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~Fear of the Beginning~

There was no denying that Destiny Islands was a relaxing world to live in.

The soft sands, warm weather that was just perfect to bask in, it had this feeling of relaxation that seemed to hang in the air and make people easy going and laid back.

Sora loved it.

He loved his home and was currently lounging on his favorite tree overlooking the ocean, taking in everything as he sat there in a bit of a daze, completely at ease.

On the outside.

Inside his gut was churning. A gut the war had taught him to trust since it has never let him down before. Right now it was telling him that after he left this time, it would be a long time before he saw these islands again. This was why he was here on this tree, sitting and staring at the ocean and thinking about happy times when he didn’t have anything to worry about and could just do what he wanted. Like war heroes should.

Sora sighed, current events pushing into his mind and forcing away his relaxed façade. People were scared, their loved ones disappearing. The keybladers, led by his best friend, were stretched out thin and Hikari, blast them, was capitalizing on it. Blaming the key bearers for everything that was going wrong in the worlds from the disappearances, to the heartless issue and even for rising gummi block prices. To make matters worse the restless public was actually starting to listen to the tripe that was being spouted and it was making them even more agitated.

So Sora had no choice but to go to this gathering that Hikari had planned and invited him to. His friends had all made it clear they’d be there in case this was some sort of trap. He was actually very grateful for this since he really would rather not face down a large crowd of angry people all by himself.

Sora hopped off his tree and set of for the gummi hanger to make some last minute adjustments on his new ship, one that was big enough to accommodate them all, given to him by King Mickey himself. He idly wondered how the mouse king was doing lately and resolved to ask him how to deal with such stress. Another sigh left his lips as Sora walked and looked…troubled.


Sora stopped walking, recognizing the voice to be that of his friend Namine and nodding to the blonde newcomer that jogged up to him, a little out of breath. He watched her with a bit of a pang in his heart, reminded of his red haired best friend Kairi. It had been a while since the two had seen each other, since Kairi was off on some sort of mission on one of the outer worlds that were so far away it took more than one warp from a gummi ship to get anywhere near it. She was due back soon but not in time to make the meeting.

“Are you leaving already?” she asked. Sora nodded “Gotta make some last minute adjustments to the ship before Crowley and the rest get there” he replied “So I’m leaving for the hanger a bit early. Do you wanna walk with me?”

She nodded, smiling and the two fell into step. Kairi had chosen to be a more active keyblader and proper princess to her people, so she didn’t spend large amounts of time at the islands. Namine on the other hand adored them and so the two had formed a rather close friendship. Namine was thrilled of course since Sora had promised her back in Castle Oblivion that they would be friends for real one day, even though it took longer than Sora had thought it would when the promise was made. It was this friendship that had caused her heart to grow a little faster than usual for nobodies.

“So why do you look so troubled?” Namine asked him after a few minutes of silence

“Just thinking about the worlds” Sora said “I think this is going to blow up. Another quest you know?”

She nodded “I had the same feeling. Do you not want to go on another quest?”

Sora shrugged, his recent worries tumbling out his of his mouth before he could stop them

“It’s not that I don’t want to, I just don’t want a bunch of people to die. I don’t want another war being sparked and the last time I went on a big quest that happened. The worlds were finally at peace and now I think that something’s going to happen to ruin that and what if something happens to one of us and..”

Namine interrupted his babble by putting her hand on his cheek. He stopped talking and started at her, frowning and distressed at the idea. Namine shook her head and put her other hand on his face, using her thumbs to pull his lips into a smile

“Don’t make that face” she said, smiling the same sort of happy, idealistic smile that he had smiled at her so long ago in a white castle when she had been so afraid, so bogged down with negativity “It’s okay. If you do have another quest, then between you, Riku and the masters, and everyone else, it will turn out fine. They’ve had ten years to grow you know”


“Smile” Namine said “and trust me. You won’t be alone at the start this time”

He smiled, a real one, and the two continued to walk towards the gummi hanger. Sora’s heart feeling a little lighter than it did before.


~Aura of Frustrations~

The irritation was starting to set in.

They were sitting at the docks, a little wooden bridge at the mouth of the water that connected the ‘play’ island and the residential island. Her master was standing in his little wooden boat, bobbing up and down and she was sitting cross legged on the dock in front, trying to meditate as the two went through a lesson about the skill she was attempting to learn. But her mind was all over the place and for the life of her she couldn’t clear it. Which was why her eyes snapped open for what was probably the fifth time.

“Something on your mind?” Rodric Crowley asked knowingly

“You mean besides the fact that I can’t get this?” Amanda Alexandra asked back, annoyed by the failure “I guess i’m just too excited about seeing my cousin and too curious about the rally to really focus”

Crowley snorted at her mention of the rally “Publicity stunt” he rolled his eyes “All they want to do is insult Sora and undermine him in front of a lot of people. Its completely tasteless”

“But you insult Sora and undermine him everytime you two get together” Amanda pointed out “In fact when we first got here...”

“Sora knows what to expect from me!” Crowley cut across her “I do it for my own amusement, not some hidden agenda. Now close your eyes and try again”

Amanda huffed but did what she was told.

“If you want to read the soul you’ll need a sound mind and a sound body” Crowley lectured “That state must be reached through meditation. Once you get this down, aura reading will become second nature to you”

Amanda doubted that. Her master was trying to teach her to read people’s 'auras’ which was basically their souls, something he picked up from Aqua. But she was having trouble with it and doubted that she could ever master the skill. Not everyone could do it after all.

“Doubt will get you nowhere” Crowley said “Besides. Your MY student. You doubt other people, not yourself”

Amanda nodded but didn’t respond, still trying to focus

“I”m going to go on ahead to the hanger” Crowley said “Your cousin should be here soon and then the two of you can go there as well. Its close to departure time”

“Alright” Amanda said and heard the sounds of Crowley leaving, his little boat gliding across the water.

She was alone now, taking deep breaths and trying to clear her mind and be relaxed, yet alert at the same time in case Anise showed up. Meditation.. maybe her cousin could help her with this. How was she even supposed to clear her mind with all of this stuff going on? Its not like aura reading was a skill all keybladers needed to know or anything. Sora didn’t. Crowley made sure that she knew that Sora couldn’t. The two were always at odds with each other but Amanda knew that they were friends and that it was good to have someone to exchange snide remarks to every now and again..

Focus! She had to focus!!

Amanda took another calming breath and began, once again, to clear her thoughts and find her center.



Rodric Crowley stepped into the gummi hanger and saw Sora sitting in the captain’s chair of the ship that they’d be using to transport themselves. It was bigger on the inside than the outside so Crowley knew that they could all fit in there quite comfortably. But, he had to make a comment about the size anyway. Sora actually looked comfortable, relaxed even. Staring at the console and pressing buttons. The man really looked like he knew what he was doing.

“So you expect us all to fit in that matchbox?” Crowley asked casually.

Sora looked up in confusion for a second before spotting him and rolling his eyes “Not now Rodric. I’m calibrating the warp drive and setting the course for the jump so we come out at Midgar and not in the space boonies or something”

“You know i’ve been there” Crowley commented “Lots of banjos”

Sora stopped his button pressing “Your not serious”

“Course not” Crowley scoffed “I’m here to tell you what’s going on in Midgar and maybe say one or two snarky comments, not make small talk”

“Shouldn’t you be teaching or something?” Sora asked, going back to his work

“Mandie’s meditating” Crowley said brightly “She’s gonna be as good at aura reading as I am one day. Not that you would know anything about..”

“The report. Crowley”

Crowley smirked “Fine. Word on the street is something big is going to go down at the rally”

“Well we guessed that much” Sora said, checking some hand written notes before going back to his typing

“But now we know for sure” Crowley said “People have already started to arrive and gather in the meeting place. Luckily its outdoors so there’s plenty of room for everyone. Its supposed to begin in two hours. Midgar time”

“With this warp drive we’ll be there in an hour and a half” Sora replied “Midgar time”

Crowley raised his eyebrows, doing some quick distance related calculations in his head “So you plan on making an entrance?”

“Fashionably late” replied Sora “I’m not going to blend into the crowd while these people try and start a riot with their rabble rousing”

“So your going to...what is it that you do? oh yes, Your going to try and negotiate with them?" Crowley asked

“Whatever I need to do” Sora replied “I’ll see what Riku and Aqua think about all of this too”
Crowley shrugged and sat down in a nearby chair “The group should be arriving any minute now”

Sora nodded, having finished up his work. Crowley leaned forward in his chair, thinking about something. What is was Sora had no idea because he couldn’t really tell what Crowley was thinking with that expression on his face. But if it was important Sora was sure the man would bring it up. Right now, he had to focus on the task at hand and what he would say at the rally. He had to figure out a way to calm everyone down and get that group to stop what they were doing, big or small, as soon as he could with the least amount of bloodshed possible. When emotions ran high, anything could happen.

It was lucky though, that Sora had gotten really good at talking his way out of hostile situations.

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In a large crowd of people on the world of Radiant Garden, in the city of Midgar. The new masked face came to this city, and right now she was a bundle of nerves. She had no idea where she needed to go, no backup, and in spite of her powers she really had no plan for any of this. The last time she had no plan, a fellow guild member died in a cave in. However she moved forward. To Sora, to protect Sora, her people still owed that man a debt for ending the cycle of Maiamsa the choked her world for one thousand years.

She kept asking a few people where the rally was however she wasn't get anywhere. So the snapped her fingers, and out of ground came her long, large motor bike. She hopped on and rode around the streets of the city until she mange to to ride past a few skyscrapers and finally found the rally. However many others where here. Were they friends of foes? She didn't know so, she waited for everything to start.

"I wish I had brought a book to read." Celty thought while tapping her feet.

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~- My Life Flashes Before My Eyes -~

Just admit it. You're screwed.

The woman threw a fist full of daggers at the Heartless, the adrenaline of battle overruling what fear she might have felt. Her muscles screamed for respite, and her magic was running low; her armor was chipped and tattered, a causality of her need to ration the arcane arts. As much as she hated to admit it, that cynical voice was right. This world was lost, and all who remained would die when the heart was taken.

But even so, she couldn't lie down and accept death quietly. Even now, she was far too contrary and mull headed to give in. Better to die standing her ground, fighting for a cause she believed in with all her heart, than to roll over and give up.

Why? Giving up would be so much easier; much swifter and less painful too. Isn't that worth something?

She shook her head, as much to flick away the sweat as to see. She'd lost sight of the boy and girl ages ago, and that had her quietly on edge, more fearful for their safety than of the encroaching Heartless. This wasn't good; the woman could die here, but they couldn't. There was only one thing for it, one way to ensure the Heartless were drawn to her long enough for the children to get away.

She threw a handful of crystals out, torching the Heartless that the gems came in contact with. Having gained the space she needed, she started chanting, a certain rhythm and melody to the words as she wove the spell. The syntax wasn't perfect, and she wasn't sure if the pronunciation and inflection was right with some of the words, but considering all she had to go by were a few visions, she thought she was doing a damn fine job with what she had.

She knew as soon as the spell was completed. A searing pain raced across her shoulders as she felt herself light up from the inside, her heart seeming to catch fire. It did the trick, too; she sensed the Heartless flocking to her, drawn by the sudden, otherworldly power radiating from her heart. Looking up, she could just make out the familiar shape of a sail against the night sky; the girl was getting away, and she could only assume that the boy would too.

