Lea as he tried to close the door in the grunts' faces.

The shorter one with a mullet put his hands into the doorway. He pulled the door open. "C'mon, Axel, no need to act like that." cried the younger boy.

"What?! Who are you talking about?" lied Lea in shock.

"I can see the expression on your face, Axel. There's no fooling an old comrade. Am I right, Dorul?" asked the younger grunt.

"Precisely, Medy, there's no fooling Lady Luck. I recognize that red hair anywhere, Axel." said the older grunt.

"Who are you?" asked Lea.

"Oh, we're Numbers IX and X, Demyx and Luxord's Somebodies. We're here to capture the Keyblade Hero's Nobody and Replica. If you are hiding them then you'll pay." said both grunts in unison.

Dorul shoved his cards in front of Lea's face. He jumped backwards as the two grunts shoved into the house. They searched the backrooms, but could find no trace of either Xion, Roxas, or Carly. "Man, this is boring, Dorul. Can we leave already?" asked Medy.

"All right, Medy, let's head back to the castle and tend to the captives we currently have." said Dorul as he turned and headed out of the door.

Medy followed after him. He stared at Lea with suspicion. "Soon, Organization XIII will resurrect itself. We'll have more hearts than ever before. So, go ahead, I know you're hiding them. I don't want to see you guys get toasted by those Heartless. Eeeh, that's things give me nightmares." smiled Medy as he winked an eyelash at Lea.
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Aug 2, 2008
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Okay, you made Demyx's somebody, Medy, an evil guy?!?! I mean, I can understand Dorul/Luxord, but not Medy/Demyx. Seriously, that is like making Xemnas/Ansem/Xehanort/whatever the hell he is calling himself this week the leader of sunshiny happy land or something. But, whatever, it's your story, so you can do whatever you want. Question, is part of Sora inside of Ven? I mean, I know those two are connected and all, but Ven never knew Riku and Kairi, so I was just asking. Another question, will Isa be coming back? I so hope he does, and not as the evil bastard that he was when he was a Nobody, but as Lea's best friend. Well, enough of my questions and ranting, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Dec 15, 2009
Sorry, I am going to be gone today. My family and I are going to an amusement park. So, if any reads this please leave a post. Any thing that needs to be corrected or you don't understand. Just pm me.

Chapter 10: Frozen Reminder

A few hours after the grunts had left. Lea got up from where he had been shoved by Dorul's attack. He wiped himself off as he turned to the back rooms. Lea yelled out in a loud voice, "Guys, it's safe now!"

Roxas opened the closet door. He stood up and ran out of the closet followed by Carly. Roxas asked, "Why those creeps show up?"

Lea shrugged his shoulders. He sighed, "I don't know. All we know is that we have to get out Radiant Gardens before they return. Who knows what will happen next?"

Roxas and Lea were too busy talking and that left Carly all by herself. She didn't know what was going on, but something outside seen from one of the windows caught her attention. She went up to the window and saw an aqua-blue portal, like the one she had came to this world in. The young girl's eyes twinkled as she noticed a large, red, cartoonish-like spaceship speed out of the portal as it closed. She yelled, "Guys, come look at this!"

Whatever, Roxas and Lea were discussing was interrupted by the loud crash of the large ship. It landed outside on the cobblestone sidewalks of Lea's house. Roxas said with a blank look on his face, "Gummi Ship..."

Lea turned to Roxas with a questioning look. "What's a Gummi Ship, Roxas?"

Roxas admitted, "A Gummi Ship is what my Somebody, Sora, Donald, and Goofy used to travel on to get from world to world. You know how we used Dark Corridors, well it's essentially the same thing, but more complicated."

Carly sighed, "I wonder if Skyler's on that thing. I would give anything to see him or Rico again."

Roxas stared at Carly with concern. He 'felt' sympathy for the girl, even though he didn't know her at all. "Maybe, we can go see who's in that Gummi Ship." exclaimed Roxas with a grin on his face.

"I dunno, guys, let's just wait to see who comes out of that thing." said Lea.

A few seconds later, the large doors of the Gummi Ship slid upwards. Two familiar faces appeared out of the Gummi Ship, a short, white duck dressed up like a mage and a tall, black dog figure dressed like a knight. Roxas stepped back from the window. "...Goofy and Donald, why are they doing here?" asked the blonde.

