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Fanfiction ► Beginning of Destiny

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Ban Mido

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Okay, this looks like all the comments I'm getting for now. I'll be getting to work on my other one soon.

And FYI, I did a little tweaking to the first post.

Nelo Angelo

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Dec 13, 2006
Good good Matt.
Wait tweakin to the first post as in the first chapter or the latest chapter?

Nelo Angelo

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Dec 13, 2006
Ah yes i see it. You added some more info and made the title look pretty cool.
I forgot how it looked before though ^^;; but that is what you've changed right?

Ban Mido

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Like I said in the other one, School work takes priority over the story. Once I feel like I'm comfortable with where I am with my school work, I'll start working on them.

Ban Mido

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Just bumping this up. And to let you people know that I'll be free up to work on this in the next week or so. In fact, I've already got chapter 14 started.

Ban Mido

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Chapter 24: Side Stepped Side Story #IV: Rose red Blood! Pt-2

“HOLY CRAP IN A HAT!!!” Axel yelled, barely audible through the almost deafening sound of steel piercing stone. He had barely managed to dodge Marluxia’s scythe, swung at him just as Marluxia was about to reach the ground, putting the entirety of his weight into his strike. Axel’s heels skidded on the stone floor as he slid on his landing. He pressed his palm against the pavement slow, down to a stop before looking up towards Marluxia.

“C'est Magnifique…” Marluxia lilted, barely audible to Axel over the ringing in his ears left by sound of Marluxia’s assault on the stone floor of the area. He looked up with an unsettlingly evil sneer across his face. He straightened his posture and with a deft tug upon his scythe, removed it from the floor, leaving a rather large and noticeable gash across the tiles, along with several spider-webbing their way out from the hole. Marluxia gave it a slight spin and slammed the bottom end of his weapon onto the ground, presenting its pink blade with flare.

“Wha…” Axel croaked in astonishment and disbelief as he stood to his feet. He looked at the large and gulped nervously. He gritted his teeth in an effort to steel his nerves. Axel thrusted his finger towards Marluxia in a display of anger and annoyance. “WHAT THE HELL?!? WHAT THE HELL’S WRONG WITH YOU, ATTACKING ME LIKE THAT?!? AND ANOTHER THING! I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU’RE PLANNING, EVEN YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN MAKING A DISPLAY LIKE THAT! YOU JUST ENDANGERED OUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE WITH THAT STUNT! EVERYBODY MILES AROUND MUST HAVE HEAR THAT!”

“That’s much better. You know, Castle Oblivion is just so stifling. I can hardly feel my own power there.” Marluxia stated tiredly as he ran his fingers through his hair, paying Axel’s outburst no heed and further irritating the Nobody. Marluxia caressed the blade of “My Est Monté le Sang Rouge shines much better in the sunlight.”

“I could care less about your queer scythe! It doesn’t change the fact that this terrace is gonna be flooded with people in about ten seconds, reducing the secret of our secret organization to shreds!”

“Would you stop your screeching!” Marluxia barked with disgust and annoyance. “God, you’re such an idiot! You can’t even notice when a spell of area misdirection is cast around you!”

“Area misdirection?”

“Oui.” Marluxia chirped, now admiring his reflection caught by his blade. He pulled a brush from his pocket and started running it through his hair as he looked in the mirror. “Tis a special type of spell that affects the senses inside or outside of a specific area. Most magically inclined beings would feel when such a spell is cast in the area they’re in. But then again, I guess I’m not dealing with the smartest Nobody on the block, now am I?”

Now that he mentions it… Pondered Axel, finally beginning to learn to ignore Marluxia’s verbal attacks. I did feel a slight twinge in the back of my neck right before he crashed the party. So that was magic sense. I just thought it was the creeps. I always get the creeps when he’s around.