"Oh, now they've gotten away. How can we play if you let them go?"

She beat the wings that had appeared at her back, causing a great gale to blow the Heartless farther away from her. Turning to look at who'd spoken, the woman coolly regarded the ruby eyed teen standing before her. The woman knew very well who this girl was; her aura was like pitch, and she made absolutely no effort to hide the darkness in her soul.

"Because, my story has ended. Theirs have only just begun." She eyed the girl again, a grim look on her face. "And you aren't welcome in it."

The soft smile on the girl's face grew wider as she said, "And yet, there's nothing you can do to stop me if I chose to rewrite what would happen. Not after what you just did. So, I suppose I'll just let the... repercussions? The consequences of your actions take their course."

The girl disappeared in a swath of darkness, that smile still firmly in place. As much as the woman wanted to go after her, she knew the girl was right. She could already feel the energy fading from her at a frightfully rapid pace. Beating those wings again, the woman took off, looking for a safe place for what she knew was to come.

She found a place, just as she felt her legs growing stiff. Touching down, it took everything she had not to fall as she felt the crystals begin forming around her. Looking to the night sky, she smiled slightly, no regrets to plague her mind. She knew she'd made the right decision. What happened now, was up to those two, because the woman's tale was over.

Closing her eyes, she felt something shift in her mind. At first she thought it was a vision, and she nearly laughed. Kind of pointless to have one of those when she was slowly being fitted for a crystal casket, wasn't it? But then, as that something came closer to the front of her mind, she realized what it was.

She remembered......

"You're lying! She'd never go down that easily!"

"She was only human, just like the rest of us. Even she had her limits!"​

"No! She can't.... she can't be gone..."​

"Why! Why would you do this to us? To
me?! Why!"

"No heart is without fault, not even yours. You shall be judged!"

"The war changed you...."

"It changed us all..."​



~- Calm Yourself -~


Startled, Anise yelped softly and almost fell from her perch. The moment passed quickly though, as, eyes glinting, she turned a glare on Riku, and spat, "What the hell was that for! Do you really have to sneak up on me every damned time?!"

Riku threw the look right back at her, his voice tight with the usual reprimand. "You're suppose to be working on your aura reading abilities. If you'd been practicing correctly, you would have sensed me, and I wouldn't taken you by surprise. You need to be able to scope out the more subtle auras, or the ones that are being hidden. That's the first step to being able to hide your own aura."

"Yeah, well, can you read them? Or are you so special that you got to skip right over that part? You've never said, Master."

Riku rolled his eyes as Anise tested his patience... for the tenth time that morning. "And as usual, a little more respect would be greatly appreciated. You're going to be undertaking the Mark in just a few months time, and that contrary tone of yours won't work if..."

Anise gave an uncharacteristic squeal of delight as an aura with a familiar edge caught her attention. She jumped down from the tree she'd been sitting in, landing with a soft thump by Riku and effectively cutting off the tirade he'd been working himself into. She didn't wait even a second before she started to run, a fading laugh all she heard from Riku as he commented, "Oh yeah, Amanda's here!"

Anise navigated the twists and turns of the island with the ease of one that had been there for years. Grabbing onto the zip line at one point, she let it carry her part of the way. Distantly, she thought about the fact that Sora and Riku had turned their old play island into a terrific training ground for the students that stayed on the Islands proper; a smart move in her opinion. But her thoughts quickly swerved away from that path as her focus went again to that aura. She hadn't been training in the aura sight for long, but Riku had made sure she'd learned how to recognize patterns and similarities in otherwise disconnected auras. And Anise knew that edge of stubborn contrariness; it was in her aura, and it seemed to fit the family profile.

Finally catching sight of Amanda, Anise forced herself to slow down to a more sedate walk, straitening the cuff on her upper arm as she walked. Riku's Mark had been sewn on with gold thread a little while ago after another spat the two of them had had. She didn't get why he was making her wear it; he usually left his coat with it at home, so why force her to do something he didn't do? Okay, fine, maybe that wasn't right to think; he was the Master, she was the student. She should wear his Mark proudly, yada yada yada.

But enough about that.

"Mandie!" Jogging the last couple feet, Anise hopped up onto the pier where Amanda sat, a slight smile on the older girl's face as she studied the younger. "Long time no see, cousin. Although, I'm warning you right now, you need to stop growing, before I'm forced into drastic measures to save you from the life of an Amazon. How've you been, and where'd the loser get to? Not that I mind him being gone, of course; it's him not staying gone that I have the issue with."

~- Is the Light Weeping Somewhere? -~

“I’ll see what Riku and Aqua think about all of this too.”

“The group should be arriving any minute now.”

"See what we think about what now?"

Aqua came up the boarding path, Vesper close at her side. Studying the two wielders before her, she nodded to each of them in turn, before turning to speak to Sora again. "If it's about Hikari and this rally in Midgar, I'll say again that I don't like the idea of any of us going there to make an appearance. There's no need to add fuel to the fire. But then again, who's to say that not showing wouldn't add even more to their flames?"

"It's a pickle no matter how you slice it; whatever happens, we're likely to get shafted no matter the outcome," Vesper commented, his thoughts entering into all of their minds. Aqua was for to use to his voice in her mind to comment anymore, and though not as versed in it, Sora would likely not have an issue either. But Crowley...

Well, that remained to be seen.

~- It's Only You and Me -~

Riku shook his head, exasperation clear on his face as he watched Anise's retreating form grow smaller. "Five years; five years, and she still makes me want to throttle her. What am I suppose to do with that girl?"

"Same thing you've always done. Roll with her surly days and push her hardest when she's willing to listen most."

Lily came up to stand by Riku, threading her fingers through his when she was close enough. She waited a moment, her patience being rewarded when he finally turned to look at her; she continued with her quiet patience until the frustration left his eyes, leaving his usual composure in its place instead. A soft smile spreading across her lips, Lily said quietly, "There, that's much better. You two are so much alike, it's little wonder that she grates on your nerves."

"She's suppose to become a Master in a few months, and she still acts like a precocious teen!"

"That's because Anise is a precocious teen. Just give her some time. After all, how long did it take you to calm down, even with the war figured in there?" Lily waited a moment again, letting her words settle in.

Riku sighed, conceding the argument. "It still feels like she's my daughter instead of my apprentice. Maybe skipping over those first thirteen years was a bad idea."

Lily laughed slightly, savoring the victory and Riku's returned levelheadedness. "You mean about as bad as that joke was? Come on, we need to get Anise and Amanda, then go meet Sora."

"And that means Crowley. Lovely." Riku rolled his eyes, but he fell into step with Lily anyway, a good natured smile sliding into place.

"Really, just what's with you guys and Crowley? Neither you or Sora seems to like him much."

"Umm, the guy's full of himself?" Riku gave her an innocent look, but there was just the slightest edge of a suggestion to the look as well. "You know, despite Hikari being there to throw a wrench in the operations, I hear Midgar's a nice place to..."

"No, again. So much for lucky number seven."

Riku shrugged, picking up his pace, forcing her to do so as well. "You'll give in eventually, you know that."

Lily tried to hide the smile just flitting around her lips, but she knew she was having trouble with that. "Whatever. Now, let's go!"


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The tale begins... I suppose.

Renn felt almost always felt lathargic when he came to Destiny islands. It was pretty annoying because the sun was always on that fine line between stifiling and comfortably warm. So whenever he trained here he was always the first one in the water. The water was soothing, it kept the heat and the deadly laziness that came with it at bay. Although Renn did like to kick back and relax after a hard day's worth of training, He didn't like it when he had this uneasy feeling that always sent his spine tingling. When that happened, Renn knew his anxiety wasn't without merit. His paranoia kept him on his toes and he knew something was coming. He was on the main island at the moment, clad in nothing but a pair of blue swimming trunks, and a backpack with a plastic bag inside to keep his belongings dry when he changed back at the compainion island where everyone else is. His glasses were off, his ponytail wasn't present, and he had his bag strapped tight around his arms so it wouldn't fall off. He ran head-on into the ocean, driving his his limbs forward before the heat overwhelmed him. He dove into the deeper waters and started off with a superbly formed breaststroke, One arm over the other, as strong and as far as he could extend and push his arms. He chose the breast stroke because his arms needed strength to swing his keyblade which kept growing larger and heavier over the four years he was training on-and-off with both Riku and Aqua. So although he was already a superb runner, his arms were 'as limp as a soggy pool noodle'. Renn had recalled. But back to the matter at hand. His arms had just gotten sore as he had swam three quarter's of the way toward Master Riku's former playground. As he approached the sandline of the beach he stopped and put his feet down as the shoreline was probably 5- 6 feet away. As he got out of the water the sun worked it's magic on his glistening hair and skin, drying them yet seeping in the poison that cause Renn to grab his towel out of his bag and lay it down on the beach, his body following afterwards. He saw Anise and Master Riku at the pier as Anise was meditating it seemed. He didn't pay attention much as he just wanted to dry off his body before he put his regular clothes on.

He took this time to check on his other personas...inside Renn's mind each of his persona's had their own thing going on... Deadpool was sitting in a corner, snapping his finger, creating a small fireball as a result and just giggling like a schoolgirl. Meanwhile Cloud, was gagged, straightjacketed his hands behind his back, and inside a steel barred cage. Both Renn and Deadpool had the key to locking and unlocking Cloud's bindings and his cage. And it's been like that ever since Renn was 16 when Cloud first came out of hiding in Renn's mind. Renn walked up to Deadpool. "I'm done for now... you can take control of the body While he's resting."

Deadpool's happy expression soon faded away, but soon came back as His head turned back. "Really? Thanks!" He soon hugged 1.0 and let go before taking control of Renn's body, stretching his body out and saying: "Aaaahh so warm."
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Normally, Fyren would've been nonplussed about the coming day. Sure, there were a dozens of disappearances across the worlds, and sure, it was an opportunity for the public to get things set straight. But that sort of thing usually didn't capture Fyren's attention. Peace had existed - universally - ... well, as long as he could remember. It was natural. After such a terror as Xehanort, surely nothing could be more powerful, and surely Sora could deal with it. No, what captured his excitement was something else.

With the arrival of the conference, a few promising Keybladers had been selected to travel with the Masters and the renowned. It offered the opportunity for him to corner Riku, or Aqua, mind you, and ask them about the puzzle that had consumed him of late. The two pieces that seemed would lock together: the Boy of Incandescent Inferno, and his origins. That's what the man in the cloak had said, to ask Riku about it.

The thought made him feel elated, something he rarely felt. He was always happy and gracious when he cheered another student over the line in their tests and challenges, but it couldn't compete with it. It was ecstatic. Who were his parents? Where they great warriors, mysterious magicians, Masters of the Flame? Did they have a Key too?

But... there was always the chance that they both knew nothing. Riku could choose not to disclose the information, as he had before. Maybe nobody really knew a single thing at all, and he was just getting excited for nothing. It was a thought he just couldn't accept.

He sighed, a long release of the built up excitement and frustration. Of course, he would never get to question Riku if he couldn't get the machine before him working. It was their own jobs to find a way to the The Gardens that all of the greats had visited. Fyren had heard of the fountains. The abundance in simple life, in the colourful people. He knew of the great towers and the castle. It was even said that Merlin lived there, or at least from time to time. It was a pretty place, and he couldn't wait to see it. Who didn't want to see a city that had just rose from its ashes some 10 years ago?

