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  • Sorry man, can we talk later, I'm not feeling well, right now I just need to go......... far away as possible...... later........
    Hmm... video games song I really like. ok, I think it's this one from Tales of Graces theme song called White wishes, nice song, I don't know if it's your type of music though. it's quite soft. xD

    oh, also I can't seem to load that video cause my computer is soo slow, it will take about half an hour for it to load, but I can download the song so I can listen to it. thanks. :)
    I was just joking I didn't find the perfect character I hate most, so, Wario was the only character I can think of, for laughs though. xD he is quite hilarious. :)
    Dude, you are soo hilarious bro, I think I know who I hate it's Wario from Mario, I wanna strangle him soo bad and make him eat dog food. xD
    I don't know who? I'll try to think of one, but I can't seem to remember. I'll tell ya real soon who it is, ok. :)

    what about you is there another character you hate? :)
    Oh.... I see, so that's why you hate her soo much, I get the picture now. also, is she insane with all that voice accent that keep changes? xD
    Hey, just so you should know that was a joke. :) I think I'm going to bed now, cause I'm very tired right now, I'll talk to you later alright. :)
    Lol, cool bro. :)

    Well, there is one I didn't find very appealing to look at it's Master Xehanort. xD but he's pretty cool with his desire for darkness and kingdom hearts, also trying forge X-blade. (I think) :)
    There's no need to show me the video Rob, I did play Birth by sleep, it was an interesting story and it was AWESOME!!! but thanks for showing it to me. :)

    you did know my computer is slow right? remember when I told ya? :)
    Sure, :) I'll try to keep up with ya, since you know more about KH than I do, I'm not very knowledgeable on these type of subjects. I'll try my best though.

    you start first. :)
    Lol, sure, but I think it was kinda hilarious to be talking about such a subject. xD well, there's only one thing I have to say to the ignorant people. people=8hit!

    okay, what do you want to talk about next? :)
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