Then, three other figures emerged from the ship. They were followed by a short boy in his early preteens. He looked around at the colorful houses and stepped off the yellow mechanical latter. The latter rolled itself back into one of the sides of the Gummi Ship like a frog catching a fly with his tongue. "...Skyler?" said Carly with a gasp of doubt in her throat.
Roxas asked, "Lea, can we go see them?"

Lea sighed as he scratched the back of his messy red hair, "I dunno about this."

Roxas begged, "Please, Lea, it won't take more than two seconds, I promise."

Lea rolled his eyes. "Someone needs to look after Xion. I don't think you should go, because those guys would try to eliminate you. So, I think the girl should go." said Lea.

Carly turned to the two males. "What?! Why me?" asked the brunette.

Lea answered, "Because, out of the three of us, you're the one that seems more eligible to reason with them. Besides, if Roxas or I went out there, we might get our butts kicked."

"Oh thanks." interrupted Roxas with a sour look on his face.

Carly sighed, "All right, I'll go. I just hope that..." She ran to the door, unleashing the chain locks, opened the door, and ran out before she finished her sentence.

Skyler asked, "Where are we?"

Max answered, "Radiant Gardens aka Hollow Bastion. We best be careful here."

"..Skyler...Skyler...I'm so glad to see you again." screamed a voice.

Skyler turned to the direction of the voice as he saw a girl about his age tackle him to the ground. Donald and Goofy snickered, "Skyler's got a girlfriend."

Skyler glowered at them as the girl got up from the ground. He pulled himself up from the sidewalk and glared at his two comrades. "She's not my girlfriend. She's my friend, Carly."

Carly rolled her eyes ignoring her friend's immature teammates. Skyler turned to Carly with a questioning look. "Where's Rico?" asked the blonde.

"He went off somewhere."

"Where'd he go?!"

"I don't know. I'm not his baby-sitter, y'know."

"But, I suggest we get to somewhere safe."

"Why?" asked Skyler.

"Because, there are these weird grunts walking around looking for someone. I think that someone might be you. So, tell your friends to come with me. Oh and hide that thing." answered Carly as she ran back to Lea's house.

Skyler turned to everyone else. "Goofy, Donald, Bobby, PJ, and Max, we have to get out of here."

"How do you know we can trust her?" asked PJ.

"She's my friend." answered Skyler.

Without a moment, everyone, except for Max followed Skyler to Lea's house. Max stayed behind to hide the Gummi Ship. He pulled out a small grey box with a red button in the middle. Max pressed the large round circle with his gloved finger. The ship vanished. He turned to run after his friend, but someone was in his way.

"Hey, get out of way!" yelled Max Goof.

The two cloaked figures turned to each other. One of them giggled. "I don't think so. We can't let you screw up our future. If we do, we won't exist."

Max glared at the figures. "What are you talking about?!" He shoved one of the cloaked figures aside.

"That was a foolish mistake, Lexi, you know what to do." said one of the cloaked beings.

The other nodded. Max stared into the being's deep hood. He saw two piercing purple eyes glowering at him. "Hey, why can't I move!" screamed Max.

The two figures remained silenced. Max felt himself losing movement over every muscle in his body. He couldn't move not even a little. Pain rushed through his body as he bit his lips. His mouth became shut and the only thing he could do now was groan.

One of the figures pulled off his hood. His purple eyes stared emotionless at the frozen creature. He said to the statue, "We're only following Lord Xemnas' orders."
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Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Well, like you said, it has gotten more confusing. Who were those two people? You said one's name was Lexi, but you didn't give the other one a name. Are they Nobodies? I'm assuming that because you gave the impression that they were working for Xemnas. Also, if Xemnas is back, does that mean that Xehanort is not whole? Seriously, things are getting really insane. Oh, one more question, are we going to see Riku and Kairi again? I was asking because they haven't been seen in a while. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter 11: Where's Max?

"We need to get out of here, Kairi." said a silver haired teen.

"But, how Riku? I've tried finding an escape in this place, but there is none. The only escape is the door that you came from." replied the strawberry-blonde girl.

"I guess we're going to find someway to get out of here." said Riku as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Shhh...Riku, somebody's coming. You need to hide." whispered Kairi.

Two voices came closer. The sound of footsteps approached the door. One of them stopped as the rattle of keys began. "I found it." said one of the voice. The door's lock clicked and the large white door slammed open.

Two males walked into the dungeon. One of them was tall with long blonde hair and piercing green eyes. He wore a lab coat that was wore like a night gown. His black boots stepped onto the grey pavement of the dreary dungeon. The man appeared to be in his forties. He turned to the other figure.