Again, he pulled his head out of the clouds. Fyren needed this damned thing to work. It was rather small, something of a last resort that one Wielder of the past had left where he trained. A bizarre contraption of copper pipes and sprockets that somehow folded into a shape that would allow for a human to sit. All he would need to do, when he started it up, would be pop open a bubble, sit on the uncomfortable chair, and key in a few co-ordinates. Close the bubble; and then he'd be away.

See, some of the pipes were flexible, able to be moved around. He needed to get to the centre of the machine and fuel it, a trick within itself, then close it up. As he maneuver this section away he came across a lock. Giant and comical, it was obviously a keyhole. A sight that a Wielder got used to seeing.

"Finally, the lock. From here it should get easier... I hope." Fyren couldn't help but smile. He thrust his hand to the side. A bizarre moment passed, and he couldn't help but murmur, "It's in the flick of the wrist, I suppose." Fyren frowned, then howled with laughter. God, these mixed emotions were getting to him. He couldn't wait to get over with this mess.

Pointing his Keyblade, a neatly stacked pile of flames, towards the lock, he released a pinprick of light that rushed from the tip of the blade to the core of the keyhole. As it touched a blast of light followed, and Fyren's vision swam slightly. Locking and unlocking was natural, but it put a small strain on his mind. He smiled happily as the panel faded into thin air, and a sort of furnace appeared behind it.

This was his area of excellence. It was only natural. He flicked his hand and the Key disappeared in a burst of sparks. Then, he cupped his hand, raising a spark. He blew into it, could feel the energy in the breathe he released, and let the fire catch. It grew until it engulfed his hand. His eyes blazed, and he shouted, more out of theatrics than necessity, "Fira!"

The fireball flared slightly, and it leapt from his hand as he swung it forward. It did not waver as it shot through the air. Coming to a perfect stop in the precise centre of the furnace, it hovered. For a moment nothing happened, but then it changed in intensity. Turning from light orange to deep red, it buzzed with a feel that made Fyren absolutely ecstatic. The pipes clunked, and they made churning noises as internal mechanisms sprung to life. The heat of the fire was being captured by the pipes around the furnace, smoke and magical essence alike, and being used to power the machine.

Suddenly, the panels and pipes that he had moved to get to the centre of the machine fell back into place. More painful noises issued. Finally, the noises stopped. It sounded good to go.

Giddy with excitement, he popped the bubble open, launched himself in, and started up the console, which spoke briefly, "Where is your destination?"

With a grin as wide as his ears, he spoke, "Take me to Radiant Gardens; I have a meeting to attend."
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~ Nightmares of the Journey Ahead ~

It was growing late into the evening when Cam decided to come home, having been lecture several times not to wander about in District three from Kaze. The light fixtures were still lit as he made his way past the shops on the right side with his hands in his pocket and a small grin fixed on his face; having just earned some munny from the local tavern he worked at.

Honestly, Kaze is way too protective of me. There's nothing around to be afraid of anymore. No more heartless to lurk about in search of a keyblade wielder-

The sound of some trash cans being knocked onto the ground with a thud, followed by a scruffle of feet were coming to his right making Cam pause midstep after descending the stairway. What on earth is that? Maybe a cat or someone drunk from the tavern? It grew suddenly darker...the light fixtures slowly going out one by one until only the one above him was shining on his form. Keep it together. Doesn't mean anything, just a power outage, that's all. Cam placed a hand over his heart to try to calm himself down but the scruffle of feet came closer with the sounds of metal scraping the ground making a loud screech, made Cam's heart beat loud enough for him to hear and leave him frozen in place.

It's nothing, just keep walking-

"Cam! Run!"

With a turn of his head, Cam watched his brother leap out and send him flying onto the ground; his hands packaging the fall and rolling himself over to see Kaze pull out his keyblade.

Brother...when did you get the keyblade?

A loud shriek echoed in the air as a huge heartless reared back from what Cam could see with Kaze standing protectively before him. Everything started to fade out as Cam watched Kaze slowly turn to face him with a grim look upon his face and the heartless yellow eyes look directly into his green eyes as if mocking him.

A week later, Cam caught sight of Kaze speaking to someone who was hidden in the shadows, only the tone of voice reveal to him that it was a female. Indecision was on his brother's face that later Cam tried to speak to him; to share things like they used to but, Kaze just folded his arms with a look of annoyance and a hint of guilty in his blue eyes. Why didn't you tell me brother? Leave it alone, Cam. I don't want to talk about it. Pretend it never happened. Please do this for me.

With a start, Cam's green eyes slowly open up to see familiar light fixtures above him glowing out of the corner of his eye. Another dream about that night. A burning sensation pricked at his eyes that he brushed his hand over them to calm down his heighten emotions and a fake smile on his face. This isn't the time to be crying or dwelling on dreams. I was naive back then but, I seen the signs when Kaze lied to my face. Pretending there was nothing on his mind. I need to find my brother.

Slowly pulling himself up right, Cam had been resting on a stool inside of the tavern; the air smelled of alcohol and greasy food. To his right, were a few regular customers that were speaking in hushed tones and the bartender was busying herself with cleaning a cup. The word Hikari was mumbled in those hushed voices, that Cam carefully moved closer, catching the word Midgar, Tonight and Merlin in the same sentence.

I need to find a way to get to Midgar. Maybe I can get Merlin to help me out or find a spell book of his that can let me travel there?

Leaving the tavern, Cam made his way through the Third District once again and hurried through the alley way to his left; there he saw Merlin's vacant house surrounded by water with stones to get across by leaping over them. After ten mintues of leaping, five minutes of breaking and entering, did he finally find himself inside of a dusty home with very little lying around. With a quick glance around, did Cam come across a book laying face flat on the dusty floor forgotten.

"Bingo." Cam muttered to himself with a satisfied smile.

"This should really come in handy." As he leafed through the book, seeing incantations of summoning and transportation.

"Excuse me. What do you think you're doing with my book?" spoke a high pitch voice directly to his right with a sound of something poofing into the room.

Cam looked to see Merlin the famous wizard standing there in his blue robes, stroking his white beard in thought and staring curiously at him. "I'm sorry for intruding but, I needed a way to travel through worlds and Midgar is my first stop." Cam said sincerely with a small bit of urgency in his voice.

"Ah, then you've come to the right place, my boy, and good timing too." Merlin smiled, flicking his hand at the book which began to glow in Cam's hands and that began flipping itself to the right place.

His green eye's quickly skimmed through the spell, memorizing it before finally looking up at Merlin who was scoffing at all the dust inside his house. "Thank you Merlin. You're a life saver."

"Anytime. Now off you go, Cam." Merlin said in amusement, shooing him away.

Before Cam could ask how Merlin knew his name, he felt himself being pulled in several different directions with multiple colors flashing before his eyes and finally, finding himself standing in the middle of the street with a car beeping at him to get out of the way.

~ Welcome to Midgar ~

"I guess...I'll just have to ask Merlin next time." Cam spoke to himself, taking in the sights and sounds of Midgar. With that said, he gazed around, watching groups of people pass by, some of them going up a flight of stairs or going into shops. A piece of paper was rustling against his shoes, catching his attention at the same time as the sound of a train blew past a block away. What's this? A gathering with the mysterious group Hikari is about to begin? He looked up to see a moogle flying past with more flyers in its clutches and handing them to people for some munny.

I better get going. Don't want to miss this.

Following the moogle, Cam quickly maneuver through the streets of Midgar and found a crowd of people gathered in anticapiton. Deciding it'd be best to stay out of people's way and not be overwhelmed by the crowd, Cam rested against a wall; double checking to make sure he still had his weapon and munny. Nothing stolen. Good. Taking a quick glance back at the crowd, he could feel the energy flowing around him and felt his heart speed up.

Now, I wait.

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~- You'd Best Be There -~

Kari wove her way between the crowded streets, searching out for a sign of a keyblader. She hadn't expected Midgar to be so packed! Smoothing the front of her jeans, the red head took in her surroundings, searching for anything out of place. Hearing a shout to her right, Kari stumbled to a stop at the familiarity of the voice, turning her head to look, the woman felt surprise briefly flash across her face when her icy green eyes locked with blue eyes. Recognizing the blonde, she cringed and took a step back into the shadows, cloaking herself from the other warrior's sight. A brief twinge of guilt gripped her as she watched Cloud from her hiding spot.

Waiting until he passed and walked around the corner, she stepped out from her hiding spot and exhaled in relief. After a moment or two of silence, she turned on her heel and headed toward the meeting spot, knowing full well that Cloud and his gang was bound to be there, granted it'd be in hiding, but they'd be there none the less. She heard a faint sound that sounded out of place, pushing the sound to the back of her mind, Kari quickly found the place she was supposed to wait for the keybladers, her mind briefly flickered to Sora and his friends, curious on how they were doing; then her mind drifted to Ren and a sad smile flitted across her lips. What would he think of her if he saw her now? They hadn't seen each other since Riku and Aqua had taken him away for training.

Absentmindedly her fingers curled around the pendent she wore, the silver teardrop cool to the touch. Her eyes met one of those that worked under her, quickly schooling her features into place, she released the pendent and walked toward them. "Is everything ready?" She asked coolly as the armored man saluted her, not daring to meet the chips of ice her eyes had become.

"Yes ma'am, we just need to wait for the guest of honor to arrive!"

Nodding in satisfaction, she dismissed them and turned her face to the sky. "The choice is yours Sora, what will you do now?"

Catching a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye, Kari lowered her head and turned to look at the young man. He had blond hair and looked to be about her height, he also didn't look to be from around here. Putting on a smile, she made her way to him and smiled sweetly, coming off as non threatening, she said cheerfully, "Hey, are you from around here? 'Cause I'm not, mind being an escort of sorts to me? I hear it's extremely dangerous for a girl to travel by herself during times like these."

~- Crawling Under My Skin -~

Riku followed close behind Lily, listening as she rambled about how things were going in Radiant Garden and how the pack was doing. Glancing at her, he smiled softly before his mind drifted away from him to recollect what he'd been doing on this Island so darn early in the morning. He knew that the reason had been important, but he couldn't remember the exact details. Whoa, you really are losing your mind, aren't you? Flinching mentally at the comment from that strange voice, Riku shoved its comment to the back of his mind. Unintentionally, Riku felt his mind drifting away again from what Lily was saying as they headed to where he'd last seen Amanda.

5:35 A.M.

Awakening with a start, Riku shook his head and looked around his room, frantically searching for something that wasn't there. Refusing to calm down, he rubbed his temples with his hands, tossed his blanket off and headed out of his room, being careful not to wake up Anise. Looking at his jacket, Riku shook his head and grabbed the brace he wore whenever he was around other people. Heading for the door, he quietly opened it and headed out for a early morning walk to clear his head of the thoughts racing around in circles. Riku didn't pay attention as he reached the edge of the water, instead he waded out until he was forced to swim, and by then he chose to do a breast stroke.