“The spell that I had cast was a bit of an improvisation of my own devising. It directs the thoughts of everyone in a twenty mile radius away from the area it was cast upon. Unless they have reason to go or pass through, they won’t ever think of investigating our ‘business meeting.’” Scoffed the pink haired Nobody, he gestured towards the clock tower which read six thirty. “And seeing as you came in on the last train of the day, I doubt we’ll have any interruptions. Hell, we could bring in a herd of elephants and conduct Beethoven’s fifth symphony with their flatulence, and other than noticing the spell, nobody would even think to notice.”

Well, that’s a rather interesting mental image… Axel pondered with a raised brow. Marluxia had crouched down, one leg extended while another was bent into lunging position, firmly grasping his scythe with both hands, ready to strike. Axel looked on with a raised brow. “Hold on for a sec trigger! Don’t be in such a hurry!”

“And why not?”

“Well for one thing…” Drawled a confident Axel, chest prominently displayed in pride and arrogance. “It’s impossible for you to hit me with that scythe of yours.”

“Est cela ainsi?” Marluxia inquired coldly. He pointed to Axel’s right arm, prompting Axel to look glance down. He was astounded to see that the sleeve of his leather had a large cut, parting the dense hide. When did he—

“Well? Are you just going to stand there and make things easy for me, or are you going to actually fight? Summon your weapons!” An impatient Marluxia demanded harshly as he resumed his fighting stance, snapping Axel to attention.

“Well since you asked so nicely…” Axel retorted sarcastically, excitement over the prospect of a fight. He stretched out his right arm and clenched his hand, preparing to summon his chakram when the image of Zexion’s face contorted in pain and fear as his body transformed into that of a Dusk’s, something he had witnessed only days ago, flashed through his mind, stopping Axel cold in his tracks. That’s Right! The Boss doesn’t want Nobodies fighting each other, and if the punishment he gave Zexy is even half of what I might have to look forward to, then this victory might be better off as the fight not fought.

“On second thought…”Axel drawled nervously, returning his arm to his side as he began to back step away from his fellow nobody. “I just remembered that I have this very important meeting with a man about a horse. Toodles!”

Axel turned on his heel and ran for the exit out of the plaza. As he was about to exit into the streets, he slammed into an invisible wall, preventing him from reaching the outside world. He rubbed his nose, sore from the sudden impact.

“What is this?” He asked himself, banging his fists against the invisible wall. “A veil of shadows?”

“Correct.” Marluxia chimed, as he strolled up to him, scythe in hand. “It’s a special kind of dark magic. It creates a wall of darkness, blocking the escape of anybody trapped within. I threw it up just in case, but I’d never dreamed that you’d attempt to run. Are you that afraid of me Axel?”

“A limp wristed sissy like you? Not a chance.” barked an unhappy Axel in reply. He scowled as he stared back at Marluxia, leaning against the invisible wall. “Hell, I’d have an easier time with you than I did Zexion. I’d be able to take you down with both hands tied behind my back and nothing but a wet noodle as a weapon!”

“Zexion?” Marluxia repeated the name of the older member in surprise. He let the scythe fall to rest on his shoulder, blade facing downward. “You fought Zexion?”

“Yeah…” Axel said in a hush. “And apparently the boss doesn’t like it when team members don’t play nice.”

“Intéressant...” An intrigued Marluxia hummed. A mischievous grin arouse onto his face, an eyebrow raised in suspicion. “There is talk amongst the lessers these past few days that Zexion got some big punishment a few days ago from Xemnas. Do you know anything about it?”

“Boy, do I.” Axel muttered, shuddering at the mere memory of what happened to Zexion. “I never knew Xemnas had that kind of power. I’d never wish that on anyone.”

“It can’t be that bad.” Marluxia said, dismissing Axel’s fears. “You can’t possibly be that afraid of the number one idiot!”

“I am.” He admitted dejectedly, but with no shame or remorse in his voice. The memory of that night had driven the fact that Marluxia had attempted to kill him moments before right out of his head. Marluxia was taken aback, as he never thought that someone like Axel would ever admit to fearing anything or anyone. Marluxia stood stunned for a moment, but then he started chuckling which slowly grew into an uncontrollable laughter.