This male appeared to a lot younger than the elder one, like late teens. He had shaggy blue hair. His bangs covered one of his eyes and the other was barely noticeable. He wore a lab coat on top of his grey shirt, black pants, and blue tennis shoes. The boy looked at the older man with a silent look.

"What's gotten into you, Ienzo?" asked the older man.

"It's nothing, Even." answered the teenager.

"Are you sure about that? You've never been this quiet, ever since the death of your parents eleven years ago." replied Even.

"Don't talk about them, Even! You know I don't like hearing about them." yelled Ienzo.

"All right, if you say so, Ienzo. I think there's something else bothering your subconscious. Maybe, it has something to do with our 'experiments'." said Even.

"No, it's that boy, Rico. What's his plan?" asked Ienzo.

"I don't know why that boy is working with us. All I know is that he must really want revenge or something. No matter. He's assisting us with our goals. To test the darkness and reveal it's secrets." replied Even.

"Maybe, it's best we go, Even. This place gives me the creeps." said Ienzo as he headed out of the dungeon.
"All right, Ienzo. Let's abandon this place for now." replied Even following after his fellow apprentice. The door shut behind them. Kairi went out from behind her hiding spot. She went to the door, but it was locked.

"It's locked. Our only escape is blocked. How are we going to get out of here, ...Riku?" asked the girl to herself.

Riku could be seen nowhere. Kairi heard the sound of digging coming from somewhere in the small dungeon. She looked around and saw a pile of dirt on top of an old bench. Kairi looked underneath the bench and saw Riku digging with his 'Soul Eater' Sword. He was near the exit, but the large stone bricks of the castle blocked his escape.

Riku paused, "How am I going to get this lousy brick out of the way?"

"Riku, what are you doing?" asked Kairi as she stood behind the preoccupied teenager.

Riku turned around surprised. "Kairi, what are you doing here?" asked the surprised teenage boy.

"I'm digging us a way out of here. You wanna help me?" asked the teenager turning around the girl.

"Um...sure, but how?" asked Kairi with her head tilted.

"By using our Keyblades. If we unite the power of our weapons then the light will lead us out. Just trust me, okay?" said Riku holding out the dark 'Soul Eater' towards the hole he had dug.

"If you say so, Riku, but I don't know if I can still summon my Keyblade." said the girl nervously. She held out her hand and bright light shined in her left hand. A Keyblade designed with several pink flowers and the keychain had a rose-like design to it.

"Here we go..." said Riku as he and Kairi pointed their Keyblades at the hole. The two weapons glowed and the light rushed towards the hole. It lit up and a tunnel suddenly appeared. Riku and Kairi dropped their weapons. "There's our ticket. You crawl first, Kairi, because you're the smallest."

"Okay, Riku." agreed Kairi. She hopped down to her knees and pushed her hands forward followed by her knees down the tunnel. Riku followed after Kairi down the tunnel. They heard a familiar voice. Kairi stopped for a second leaving Riku to bump into her.

"What is it, Kairi?" asked the silver haired teen.

"Sh...listen, Riku. Don't you hear someone?" said the strawberry blonde.

"No, I don't. Let's just keep moving, Kairi before those guys return." replied the teen.

Kairi saw Ienzo talking to two cloaked figures. She listened intently to them talking. Their conversation went something like this:

Ienzo: Why are you two here?

One of the cloak figures took off his hood to reveal a boy that looked to be in his early teens. He had short orange hair, spiky on the top and a small amount of it hanging near his shoulders and the back of his head. The boy had a small black headband curved over the front of his head. He had two small, Organization Thirteen earrings on both of his elf-like ears. His name was Lexi.

Lexi: We're here to change the past. Our boss has sent us here through the Cavern of Remembrance to prevent the 'heroes' from changing it. Tell us where Roxas and Xion are.

Ienzo: You can't be serious! I don't know where those two are. And, if I did I won't give it up. I have no reason to help you two.

Lexi (smirking): Hey bandages, you know what to do.

Cloaked figure: With pleasure, Number XVI.

The cloaked figure pulled off his glove. His hand was consumed in a purple mist. He grabbed Ienzo by the collar of his lab coat.

Cloaked figure: Tell us where they are or else!

Ienzo: No!

The door slams open and Aeleus grabbed the cloaked figure from behind. He threw the person against the wall. Lexi turns to the tallest former apprentice of Ansem the Wise.

Lexi steps back summoning a dark corridor. He rushes towards his partner. "We'll get you back for this. Our powers are just not as strong, because of the time shift. Once they've adjusted, you'll be sorry."