After a bit of time, Riku was came within in sight of the old "play" island that they'd converted to a training ground. Switching so his feet were underneath him instead of behind him, Riku walked onto shore and wrung out some of the extra water. Glancing over to the usual hangout, he turned his back on it and headed for the hidden cave that they had all the stone drawings in. Ducking inside, he traced his fingers along the walls and the pictures, not even paying attention until he reached the back of the cave with that strange door.

Looking up at it, he felt the barest hint of a smile drift across his face as he felt the reassuring feeling that the world was safe for the time being. Turning back around, he glanced up at the hole in the ceiling that permitted light to filter in through the trees, currently it was light from the full moon that hung in the air. Even though he knew he technically didn't need it, Riku felt himself wander toward the circle of moonlight and sit down in it to absorb all the strength he could.


Snapping back to reality, Riku glanced at Lily with a look of confusion passing through his eyes. He rubbed the back of his head nervously as he saw the amused look in Lily's eyes. "Daydreaming again, Riku? It wouldn't be about little, ole me, now would it?" Lily teased, looking him up and down, making Riku blush and shake his head in answer. He hated it when she got like this, she always found a way to get under his skin with her jabs, glancing ahead of them, he saw Anise near Mandie and listened as the girl's words drifted back to them.

"How've you been, and where'd the loser get to? Not that I mind him being gone, of course; it's him not staying gone that I have the issue with."

Riku almost spoke up at that, but his eyes were drawn to a familiar face standing up and stretching on the beach not far from where they stood. A smile spreading across his face, he sniffed the air to identify who was in control (there's the barest difference in scent) before he called out, "Hey, long time no see! I was wondering how long until you showed up, how've you been Deadpool? How's Ren and do you two still have him under control?" Riku didn't dare elaborate on who that last part was about, but he knew that Deadpool would know that he meant "Cloud". Turning his attention to Anise, he said, "I think I saw him heading toward Sora and the gummi ship, so how about we all get going?"

He wasn't surprised with Anise's and Lily's replies, he expected as much from them. Looking at both Amanda and Deadpool to respond, although he had a pretty good suspicion what the answers were.

~- Give Me Reasons to Believe -~

Comet stepped out of the portal he'd summoned, a step behind the dark haired girl that raced out ahead of him, Comet watched as Tora's white savannah cat bolted through the portal to follow after her. A soft, amused smile touched his face as she did a quick spin in her jeans and her hair fell to brush her shoulders, her cat hopping around in a playful gesture. Although what had Comet the most focused, was the mischievous fire that danced in her marine eyes. "Excited to be back on the Islands, Tora?" He chuckled, watching as she smiled and nodded in answer, her voice still hadn't returned despite the fact she seemed to have gotten better since Isa's death.

Come on, come on! I feel Vesper and Aqua in the cockpit, along with Sora!

A chuckle escaping him, Comet followed along behind her as she danced down the hallway. It was something he enjoyed about her, and even Lea seemed to have been cheering up as they made progress, even if the substitute older brother sometimes disappeared for days on end. Catching up to her, Comet reached out a hand and gently grabbed a hold of Tora's elbow, pulling the girl back toward him to let Ven pass by in the hallway, nodding in greeting, Comet returned the gesture as he lightly tightened his grip on Tora's arm to keep her from running away...again.

Looking down at her, he was slightly surprised that she'd chosen the light green top that she had, before he shrugged it off and let her go. "Try not to run off too far ahead, 'kay?"

She spun to face him, nodded cheerfully before she spun back around and ran off to give Sora a hug. Grinning, Comet followed after Tora without too many comments. He knew that she wasn't looking forward to going to Midgar, what she was looking forward to was seeing so many of her friends again. Stepping through the door into the cockpit, Comet saw the fact that Sora's hair was ruffled from where Tora had been ruffling it with her hands. "Hey Sora, how've you been?"

Looking at Crowley, he nodded politely before he said, "How's things been treating you? Also, how's your apprentice doing?" While he said this, Comet made his way over to a shadowed spot by where Tora was crouched next to Vesper, running her hands through his fur and humming a lullaby that he recognized with ease. Tearing his gaze from Tora, he looked at Aqua and asked mentally, You doing alright Aqua, you look tired.

~- Shut the World Away -~

Ventus stepped through the doorway, a little disoriented from arriving on the world. He knew that Vesper would look after Aqua, and that Aries was wandering around the world, probably walking down by the water to chase away some off the heat that the day was already bringing to them. Gently pushing open another door, he heard the soft whispers that drifted down the hallway, alerting him that Aqua and Vesper were talking to Sora, so he didn't have a doubt that Sora would help Vesper keep an eye on Aqua.

Passing by Tora and Comet, he nodded politely at them before he kept walking, his mind wandering away from him as he tried to figure out what the Hikari could be after, besides destroying any and all keybearers. Shaking his head, Ven looked around him and laughed slightly, amused by the fact his feet had carried him to where the ice cream was stored. Walking over, Ven instinctively went looking for the salty-sweet ice cream Axel had introduced him to during their days as Nobodies. A brief flicker of sadness flashed across his eyes before Ven forced it to the back of his mind, now was not the time to focus on the old days.

Shaking his head, he shut the freezer after he found the ice cream he was looking for, taking a bite out of it, he turned back toward the kitchen door. Ven felt the briefest of smiles drift across his face as a thought crossed his mind, he knew that Crowley would be there, and he remembered Riku's...control often being tested by the now Master. Even though he knew it was childish, Ven smiled happily, threw the empty popsicle stick into the trash can and walked out of the room. Heading toward the control room, he listened as Aqua's question drifted back to him, "Vesper, where's Aries and Ven?"

Quietly slipping into the room, Ven saw Aries come running up and give Sora a hug. Stifling a laugh at the blonde girl's hyper puppy-like nature, he walked over to Aqua and answered cheerfully, "Right here, and I think we all know where Aries is." Nodding toward his aforementioned friend, he looked at Crowley and Sora, smiling warmly, he asked, "Hey, long time no see, huh? Who all are we waiting for?" While he waited for a response, he noticed Comet hiding in a dark corner while Tora was chilling out by Vesper, probably having another mental conversation with him.
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Samuel stretched as he awoke. This was the day that he would exact his revenge for his family and slaughter the bastard that killed his mother.

“Steele will pay,” muttered Samuel to himself as he cleaned up and got dressed.

He made his way to Sola who never seemed to sleep. She looked ready for his departure.
Standing by a portal she had opened she waited as he walked towards her.

“The road ahead will be tiring and sometimes you will struggle. Always remember who you are and what you can accomplish if you believe,” said Sola as Samuel approached and stood in front of her.

Samuel nodded and wrapped his arms around her knowing this was probably the last time he would see her. He was so grateful for what she had done for him. He was forever in her debt. Releasing her from the hug he stepped back and took his pack from her. She had insisted on packing it for him the night before.

‘No doubt she packed something in there that I probably shouldn’t have as a mortal,’ chuckled Samuel as he took it from Sola.

Looking back once more at Jinsei (the world/heavenly realm that he was on) Samuel stepped through the gate. Emotions swam as he floated. He knew that he was going to take revenge for his mother, that he was sure of. He had grown accustomed to Jinsei, it was home. He didn’t want to leave, but that wasn’t relavent now. He was on his way to exact his revenge.

‘If only I could put Sola’s countless hours of training and patience to better use..’ thought Samuel as he neared the end of the portal.

It was at that exact moment when he thought those words that he felt the portal shift. He wondered if Sola had sneezed. Immortals did sneeze after all.. He readied himself, he could see the ground below.

‘Kyros looks so different..’ thought Samuel as he landed on his feet. The streets were buzzing with people. People that looked nothing like the natives of Kyros.

‘Was that a Moogle??’ questioned Samuel to himself stunned. ‘What is going on?’

Samuel walked the streets looking around bumping into people and apologizing as he did.
Someone must have noticed because a small elderly man walked over to him and asked if he was ok.

“What has happened to Kyros?” asked Samuel still a bit shaken.

“Kyros... hmm, never heard of that. Is that a friend of yours sonny?” retorted the elderly man.

“No, its my home world. I.. thought.. What world is this then, sir?” asked Samuel.

“This my confused friend is Radiant Garden, specifically the city of Midgar. Your just in time for the rally.” said the old man with a chuckle.

‘Radiant Garden.. Midgar.. rally.. what was going on. Better yet, what the hell had Sola done in the teleporting of him to Kyros... How did he end up here, and why did she send him here..’ thought Samuel.

“What is the rally for mister? The tone of your voice makes it seem as if its some big deal.” asked Samuel.

“Wha... really kid? You have no idea.. hmm.. strange. How did you say you got here? Ah, nevermind. Doesn’t matter now anyways. The rally is happening because this group that call themselves Hikari , or so I hear. Suspect if you ask me.. Apparantly, they invited Sora. Who saved us all from the heartless. Infact Radiant Gardens wouldn’t be what it is without him. Word is, Sora isn’t gonna show. People are saying that he isnt going to fall for their crap, but hey you never know hehehe.” laughed the old guy as he tapped the bottom of his cane on the ground.

“So that was your plan all along Sola..” muttered Samuel outloud. “Thanks mister, i think I know why I am here now. Where is the meeting taking place?” asked Samuel.

“Just over that way, you will see the stage. Those Hikari are such a proud bunch..” said the old guy pointing his cane in the direction that samuel needed to go in.

“Thanks.. uh.. mister. Thanks for all your help. I really mean it, thanks!” said Samuel as he turned and walked to where the man had pointed.

‘Sora.. hmm... Sola had mentioned him.. She intended for me to help him I guess.. my revenge will have to wait. I owe Sola, so I will do whatever this is and aid Sora and all those that are with him. That is my duty, as a Jinsei Warrior.’ thought Samuel as he neared the stage, his fists clenching.

~Life Begins~

This was it, the moment that Lana had been longing for. She was on her way to Midgar. She knew all about the meeting that Hikari was having. She knew that Sora would probably show. She knew that she was definetly not going to stand idly by if things got ugly. She knew that Hikari would not have any idea how to defend against her explosive magic. She also knew that violence would only help their cause. It was a pain.. that much was certain..

Lana had left early, she wanted to get there before it started, as did Merlin. Apparently he was going.. or so he had wispered to her. She had guessed as much anyway. He was a mischevious old man. Lana leaned forward on her hoverboard. She needed to hurry. She wanted to meet Sora, before the rally started.

‘I wonder what they plan to accomplish.. calling Sora like this..’ wondered Lana as she reached the outskirts of the city. ‘Whatever it is.. it cannot be a good thing..’


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Epic intro time of awesomeness!

" 1.0's alright Riku-man and of course little emo's under control man." Deadpool formed a full smile as his observed his body had dried off Although his hair was still wet so he wrapped the towel around his waist, dropped the trunks, then pulled out his underwear and pants out of his backpack and slipped them on under the towel and then rewrapped the towel around his hair and pulled his shirt over his towel-wrapped head. He finished his change by pulling off the towel his head and put in his marroon elastic to form his shorter ponytail, putting on his glasses, then his socks and shoes but still wearing his grin. He soon turned toward a different direction and said: "ALSO SKITTY YOU SPELLED KAIRI'S NAME WRONG!" Then returned to the conversation at hand. "But yeah everything's alright. Also 1.0 swam all the way here from the main island."