“Unbelievable!” He jeered in patronizing amusement. “He’s got you totally under his thumb! What a fool you are!”

“I wouldn’t take Xemnas so lightly if I were you.” Axel warned. “I’m afraid of him, true. But you’d be smart to have a little fear of the guy in you yourself. His power is beyond you and me!”

“Merde à la hausse! I refuse to acknowledge him as my superior!” Marluxia hissed with despise and loathing dripping from his tongue, a look of hatred and intensity upon his face. In one swift motion, he readied his scythe. “You truly are useless, aren’t you? Better for you to disappear now then get in my way later. Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to send Xemnas along to hold your leash soon enough.”

“What do you—“ Axel began to ask, but the status of the current situation quickly came rushing back to mind, just in time to avoid a large horizontal swipe of Marluxia’s blade, jumping up and above the pink haired Nobody. Marluxia quickly rushes after him in pursuit, swing his gigantic scythe with precision and grace.

Unfortunately for him, his adversary avoided his advances every bit as expertly. Marluxia swung his flamboyant weapon horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, attempting to attack the slippery member eight, but Axel just danced around all of his attacks. Several minutes later, the entire plaza looked like a warzone. Scars were laid across much of the buildings and stone floors. Axel stood proudly on the stairs, slightly winded. Marluxia stood ten feet from the bottom step, gasping for air, using his scythe to prop himself up. The look upon his face suggested that he was very displeased at the moment.

“What’s a matter Marley?” Axel inquired sardonically. You look all worn out after swinging that big ol heavy scythe around.”

Marluxia gritted his teeth and glared daggers at the smirking fire user.

“Yeah, well it serves you right.” Smirked Axel. “I’m one of the best fighters in the Org! You should know that broadcasting your moves like that wouldn’t do you jack shit! You understand me, dingus!?”

“What?” Hissed Marluxia, enraged by Axel.

“Sheesh, and you say that I don’t pay attention!” An annoyed grunted as he scratched his head. “All right, I’ll draw it out for you. But pay attention! It’s not every day the person you’re trying to kill goes out of his way to explain it to you!”

The Graceful Assassin growled under his breath. His eyes darted around the plaza, and a slight smirk grew across his face. Almost ready. Let him talk.

“First, you really have no fighting style to speak of. Your method of attack is to rush in with your speed and take out your enemies or victims in most cases where you’re concerned, in one swift attack.” Axel lectured with folded arms, eyes closed. Marluxia tightened his fist, and sprouts began to spring up from between the cracks. Sprouts that Axel had failed to take notice of as he continued to talk, his enthusiasm of fighting getting the better him. “But you can’t really rely on that when fighting someone that’s of equal power to you. Your attacks are too big, too noticeable. Any experienced fighter would see it coming a mile away and dodge. In a fight with an experienced fighter, you need to be using smaller attacks, which the scythe, as a weapon can’t do. You need more subtle movements and a weapon that allows you—“

“Axel.” Marluxia interrupted, knocking Axel off of his high.

“Huh?” Axel grunted with a confused and clueless look on his face, having now been brought back down to earth. The sound of cracking stone and earth reached his ears, and he began to look frantically around for the source of the sound. Marluxia could only smile all the more coyly.

“I know.” He stated. He picked up his scythe into the air, and struck the floor of the plaza. On command, nearly a dozen enormous fly-trap like plants, each one easily three stories tall, sprang up from beneath the marble floor of the plaza. Axel looked at them, absolutely dumbfounded as Marluxia smirked triumphantly. “Tell me, Axel. What do you think of my little impromptu garden? These little beauties I call the Iron Maidens.”

“Well…” Drawled an unsettled Axel, a twitch in his eye. He watched these ungodly plants bend and move in the air, as if they had a mind and will of their own. From their huge maws that appeared every bit as deadly as their namesake, a strange sappy kind of saliva oozed out. From their roots, they slithered through the air, slowly weaving between one another. “They’ve got your face.”