Lexi dragged his partner through the dark corridor. The dark corridor closed. Ienzo turned to Aeleus. "Aeleus, I can't let those creeps get them. You know if Xehanort or any of the other apprentices found out that I was resisting those two then they'll..." said the blunette.

"Yeah, I know. I still can't believe Xehanort would call out for assistance from those creeps." replied Aeleus as he turned to where the dark corridor had been.


"Let's go, Riku." said Kairi as she crawled through the tunnel. Riku followed her. They saw a bright light up ahead. Kairi was out first then Riku. They were now near Lea's house.

"I can't believe this!" cried Goofy from Lea's house.

Riku and Kairi followed the wail. They ended up at a red house. Kairi peered through the window. Goofy was sobbing his eyes out. Donald patted his friend on the shoulder. "I can't believe my Maxy is gone!" cried Goofy.

"How did this happen?" asked Donald to PJ.

PJ sighed, "Because, someone kidnapped him. I couldn't save him."

"It's not your fault, PJ. We'll find Max man." replied Bobby.


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Oh, please dear God tell me that Ienzo and Aleaus are on the side of good!!! I totally got the impression that they are with how they dealt with those time travelers, so I am really hoping that it is true. Those two are two of my favorite characters, so seeing them as good guys makes me happy. Okay, enough of that. So, what was that whole thing with Rico? Why does he want revenge? Who does he want it against? Does this have something to do with Skylar? Seriously, things are really getting weird now, but, then again, they have always been weird. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Chapter 12: Betrayal

Rico: "Are you sure this will work?"

Even: "Don't worry, Xehanort knows what he is doing."

Rico: "How do you know that? I just want to see my friend again."

Even: "Nothing is going to happen to you, boy. All we are going to do is perform some 'tests' on you. You'll be safe, trust me."

Rico: "Whatever, if this will help me to find Skyler then bring it on."

Even: "Why do you want to find this 'Skyler' person?"

Rico: Because, I want to teach him a lesson. Ever since, we were kids he's always gotten everything. I just want to put that brat in his place.

Even: So, how is the girl that you mentioned?

Rico: You mean, Carly, she's doing all right. I still can't believe how naive she is for believing in Skyler.

Even: It seems that our plan to get your friend here are effective.

Rico: Whaddaya mean? Skyler's coming?

Even: Yes, he is. I have been informed that he and some other people are trailing into this castle as we speak.

Rico (Shocked): What?! It was only supposed to be Skyler. Get rid of those idiots.

Xehanort walks into the dungeon and puts a bottle of purple liquid next to the boy. Rico glares at Xehanort.

Rico: Hurry up, we had an agreement.

Even bows and leaves the room. Xehanort does the same. He walks toward the door and says something to Rico. Rico's eyes get big and the grey-haired man leaves the room.

Rico stays in the room by himself. Two figures appear through a dark corridor. The redhead smirks at the brunette, "You know, we really owe you for getting Xemnas to see things our way. You know, back in our place, Xemnas would turn us into dusks if we even had an idea."

"His name's not Xemnas. At least, not here, Lexi. His name's Xehanort. And, you know the boss told us to interfere here, so that he could come back to full control considering his counterpart was killed off by those fools." replied the other hooded figure.

"Who are you two?" asked Rico.

Lexi approached the boy. "My name's Number XVI or you can call me, Lexi, the Sparks Arsonist. And, this is my partner, Number XV, uh um."

The hooded figure turned to Lexi. "My name is Xavier. I'm the Venom of Despair."

"You know, I've never seen your face, Number XV." interrupted Lexi.

Xavier sighed, "Oh so be it." He pulled down his hood and both Rico and Lexi stood in awe.


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Hooray!!! A new update!!! I'm just excited to see this story up and running again. So, Lexi's partner is named Xavier, huh? That's cool, I really like that name. So, what does Xavier look like? Does he look like someone we already know? You said that Rico and Lexi looked at him with awe, so I was just wondering. Also, I know I asked you this before, but what did Xehanort say to Rico and what was the purple liquid he gave him? Does it have to do with Skyler? Just asking. One more question, is Lexi a guy or girl? I think you said Lexi was a guy, but I was just making sure because Lexi is usually a girl's name. Anyway, enough of my rambling, great job, and I look forward to more.

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yay, an update!!! I've been secretly reading your story, and I really like it that I actually had the guts to post here(yeah I wasn't posting here cause I thought I didn't belong here), can't wait for the next chapter ^v^
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