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Reforge looked left to the castle wall, his eyes fixated on a horizon that wasn't even there. In fact he was remembering his time spent in Valhalla and how after many years being "lost" in its endless reaches, many things about Reforge had changed. Where as only a year before in real time he had been a man; now he was nothing close to that at all. Reforge's body was devoid of any type of clothing and his overall structure remained closely humanoid...but he had no face. There were a pair of bright golden piercing eyes that stood out, other than that there was nothing.

He'd passed several groups of people since arriving in Radiant Garden and had gotten nearly the same reaction from all of them. Most avoided his presence. Reforge didn't blame them really, it was like people just couldn't handle obscurities. "Figures of course, odd is fine but me not having a face is causing these people to walk away from me as if I'm a damn monster." He started to laugh then, dropping down from the edge of the wall leading up the pathway to where the castle was getting several additions. Even this place had changed drastically from in the past. All this peace was for nothing. The dark still existed within people's hearts, Reforge knew all too well that it did. He could smell it all over the place. If it weren't for the fact that Reforge didn't have a face he'd be constantly licking his lips.

"This sucks, I could have sworn I sensed somebody delicious but now I don't sense them at all...."

The rally was going to be starting soon, Reforge had continued on his way toward Midgar where the rally was being held. People were everywhere, not just one type but many types of people. If anything this was the perfect location for Reforge when he was in a funky mood. Among so many unknowing people, Reforge already had started to feel more at ease. He was a complete heartless, the kind of creature that thrived on the essence within a being's heart. It didn't matter if there was a ton of dark essence buried inside or that of the light. Either way Reforge craved it.

For now he'd wait for the one that held many essences within...


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~Together again~


Amanda opened her eyes upon hearing that familiar voice and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her cousin as she stood over her, grinning.

"Long time no see, cousin. Although, I'm warning you right now, you need to stop growing, before I'm forced into drastic measures to save you from the life of an Amazon. How've you been, and where'd the loser get to? Not that I mind him being gone, of course; it's him not staying gone that I have the issue with."

She was talking about Crowley of course, most people didn’t like her master for some reason (probably the snark and sarcasm) and made no effort to hide the dislike. Amanda just rolled with it however because she obviously adored her master, even if he was rough around the edges. But before she could properly make any sort of statement or greeting another voice interrupted her.

"I think I saw him heading toward Sora and the gummi ship, so how about we all get going?"

Riku. Her cousin’s master. and he was with other people who Amanda didn’t recognize. Who was this Deadpool? and what kind of a name was that anyway? Was it a code name of some sort?
“Lead the way Riku” she said, standing up and stretching, ready to follow behind Riku and the others. She looked at her cousin

“So, have learned anything about auras yet? I can’t seem to get them at all”


“We can’t not show up” Sora was saying to Aqua “Because I think it really would add more fuel to the fire. We’ll just have to try and reason with them, that’s all” Crowley crossed his arms and tried not to look too irritated as people kept popping up out of the woodwork. He hadn’t expected more than two people meeting them here..

Crowley wasn’t at all fond of crowds you see.

All of these people gathering here and talking at once? It was giving him a huge headache. In fact the headache was closer to a migraine! He sighed irritably and wondered what in the world was taking Amanda so long to get here. Had she met with her cousin yet? Had Riku held them up? Probably. The slowpoke.

And this one was telepathic! So not only did his ears have to suffer the torment of the talking, but now it was injected right into his brain too! Crowley didn’t have anything against Aqua or Vesper. On the contrary, he quite liked both of them and Aqua was actually a beautiful woman. But he had issues with being around large groups of people. He knew that the rally was going to be absolute torture...

"How's things been treating you? Also, how's your apprentice doing?"

Riku was here! Crowley opened his mouth to make a sharp comment before it registered that no, this wasn’t Riku, it was his replica, Comet. Because that’s exactly what the worlds needed. Two Rikus.
“Things have been going well for me” he replied, deciding to be polite for once “and Amanda’s doing very well, although she can’t seem to grasp the concept of reading and see auras yet”

He supposed the only thing to do was wait and talk to people until the girl in question finally showed up. He mentally sighed, irritably.

~Almost time~

The hooded figure surveyed the crowd that was growing larger and larger by the minute. The crowd that was here to listen to him and his comrades. They were here to hear the truth in his words. Words that would cast doubt into the minds of everyone who supported those who had that damnable key. Things were going to happen today, the first move would be made. The figure was determined to have that advantage as he watched some of his own people enter the crowd, not wearing the uniform so they could blend in and help incite the crowd when necessary. For now, the people below were talking and the air was a little tense, but relaxed overall. Sora and his gang had not even arrived yet. It stepped back into the shadows and sat down, crossing its legs and beginning to mediate. To clear the mind and prepare itself, decide which words would be the best to stir the crowd. He didn’t have long either, because it was almost time.

Almost time for the beginning of the end of the keybladers and the start of true peace.

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Celty quickly walked around around. Not really sure where to go, the masked woman made her way to the shops. She looked around, and gazed at the the glowing, flashing gizmos. Gaining a few stares from people.

"Okay Celty stop it, you look like some country bumkin.....and you are one." She thought.

After looking at a vending machine, she placed some munny in and get herself a drink. A soda, simple. Granted the woman spat out the drink at first not used to the carbon fiz, but after a few more sips she enjoyed it. Still looking at the crowds she heard alot of whispers, rumors and gossip. Some where about more missing people, while others wanted the Keyblade gone for good. Which angered her greatly.

She then spotted someone being robbed. So with help from her shadow powers she managed to take the person's bag backa dn give it to the person. She thought the person would be happy for what she did however...

"HEARTLESS!" The old woman yelled.

Everyone including Celty started to painic, however the fingers where being pointed at her.

"It's a new heartless, trying to pass as human...quick kill it!" Someone yelled.

"Huh?" Celty said.

Quickly the Midgar guard came in, and they were shooting guns at her.

"Hey wait, I'm not a heartless!" Celty yelled while dodging the bullets. She summoned her bike and rode back the gathering, but not without a few cops and an angry mob chasing her.

After a few deep breaths and a few punches to a Keyblade hater's head she felt better and roamed around a bit more. Finally getting herself a map, from a new gizmo, the I something or other. It played music which was something she liked.


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~Tension Rising~

Kaze stood besides Shiro who happen to be sitting on the edge of the roof, her feet dangling over the side as she glanced around through the crowd below, searching for something or someone. Kaze honestly couldn't tell you because he didn't know himself.

"What are we doing here Shiro?" Kaze asked quietly, gazing down at the smiling girl next to him.

"You're going to help me disrupt this little gathering. Cause even more fear inside all of these peoples hearts."

A scowl made its way across his face, that his hand tightening into a fist. "Is this necessary? I thought there was more to Hikari than this?" Kaze asked.

"There is, silly boy," Shiro stated, "It's to stop Sora from winning the crowd and gaining more followers for us to use."

"By doing this, will we meet the other members of Hikari?" Kaze asked impatiently.

A sigh could be seen leaving Shiro's lips, the lollipop in her mouth snapping in half, her red eyes locked onto his blue ones in a small glare that he couldn't help but shiver from the way they pierced his soul.

"In time. But, if you keep asking I'll find someone else to replace you." She snapped.

The air disrupted around Kaze that one minute he was watching her then the next his face was jerked up, partially tilted by the pale hand gripping his chin tightly with a grinning Shiro leering down at him from midair and whispering "Summon your keyblade. Don't ask any more questions."

Kaze felt slightly startle by this, feeling her hand slip away, a bead of sweat going doing his face as he summoned his keyblade by flicking his right hand out with a snap, gripping Darkest Mercy in the palm of his hand.

Shiro nodded in satisfaction. "Good boy, this will draw out the heartless."

"The more keyblade wielders that appear, the more drawn out the heartless will be and they'll sense the darkness clinging to those of the light. "

"The power emitting through my keyblade, feels so good...feeling its energy hum and ache for more power." He thought to himself, too distracted from the overleming power pulsing throughout his body, barely noticing Shiro quickly wrapping her arms around his neck, her body pressed up against his back and the hiss of her laughter in his ear as she clung tightly to him.

"While you take care of the crowd, I have someone I need to visit," She spoke into his ear, "I'll leave you to it Kaze."

~A Game of Tag~

With a casual flip in the air, Shiro landed on the ground with a thump, appearing in alley way tucked away into a corner of Midgar and far less crowded by people.

Humming to herself, she looked around for that familiar speck of brown hair she caught sight of from earlier.

"While Kaze is distracted, I'll handle his little brother. I don't need him getting in my way."

Pushing through the crowd, she increased the sound of her humming, looking up at the platform that could be of use to members of Hikari to gain the crowds attention. For now, she had her own goals in mind, getting rid of Kaze's younger brother and searching for more keyblade wielders to target.

As Shiro heard some sort of racket not too faraway, she merely shook her head at the idiots crying out in fear and carried on. In all honesty, she relished in the powers of darkness, feeling it crackle at the edge of her fingertips and craved for more of something she lacked.

"This will be fun, provoking the little one, causing chaos and discord."

Having spotted Cam resting against a wall with his arms folded, Shiro kept still, watching his green eyes searching around, probably for his brother she assumed before catching her watchful gaze and moving on. It wasn't long before his eyes quickly flicked back at her with an expression of shock, followed by anger and something else on Cam's face when he saw her.


Watching Cam make a start forward, she moved fast through the crowd, hearing loud disruptive noises of aggravation, followed by shouts that a wistful smile appeared on her face as she listen to feet pounding after her and couldn't help but laugh.

"Come and play Cam! I want to play!" Shiro called out, twisting and turning through the maze of midgar and getting further away from the rally.

"Get Back Here!" He shouted.

"You have to tag me first!" She called out, turning around to face him with a smile.

"This isn't time for games," He cried out, lungeing for her, "Tell me where Kaze is!"

Shiro leapt out of the way with a tap of her foot that sent him crashing down hard into the ground with a thud. Slowly she turned to face him, watching Cam start to pick himself up off the ground, with a whirl of her red cape brushing her ankles Shiro ground her knees into his back and grabbed hold of the back of his head with her hand and slammed it forward.

"If you know what's best for you, you'll stay out of my way. Your brother isn't who he once was. Best to remember that, boy." Shiro said kindly.

Cam grunted beneath her, trying to dislodge her off of him that she couldn't help but laugh and hold his arms down. "You're quite terrible at tag," Shiro began, "I expected more from you."

With a laugh, Shiro let go of him, flipping backward a few feet to distance herself from him and continue on her way, ignoring the burning glare she was recieving from him.

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"Jeiss, get back!"

But the order from the elder named Hudson came to late. The Archmage was done reciting the words of his spell as Jeiss grew near with his sword in full swing. With a small movement the powerful man extends his arm towards the young man and catches the blade. Normally the strike would have the power to send even Broadway flying, but this man was using magic to stop the blade. As he does this he smiles at the young boy and makes a comment about how annoying pests should just vanish. And that's when a large explosion of magical energy erupts from the hand and consumes the young human. Jeiss can only yell in pain as he feels the magical flames run across his body before finally pooling behind him to create a swirling portal. At this point the only thing that Jeiss can hear is Goliath calling out to him, promising the human that he will be alright. And that's when he passes out.