“How absolutely trite. But I’ll forgive you just this once, that is, if you feed my garden. I rarely have the chance to feed them, and the poor dears are so mal nourished.” Marluxia scoffed, chuckling darkly. With a flick of his risk, Marluxia set them on Axel’s trail, the monsters now flying at incredible speed. “Time for dinner my pretties!”

The nearest three darted towards Axel, their maws open wide, ready to swallow Axel whole. Axel crouched down and with all of his might leapt to the left, ricocheting off of a building as the three monstrous beast plants took out the stone stairs, reducing what wasn’t in their maws to mere rubble.

“And I thought Zexion was unoriginal for stealing Demyx’s shtick!!!” Hollered Axel, running across the sides of buildings, dodging the monstrous plants as they threw themselves at him, smashing into the buildings and leaving huge, gaping holes, destroying multiple floors. “You ripped this move off of a god damn comic!”

“What Can I say? I love Kurama’s character.”

“Yeah but at least—Whoah!” Axel barely managed to dodge a ferocious bite as he was perched upon a rooftop, a noticeable gash left behind. Now Axel began jumping off of the plants stems, darting and dodging between them. “At least Kurama can pull off the bishi hair!”

“Crack Jokes if you like, Axel. But some of the best ideas of our time have been pulled from fiction.” Marluxia laughed, taking immense joy in watching Axel escape death by the skin of his teeth. “I was fully aware of my disadvantage against you, as well as my scythe’s weakness in one on one combat. That’s why I’ve developed this little technique, to overcome that. Unoriginal maybe, but it gets the job done.”

Axel landed on the railing overlooking the town and started dashing on top of it, staying one step ahead of the Iron Maidens, them smashing the railings in Axel’s wake. “When the hell did you even have time to plant these things?!?”

“During our little fight, of course.” Informed Marluxia, detailing his plan with excitement. “I knew that you would have an easy enough time dodging my attacks as long as that is what you were paying attention to. While making sure you kept your eyes on where I was swinging, I dropped a seed at selected points all over this plaza, and when the timing was right, I was able to use my power to induce rapid growth.”

As Marluxia chattered on, Axel had found himself in quite a predicament, as he was, at the moment, using all his strength to keep from being eaten by one of the fly-traps that had managed to corner him, wedging himself between its maws. He took a deep breath, and on the exhale, an eruption of fire came out, engulfing the plant in fire. The abomination left out an unnatural, otherworldly screech. As the beast fell, another darted up, its maw closed. Protrusions appeared, and from them, a sickly, nauseous brown liquid was spat out, striking Axel square in the back. “GAH!”

“Unoriginal except for the corrosive acid, that is. That’s my personal touch.” Marluxia scoffed arrogantly as Axel landed with a thud. His leather jacket was quickly dissolving, forcing Axel to hastily tear it off of him.

“Your personal touch sucks!” Axel snarled as he threw the now ruined jacket to the side, the acid reducing it to liquid and scraps in seconds. He panted heavily, resting on bended knee for a moment to recover the energy he had lost from his two close calls. This is insane! I have no idea how long I can keep this up! I never knew he had this kind of power…

“Stop for even a second and it’s all over.” The assassin warned. He snapped his fingers, and the stems of the fly-traps doubled in length, granting them even greater mobility and range. Axel, seeing the Iron Maidens approach, attempted to jump away, but felt something pulling his leg down. Glancing down to investigate, he saw that green vines from between the cracks of the tiles had arisen, ensnaring his legs, preventing him from escaping. “The Iron Maiden seeds weren’t the only things I had planted during our little dance. These are entirely original. On my command, the seed sprouts vines that are stronger than any steel cable, trapping them in that spot. I haven’t even given it a name yet. How about…”

“Oh shit!” Axel exclaimed in a panic. In a second, the maw of an Iron Maiden scooped him up hole along with much of the sidewalk. The others began gnawing on the one that had consumed Axel, trying to find some way to fill their hunger.