Almost instantaneously his body appears above a large body of water with enough force from the magical blast to send him jetting through the air leaving a spray of water in his wake. But even this little trip is be short lived. He soon comes across a small island that seems to serve as his preordained landing point. Luckily for him there was quite a bit of sand. Not so luckily for him, the magic was sending him over the sand just as it did the water. That's why with an earth shattering rumble he slams into the face of the small mountain, if one can call it that, leaving an imprint of his entire body. At that point the protective barrier previously cast on him vanishes making him drop to the ground.

He groans from the initial impact that managed to wake him up and forces himself to his feet. He quickly rubs his eyes so as the clear the blur from the impact and looks around only to see that he is not where he originally was. Seeing no hostiles at the current moment he presses a small button on the hilt of the sword and listens as it folds in on itself to form a block of polished metal that fits in his fist. He finally puts the gift from the man known as David Xanatos away in the pouch on his thigh only to replace it with a pair of binoculars. He puts the vision enhancing object to his eyes and quickly scan the horizon until he notices another mass of land somewhat near where he currently stands. He increases the zoom by a small amount and notices that there is civilization on the other island. Thinking about this he puts the binoculars back in the pouch and pulls out the only other device that he owns, a cell phone. He quickly flips it open and dials one of the few numbers that he knows. He puts the device to his ear only to hear no dial tone.

"Did he send me through time again? Wha' 'bout the others?" he asks himself without bothering to hide the Gaelic lilt to his voice.

He slides the phone back into the pouch and takes a step forward only to fall to his knees with a powerful burning sensation running across his body. Now that his mind had calmed down he takes a look at his body and notices that most of it is rather burnt leaving large burn marks on his skin and clothing. He tries to curse to himself only to be hit with another surge of pain. But once it passes he reaches out a shaking hand and draws a single rune in the air. Normally it would seem like he's just tracing an object, but as his finger moves a green trail of light is left in its place to form what looks like a green leaf. Once he finishes drawing the rune it shatters around his body and starts to heal a small portion of the burns. But once the magic is spent he finally allows himself to release his breath as he feels that enough of the pain is gone for him to move on his own.

And that's when he picks up the sounds of voices from somewhere nearby. He strains his ears to listen in on them, but through the pain and various other obstacles he finds himself unable to zero in on their location. So thinking of the best way to get attention of anyone nearby he takes in a deep breath and holds it for a few seconds. He prepares himself for the pain that is about to come as he lets out a yell that vibrates his entire body. For some reason the yell makes his body feel a little less pained, but not enough to really move on his own. His only hope is that someone happened to hear him and is willing to investigate.


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Alex needed to find a way to midgar. But he didn't know anyway to get there. He didn't know anybody at all who had any ship or anything. Alex was trying to find a way out for hours and hours. He then suddenly he found an abandoned ship. Alex jumped in and played with the controls. Nothing happened. " Well this was useless " said Alex. Alex was about to get out but the ship quickly flew off into the sky! " Huh? I must of had to wait a bit. Well then. I'm heading to midgar I guess. " Alex found a digital map and circled midgar. " This is gonna be a long ride...."

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~- Can't Fall Off the Floor -~

“Things have been going well for me," Crowley replied politely, but it couldn't disguise the near slip of the tongue that had happened. "And Amanda’s doing very well, although she can’t seem to grasp the concept of reading and see auras yet.”

Comet nodded in acknowledgement, he could understand that one, despite being a master Riku was still learning the ropes on things. Smiling to conceal the anger that Crowley had stirred, he looked over to see how Sora was doing, knowing that, even if the brunette hid it; he was worried about the rally. Walking over to check on the brunette, he reached out a hand and said, "Don't worry, everything's going to be okay, even if it starts off rocky." Then, turning back to Crowley, Comet commented cheerfully, "So, you and Riku are in the same boat. Mandie's having trouble with it, and Anise keeps annoying Riku because she's not practicing properly."

Well, she'd probably have it by now if she'd, oh I don't know, just listen to me!

Comet flinched at the mental outburst from Riku, and then forgetting that he could be considered crazy, Comet growled in response, "Yeah, but even if Anise has made a lot of progress as one of your students; you can't change a cat's stripes, Riku." Comet shook his head and glanced around the room, reading the warning look in Vesper's eyes, he shrugged and added mentally, Riku, can you please get over here quickly?

Sure, after I finish up with this guy and finding out if he's in any serious danger. Oh, and Comet, just brush off anything Crowley says that annoys you, 'kay?

Comet rolled his eyes in response to that answer, he hated when Riku pulled off one of these stunts. "Well, it's a little easier said then done, but fine." He muttered under his breath, trying to keep some of his anger restrained; Comet looked at everyone in the room and waited for someone to say something to break the awkward silence that started to settle in between them.

~- Lighthearted Conversations and New Ally -~

"1.0's alright Riku-man and of course little emo's under control man."

Riku grinned at Deadpool's response, he'd expected the greeting he'd gotten while Deadpool worked on getting dress. Turning his back to the other man to give him some privacy, Riku listened to Amanda's and Anise's conversation, finding it amusing. "But yeah everything's alright. Also 1.0 swam all the way here from the main island." Deadpool added in amusement.

Turning back around, he heard Lily clear her throat to get his attention. "Riku, we need to get going, the others are waiting." A sheepish smile spreading across his face, he listened as Mandie backed it up (unintentionally granted) with, “Lead the way Riku!”

Nodding his head, Riku glanced at everyone and turned in the direction the hanger. "This way," he said calmly, before he quickly walked away, trying to keep his pace slow so the others could keep up. Stopping mid-step as a yell rang through the air, tensing at the sound Riku looked around him and then ran off in the direction of the sound's origin. What's going on? Is someone in trouble? Duh, someone just yelled, why wouldn't they be in trouble? Riku rambled mentally, trying to keep his concern hidden from Lily for the time being. Coming across someone leaning in the sand, he slowed down to a walk and called, "Are you okay?"

Riku, can you get over here quickly?

Riku rolled his eyes mentally at the agitation he picked up off of the mental request from Comet. Sure, after I finish up with this guy and finding out if he's in any serious danger. Oh, and Comet, just brush off anything Crowley says that annoys you, 'kay? A grin drifted across his face against the reluctant agreement, he knew that Comet hated Crowley since he kept confusing the two of them. Looking at the stranger, he noticed the burns that he had and waited in silence for an answer.

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~- Only Way to Get There -~

"I think I saw him heading toward Sora and the gummi ship, so how about we all get going?"

"Hey, I was asking Mandie, not you, R... Master!" Anise tried to keep her tone respectful, and to address him the correct way; but Lily could still see the girl struggle to keep her tongue under control. Lily knew it wasn't Anise's intent to disrespect Riku; in truth, she idolized him, looking up to him as the father figure she'd never had the chance to have before. It was just that her personality was so contrary as a defense against life for so long, Anise had trouble expressing herself as anything but difficult most of the time. The girl demanded respect from her peers, and craved the approval of the male authority figures in her life, even if her stubborn pride would never let her admit it.

But even so, she couldn't hide the excitement of seeing her cousin, and the change in Anise's eyes brought a smile to Lily's face. Another voice rang through the air, and Lily gave a nod of acknowledgment in Ren's direction, although she almost started laughing at the confusion on Mandie's face at the exchange that was going on as Ren introduced himself as Deadpool. Lily watched as Anise jumped off the dock, a devious grin on her face as she called, "Hey, Headcase! Long time no straight jacket, huh? Why not let Cloud out for a bit, huh? I could use some practice with my crystals, after all!"

"How about not, and we save that exhibition for later, Anise?" Lily interrupted gently, but with enough authority to keep the headstrong girl from pushing it further. Anise rolled her eyes, showing what she thought of that idea, but she didn't try issuing the challenge again. Turning around to follow Riku, Lily continued, "Come along now, you three. Sora's waiting for us."

“So, have learned anything about auras yet? I can’t seem to get them at all”

"Some, but it's frustratingly difficult. Riku says it's because I need to 'keep a better focus on my center and keep a clear head', whatever that means." Anise air quoted that last bit, her frustration clear in her tone. But under that, Lily heard a current of excitement; Anise had been working at her aura reading for close to a year now, and the challenge of mastering the technique, when almost everything else was too easy, was positively thrilling to her.

Lily's attention was drawn as a cry rang out; swiveling her head around, the woman saw Riku bolt off, his path taking him to the still form of a boy. Inhaling quickly, she let the boy's scent wash through her; after realizing that she couldn't place his scent to someone she knew, she felt her protective instinct take over at the thought of Riku being too close to him. Keeping an open mind, she let the question drift into his mind, Riku, do you know him?

No, I don't. How about you take the students and meet up with Sora, Lily? I'll catch up with you guys after I see if he needs any help. He's got some pretty nasty burns.

She still wasn't too keen on this idea, but she also knew that Riku wasn't a Keyblade Master for nothing. Okay, but be swift, okay?

Like the wind, Flower Wolf. Be there soon.

Lily rolled her eyes at the joke, but smiled at the nickname. Raising her hand to cut Anise's questions short, Lily said, "As much as it goes against the grain, we have only a short window of time for what needs to be done. We need to continue to the ship; Sora's waiting, and Riku will be along soon." Turning from the way Riku had gone, Lily continued toward the hanger, letting the kids decide if they would follow orders, or break off to appease their curiosity.

~- These Places and These Faces -~

“We can’t not show up; because I think it really would add more fuel to the fire. We’ll just have to try and reason with them, that’s all.”

Sora's right on this one, Vesper thought, though this time it was aimed solely at Aqua. Once an idea's taken root, there's no other way to banish it but to quell it at the source. We need to meet with Hikari.

That doesn't mean I have to like it, though.

I never said you had to; I don't either. It's just the only option we have as of now. Vesper knew Aqua's caution too well; of the three of them, she'd been the most likely to hang back and get all the facts, but the war against Xehanort had almost pushed her into the realm of paranoia with how reluctant she could become. He saw her nod her head slightly in agreement, but the frown tugging at her eyes betrayed her still worried mind.

"Yeah, but even if Anise has made a lot of progress as one of your students; you can't change a cat's stripes, Riku."

Vesper turned to look at Comet, giving the silver haired man a quick look. Careful, Comet. Remember where we're going and who will be there; they won't know you're speaking to Riku, and we need to keep the hostility triggers as low as possible.

For a moment, quiet conversation filled the cabin of the ship; an even quieter conversation was in Vesper's own mind as Tora came over, throwing her arms around his neck in a hug as she started chatting almost instantly. The chatter wasn't to Crowley's liking, Vesper could see; but then again, the man had always been like that. He had a good mind, and was quick to pick up on things; but he didn't tolerate crowds too well, and was nearly as snarky as Anise. That fact had proven to be disastrous during the short time Anise had apprenticed under him; as the old saying went, Crowley and Anise had been too much alike and with no common ground between them. After a rather nasty incident with one of her fire crystals and his stop spells, Riku had taken Anise to train, and that had been the end of that mistake; except that it left one hell of a divide between Anise and Crowley, causing things to get tense whenever the two were forced into the other's presence.

Speaking of which...

"Riku keeps telling me that meditation will work, and it does help a little. Although, don't let him hear you start screwing around; trust me, he might be a Keyblade Master, but he's got a mean right hook too!"

Turning to the door, Vesper saw Lily enter the ship, with Anise close behind, chatting with Amanda. Looking over to Crowley for a moment, Vesper sighed, a wry thought entering into his mind.

They were going to need some kind of distraction for this trip, or else the fireworks were going to start before they even got to Midgar.

~- Get Prepared for a War -~

The roar of the engine was loud in his ears as Cloud traveled the back streets of Midgar, winding the bike through the people that had had the sense to avoid the crowds that choked the main roads. His face was set in a stern line, but that didn't change how his gut was twisting in on itself as his instincts screamed at him; he didn't care what this Hikari said about wanting a peaceful assembly. He'd helped Barret and AVALANCHE once, so Cloud knew a terrorist organization when he saw one; the only question was what their angle was, and Cloud wouldn't be at ease until that point was brought to light.

These doubts are weakness. Weakness is death. Is that what you really want?

"Shut-up," Cloud hissed, disgust clear in his voice. True, he'd finally subdued Sephiroth, if you could call it that. At least it seemed the corporeal manifestation of Cloud's Darkness seemed slightly less unreasonable; Sephiroth wasn't quite as hell bent on making Cloud's life miserable in any case, but it was still a pain to get any kind of cooperation from the man.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

A hand slid down Cloud's arm, calming him and stilling the churning thoughts. Sparing a glance over his shoulder, he caught the slight smile on Aerith's face, but also the concern in her green eyes. He smiled back at her, trying to put her at ease. "Guess I just have a few things on my mind."

Sympathy flashed through her eyes as Aerith said, "Let me guess. Hikari, Sephiroth, your sister and Letty, right?"

"Two out of four, until you mentioned the girls. Now it's four out of four."

The both of them fell silent, the bike's engine the only thing that broke the air. Cloud could still feel the angry accusation of Raine's glare boring into him again, even though they'd left her behind an hour ago. Truth be told, that was the precise reason that she was pissed at him; Raine had known as soon as Letty ran into her aunt's hug that Cloud was banking on Letty keeping Raine away from the rally. Raine was a Natural, a mage that could pull out the truest powers of the arcane, and Letty was only nine; in Cloud's mind, neither one of them had a place at that rally, not if he wanted any chance of being able to focus. Cloud had wanted Aerith to stay too, but he knew there was no way she would have gone for that, so he'd settled for his sister and his daughter's safety. If by some chance something happened, and the girls came under fire, Cloud knew they'd still be okay; Raine was no slouch in a fight, and her boyfriend Firion was a one man army.

"Cloud, I think we're here."

Pulling himself out of his thoughts for a second time, Cloud stopped the bike as he eyed the crowd gathered around the square. For the most part, people were fairly relaxed, but he sensed a thick strand of tension riding the currents just below the surface. Killing the engine, he felt Aerith slide off just before he swung off himself. Cracking the compartments on the bike that held the blades for his sword, Cloud heard several sets of steps come up behind him just as he pulled the last of the side blades out and placed them in the holster on his back.

"Man, you planning on getting jumped during this rally or something?"

"You're the one always telling me to be prepared, remember, Zack?" Turning around, Cloud allowed a brief smile to cross his face at the site of his friend, but then he got serious again. "Do you know when they're going to be here?"

"Should be sometime soon," Leon said, eyeing the blond and black haired warriors before turning his look skyward.

Zack followed the brunette's look, his own smile sliding for a moment. "Hope so; Sora's about the only one with the right magic touch to make this crowd stay calm. I've got the feeling that we might be looking at a hell of a riot if things get out of hand.

Looking out over the crowd, Cloud said softly, "Then lets make sure if doesn't come to that."

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~- This Is Your Last Warning -~

Talk about screwing it up!

After all, you never let your target see you. That was the first rule that the assassin had gotten down; the next? You don't put the Brotherhood in danger. Okay, technically he hadn't been seen; after all, Sephiroth had no idea what his face looked like, just the hood. But technicalities aside, his cover had been blown, so he couldn't make it a quick and easy kill; if there was such a thing in the first place...

The assassin dodged another swing from his deader's sword. The only thing he was grateful about was that this one was too prideful to call for backup, even from his light half. Coolly, he eyed Sephiroth, thinking for a moment; deciding that he might as well go all out as of now, the hooded man goaded, "Seriously, who carries around an eight foot sword? Do you have size issues?"

Ducking the swing that came for his head, the assassin rolled away, then immediately threw a dagger at the swordsman as he muttered, "I'll take that as a yes." Leaping to his feet, he had just enough time to draw his own blade and raise it to block the strike that Sephiroth aimed for his head. Spinning around in a tight circle for a round house kick, the assassin felt his right leg connect with his target's left side, knocking him off balance. Shoving him backwards, the assassin walked slowly toward him, staring at the silver haired warrior with a scowl firmly in place. Giving the hooded one a cool appraisal of his own, the SOLDIER said softly, "Tell me something, since you seem so intent on killing me. Who are you?"

The assassin came to a stop, his sword held tightly in his hand. "Who I am is of no concern to you. Just know I have a job to do, and I will complete it." Sensing that the man was trying to lure him into a trap, the assassin jumped away as Sephiroth leaped to his feet, coming up swinging. Deflecting the strike, the man glared at the other warrior from behind the safety of his hood. This is turning out to be a major pain; but then again, does anything ever go as planned? Enter Hell for all involved, stage right, he mused, avoiding another of Sephiroth's strikes. The move seemed to stoke the other man's ire, finally causing his composure to crack.

"Stop playing! I know you can fight, so do it already!"

Without a word, the assassin's hand snaked into the knife belt at his side; barely looking at Sephiroth, the assassin snapped his arm out, sending the blade flying. The knife went flying past Sephiroth, causing the man to sneer in contempt for a moment, only for shock to show in his eyes a second later. Reaching up, he flicked the thin line of blood away from his face, and the assassin knew that the man was noting that the blade had passed just a fraction of a hair beneath his eye; even more than that, he realized that the other man had missed on purpose. Once the reality of who he was fighting sank in for Sephiroth, the assassin said softly, "You have absolutely no idea what I'm capable of. But if you want the truth before you die, you will have it; but you need to stop playing games as well."

A glare hardening his eyes to ice, Sephiroth took a firmer grip on his blade as the assassin reached for his crossbow. But before either one of them moved, a soft, barely whispered sound drew both of their attention up. Cursing under his breath, the assassin had barely enough time to dive out of the way as a dark shape came dropping down from the sky. Sephiroth didn't fare so well; his eyes widening as a blade swiftly slid through his back, the SOLDIER stood tall for a moment before weakness swept through him, causing him to crumple to the ground.

"Hello, assassin."

A feminine voice, smooth and dark, drew the assassin's horrified attention from his failed objective. Raising his eyes from Sephiroth, the assassin saw the cloaked figure standing above the fallen body gently remove the blade from the man's back. A deep cowl hid her features, and the robes gave only the slightest indication of the curves they hid. In fact, if she hadn't spoken, the assassin would have believed that she was Death personified, come at last to call vengeance on foolish, willful mortals such as himself.

The cowl moved ever so slightly as her head tilted to the side, seeming to study him. After a moment, she spoke again, a mild note of amusement in her voice. "You seem angered, assassin. Is it because I took your kill?"

He turned a steely glare on her, though the shadows of his own hood covered his eyes. This job had taken a great deal of time for him; because of how complicated the ties were between Sephiroth and Cloud, the assassin had needed to go about things carefully, unless he'd wanted to harm Cloud in the process of completing the contract. He'd finally found the way to expose of the dark while leaving the light safe, but now...

Turning his thoughts away from that path, the assassin studied what he could of the woman, using the few clues he had to try and gain the upper hand. Sensing that she wasn't the type to play games unless she wanted something, he said, "Before you tell me what you want... Why? Why did you take my contract when I nearly had him?"

Her posture tensed slightly, and her voice was like the arctic when she said, "The man was guilty, and so he was judged."

"Guilty of what?"

The hood dipped as she looked down, unseen eyes studying the prone body. "Arrogance. Pride. Corruption. His darkness has hurt and broken many lives, and his judgment was to forfeit his own."

He heard disdain in her voice, an empty, icy contempt for the man she had slain. The assassin shuddered; this woman might talk about the atonement of Sephiroth's sins, but all the assassin heard was icy wind echoing through a hollow snow cavern.

"But what of you, assassin?" Both of their heads lifted, eyes trying to pierce the darkness beneath the other's cowl while they hid behind their own; even without being able to see her face, he was nearly certain that a small smile hooked the corner of her mouth up, taunting him. "You have sins of your own. You too, have broken lives in the course of fulfilling your contracts. You too should have your life forfeit in judgment. Why should I stay my blade from your flesh?"

Despite the threat, he kept his voice level, calm, as he replied, "Because you wish to extend me a contract, don't you?"

He sensed that hidden smile grow broader as, slowly, her hand dipped into a fold of her cloak. Withdrawing a small, yet thick file, she threw it to him, watching as the assassin caught it with ease. "Talented and intelligent, I see. It seems as if those two qualities don't come together nearly often enough."

Holding back the retort he longed to give, he leafed through the papers inside, familiarizing himself with his targets, all either Masters or apprentices of the Keyblade. In a certain way, many of the deaders didn't surprise him; a few had already tried, but none had succeeded. In fact, the assassin was positive that at one brother had lost his life to one of these, so he knew this was a dangerous task.

He'd always enjoyed a challenge.

His eyes narrowed beneath his hood, the assassin plucked one file out before closing the folder. Steel in his voice, he said softly, "Most of these are acceptable, but this one isn't. I don't take the lives of children."

"Young they may be, but they are far from innocent. They too need to be judged, as do the others. You'll want to watch out for that one, as well as this one..." In a flash, the cloaked woman was by the assassin's side; plucking another file out, she laid it on top of the one he held, so that a pair of deep green eyes hid the blue ones of before. "These two may sense you coming. They have the Sight, so you'll need to hide yourself. But then again, as you yourself have the Sight, this shouldn't be too difficult for you, should it?"

He glanced sideways at the woman, noting again the blackness of her aura, broken only by slicks of orange and spurts of red. For a moment, he fingered the release for the hidden blade at his wrist, considering burying it in her neck. Even without the Sight, he could tell this woman was dangerous, that the world would be better without her in it. But something told him that he would have to appease the blade's hunger for blood another time; he sensed that if he tried to strike now, it would be his blood that would spill.

Sighing, he returned the two pages to the folder before tucking it beneath his coat, stepping away from the woman in the process. "Very well. The contract has been accepted, and it will be carried out. With so many targets, it will take some time, but it will be done."

He sensed that smile twisting at her mouth again as she whispered, "Excellent. And now, as for your payment..." She stopped speaking, a contemplative quietness about her being. Then, swift as lightning, her hand reached into the folds of her cloak, pulling the blood stained sword out once more. Her voice taking on a completely different quality, she said darkly, "Your payment will be your life. Succeed, and you will keep it. Reject the contract, it will be forfeit. Fail, it will be forfeit. Try to back out, it will be forfeit; there will be no cold feet. Your own judgment has begun. Success or death are your only options."

"The contract will be completed. Once I accept one, it is seen through to the end. You need not fear in that regard; you have my word. But you mistake me, madam. I hold no fear of death; that's what happens when you're surrounded by it. You come to accept it, embrace it; you even come to consider it a friend." Then, he did the hardest thing he'd done in a long time. Turning his back to the woman, he walked away, leaving himself exposed the entire time. As his back remained intact and dagger free, he slowly relaxed, but it wasn't until he'd rounded the corner and scaled the wall to the roof that he finally felt the tension ease completely. Pulling the folder out again, he flicked it open, his gaze again landing on the top file, green eyes glaring at him with open insolence. Reading it over again, he felt a grim smile edge its way onto his mouth.

Yeah, it was definitely going to be a bloody war.

~- Sleep In Your Only Memory -~

She walked up to her friend, staring up at the older and more crueler woman, the girl played with a dagger, spinning it between her fingers. Remaining silent, she looked around, seeing evidence of her friend's newest plaything. She didn't look at the other cloaked being as they said nonchalantly, "What are you doing here? Is it because of the rally? Or is it concern for me?"

"Neither or both, I don't know for sure."

She felt the sharp glare her colleague threw her; brushing it away, she asked, "Do you have everything for our message?"

She didn't have to look to know her friend had rolled her eyes as the older woman snapped, "Naturally." A low, rumbling growl began rising in the air. Turning to look, the girl saw two wolves pull themselves from the shadows, one a massive, steel grey male and the other a smaller, white female. Watching them, she saw them slink forward, coming to stand above the fallen warrior that her friend had felled.

Turning to look at her, a cold, unfeeling smile spread across the younger one's face. "Perfect, time to wait for the fun to begin."
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~Darkest Hour~

This couldn’t be happening.

The magma was all over the teenage girl, eating away at her flesh like acid as she tried and failed to hold back screams of agony and anguish. Her partner watched from six feet away, paralyzed with fear and uncertainty and wishing he knew what to do. Henry hated himself for this weakness, scared shitless and frozen to the spot while his partner burned alive right in front of him. This simply couldn’t be happening. It was a dream, that’s what it was. He was just dreaming up this impossible situation, his own weakness, the smell of sizzling human skin..

Their enemy’s creepy laugh, the sadistic pleasure in her purple eyes..

“Half a second too slow” the red cloaked clad enemy in question remarked, red hair blowing in the breeze “You dodged my attack and very nearly managed to strike at my opening, but in the end keyblade master you were too slow and I wound up striking yours. Its too bad really”

The witch cackled while Harmony tried to do something, anything at all, to get herself out of this. One hand gripped her keyblade tightly as an idea came to her head, a dangerous one but it was the only chance she had of getting out of this, of completing the mission she set out this morning to do.

“You can’t!” Henry read her rapidly fading mind like a book “In your condition its too dangerous!”

Harmony ignored him and continued to try and get some lava off of her but to no avail. She lifted her keyblade shakily as Henry shouted himself hoarse and thrust it down, cutting into herself once and screaming out in pain at the self inflicted wound before rasing it back up again, the metal now half covered in blood. The orange haired girl closed her eyes and focused on her magic, blocking off the intense pain and the shouting as it pooled with in her, a circle appearing under her body and lines forming and connecting both inside of the circle, and on her body.

The Witch, realizing what the young keyblader was up to, swore and started to move forward, rasing her hand and summoning a dozen black monsters to her aid, lion looking heartless gifted with fast movement and claws made for killing. They, witch and her underlings, moved as one to rush the girl and kill her before the ritual was complete, but she was stopped, kicked square in the chest and sent flying back by Henry, the dark skinned boy glaring daggers at her as he dismissed his own keyblade

“You won’t pass” the brown eyed boy growled, looking brave on the outside and worried sick on the inside.

Meanwhile Harmony was now covered in blue, flamelike markings and the circle under her had a swirl like pattern in the center. Her keyblade vanished as Liberty’s lionlike heartless entered the circle. Harmony winced but knew there was no time to expel them, instead she made a handsign, the sign of the tiger and focused her magic one last time.


“No!!” Liberty screamed in fury as the circle flashed gold and Harmony vanished into thin air. Henry breathed a sigh of relief as Liberty turned burning red eyes of rage on him. He met them with an icy stare of his own.

“You’ll pay for this with your LIFE boy” she growled. Henry shook his head.

“No” he replied “you’ll pay for hurting my friend with yours”

He clasped his hands together as Liberty inhaled deeply before spitting magma at him, Henry closed his eyes and began to speak again

“I call upon the souls of the chosen...”

~Plans broken and Remade~

A man in a hood stepped forward, the leader of Hikari. The time was now, his speech was now. His comrades were all in the prefect positions, strategically placed to perfectly ignite the crowd with fury in all the right places. The talkative people grew silent as he stood at the microphone, taking it in his hand and smiling.

“My people” he began, voice loud and deep “We are gathered here today...”

There was a flash of light, bright golden light, and in the sky a circle appeared. A golden circle with a spiral in the middle. A pillar of light shot out of it and into the middle of the crowd, who screamed out and scattered. The light faded to reveal a keyblade stuck in the ground, a keyblade the hooded figure didn’t recognize. Something black fell from the circle, several black shapes.


Lionlike heartless hit the ground, landing on their feet and let out a deafening roar. It looked like there was at least a dozen of them if not more, and they were attacking the crowd, creating even more heartless, multiplying. The hooded figure smiled wider.

A keyblade appears, destruction follows.

He couldn’t have destroyed the people’s faith in the key any better if he tried.

~Courtesy Call~

It wasn’t everyday a girl appeared out of nowhere in his lap.

Sora had been making small talk with everyone and waiting patiently for the rest of the group to arrive. A silence had fallen between them all that was broken quickly by a flash of golden light and a teenager (OOC:without the coat) appearing and landing in his lap.

Her hair was a light orange color, eyes matching it and she looked young, fifteen or sixteen at best. She was covered in blue, flame like markings that were currently glowing red and slowly crawling back to some point of her stomach. She blinked, looking dizzy and looking herself over.

“It worked” she murmured, voice soft “It actually worked...”

“Who the hell are you?”

Crowley of course, the man possessed no tack whatsoever even when he was voicing what everyone in the room was thinking. The girl jumped, the marks all gone, and then blushed, looking up at Sora before scampering off of his lap. The blush and embarrassment turned quickly to horror and panic as she quickly looked at Sora

“Mr. Sora!” she said “You’ve gotta come with me!”

Sora stared at her. “What?”

“Midgar is under attack by heartless! Powerful ones!” she said quickly “Sora you’ve got to come with me to help!”

Sora put a calming hand on her shoulder “How do you know this?” he asked “Did you come from there?”

She shook her head “No! But my key is there and..and I can sense it!”

Telling him that she brought them there probably wouldn’t fly and there was no way she could even begin to fight all of those keybladers as hurt as she was. She doubted she could handle more than a few of them at her full health. The interdimensional travel ritual had cured the worst of her life threatening wounds and spat her out at a safe location far away from the heartless, but it had also separated her from her keyblade, and only means of safe transportation.

Safe. Not only.

A inky black portal appeared in front of them and Sora stared at it uncertainly. Harmony understood why and silently thanked the gods above that she knew enough about this side of the universe to remember what worlds were called.

“Sora we don’t have time for this!” Harmony said “If we wait too long Midgar is gonna be swallowed!”

Sora bit his lip and sighed “Aqua. Take command. Get everyone to Midgar as fast as possible”

Crowley spoke up “You CANNOT be serious...”

“If she’s a liar then I can handle it. She’s hurt. If I stand her uncertain people might die” Sora growled, nerves snapping like strings. He nodded at Harmony and stood up as she cast an apologetic look at Sora’s companions. Without another word the duo stepped into the portal and vanished. There was silence.

“What the HELL just happened?”

Broken by Crowley.


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Lights out & Time for Action!

Cam's green eyes slowly blinked open, taking in his surroundings that were hazy at first but, began to clear as everything came into focus. The sensation of pounding in the back of his skull made his hand instantly reach up, wincing in pain as it started to throb and glanced around the empty alley way; brick walls on either side of him, a trash can to the far right and a door greeted him.

"How did I get here?" Cam mumbled to himself, slowly recollecting the taunting laughter, the swirl of a red cloak and flying fists; made him stand up instantly in alarm. Except, he fell sideways, propping himself up against the wall with his left forearm and let out a low growl in his throat, noting the girl he was after, wasn't here anymore. The only lead to his brother. "Damn it! If I hadn't lowered my guard down, I would of had her!"

After taking a few deep breaths, did he make his way out of the alley way, step by step on the concrete ground. Rounding the corner, did he see people in the stands, crowds of them gathered around, murmuring to themselves. Only to flinch, when he heard the microphone come to life. Listening intently to the voice coming out of the microph e speakers above him, only to hear the voice stop. His eyes widen at the pillar of light beaming into the center of the crowd, tons of people fleeing, knocking into his shoulders or pushing him aside.

"The hell?" Cam scowled, ignoring the amount of people rushing past him, watching the light fade, revealing a keyblade struck to the ground and tons of heartless pouring out by the hundreds.

"Looks like this party will be having a rain check."

To his left, a lionlike heartless was backing people up against the wall, no where for them to run, a mother clutching her baby to her chest, shivering in fear as the heartless roared, revealing its pointed teeth, tail swishing back and forth; toying with them like they were food. A few people moved out of the way of its claws, making its sharp claws let out a deafening screech upon the wall, leaving marks.

Cam took out his arrow guns, firing at the smaller heartless chasing people into the alley way, making his way to the more lethal looking heartless; his eyes zooming in on the lionlike heartless with its teeth snapping forward to bite the mother and child in two. In a flash, Cam appeared between them, blocking the teeth with his right arrow gun, despite the heavy weight of its teeth, using the left arrow gun and shoving it between its jaws.

"What's wrong? Don't like playing with your food, kitty?" Cam smiled darkly, making the lionlike heartless eyes widen and chew harder on the arrow gun.

"That's too BAD!"

Pulling back the trigger with his forefinger, a swoosh of fire came roaring out of the arrow gun and into the lions jaws. He watched in satisfaction as it thrashed about, trying to pull away and be consumed by the deadly fire, making its mouth blacken, turning it into ashes. Within moments, it's whole entire body went up in flames and vanished before him.

"Get moving." Cam order, making the cowering mother look up, completely startled and ran for her life.

The moment they were out of sight without a trace of heartless following them, did Cam turn his back to the crowd, five soldier heartless instantly surrounding him, two of them grabbing onto his legs with their claws and making him stagger back slightly by their weight. The clank of their armor growing louder and annoying to his ears.

"Hell no! I don't think so!" He shouted, firing his left arrow gun down at the ones holding onto his legs, creating a gust of air, causing them to let go and get thrown up into the air; slicing them to pieces with hidden blades inside of the mini vortexes.

The three remaining heartless launched themselves into the air, trying to overtake him by surprise. Whipping out both arrow guns forward, pulling back both triggers with his fingers; a stream of bullets greeted and destroyed them instantly.

"Oh yeah!" Cam shouted in victory, fist pumping the air with his right arrow gun...

Until he was blindsided by another lionlike heartless, rampaging forward on all fours, lips pulled back with its pointed teeth showing and knocking into him with a head butt; hurling him into a brick wall with a thud, causing a few bricks to fall out, bits of dirt and smoke pouring out around his body.

Cam let out a painful groan, green eyes looking up in time to see a huge claw barreling down towards his face..?!