“Axel’s Adieu. Yes, an appropriate name, considering the circumstances.” A satisfied Marluxia quipped. He dismissed his scythe and pulled out another rose, this time a vibrant red, and sniffed the enticing fragrance, savoring the aroma. He turned away from the site of where the Nobody known as Axel once stood. “Sorry mon ami, but I couldn’t just hand over the red rose like I did all the others. I had to see if you were deserving of this fine flower. And it appears that you performed less than adequately on my little test. But don’t worry, when I’m the new king of Nobodies, I’ll be sure to bring a bouquet here to honor your memory.”

Marluxia was about to depart, leaving the carnage wrought on the plaza, when he started feeling a pulsating heat. He turned around to see the Iron Maidens that had been crawling all over each start to slow down considerably. Not only that, their color was changing from green to brown. Their flesh began to crack and snap as steam started to rise. With explosive force, they were suddenly incinerated in a great inferno. Marluxia knew what a thing like his plants spontaneously combusting all of a sudden could mean for him. “Baisez-moi.”

“THAT’S IT!! I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY CRAP PUNISHMENT ANYMORE!! YOU’RE DEAD, YOU FRUITY BASTARD!” A severely pissed off Axel barked. No longer wearing the battle damaged clothes, he now wore the same black coat as Marluxia. Fire clung to him, searing the stones around him. He stuck out his hands, palms clenched. Fire burst forth from both, spinning around into a pin wheel and solidifying into his twin chakrams. “I’VE HAD ALL I CAN STANDS, CAUSE I CAN’T STANDS NO MORE!!”

“N-now hold on Axel.” Marluxia managed to croak through a forced smile, back stepping a little as he replaced the rose back inside his coat. “Maybe I did go a little too far. But I swear to you, I didn’t mean anything by it! All I meant to do was give you a little test of your abilities is all. And guess what? You passed!”

“I passed? Why Marley, I’m so FLATTERED!! Axel hissed loudly through his teeth. The fire flared brighter and hotter. A small wave of fire emanating from Axel poured out across the floor, changing the shattered marble tiling to molten rock, the entire plaza looking almost like the inside of a volcano. Fire sprang up all around them, trapping Marluxia in a cage of fire.

“Baisez-moi latéralement.” Marluxia stammered. Realizing that he can no longer afford to play games, he reached into his coat.

“NO MORE GAMES!!” Axel commanded. With his incredible speed he dashed towards Marluxia, Chakrams raised, ready to rip him to shreds. “NOW IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO—“

“--MAKE PEACE!!” The panicked Marluxia blurted as loud as he could. From inside his coat, he yanked two bars of Sea Salt Ice Cream, stopping Axel in his tracks merely a few feet away from him. The fired waned and declined, disappearing with not even a fizzle. The stone floor returned to its prior decrepit state. He eyed Marluxia with suspicious scrutiny and a raised brow. Seizing his chance, Marluxia continued on to attempt to appease his adversary, hoping that Axel’s love of Sea Salt Ice cream would quench his rage long enough for him to be heard out. “Look, I went overboard. I realized that. I’m sorry. Now I just want to talk. Let’s sit down, have some Ice cream, and just talk about something.”

Axel remained still, trying to decipher the meaning behind Marluxia’s sudden change of strategy. Against his better judgment, he dismissed his chakrams, took an ice cream bar, and snapped his fingers, summoning several dozen Nobodies. “All of you! Clean this mess up! I want it back to the way it was by morning, got that?”

Immediately after issuing his orders, the white leather clad creatures began their assigned chore. Axel unwrapped his bar, grabbed the collar or Marluxia’s hood and stared him straight in the eyes. “You have until I finish this ice cream bar to say your piece before I eviscerate you, got it?”

“Understood.” Smirked Marluxia, safely out of danger. Knowing how much Axel liked to savor ice cream, he guessed that it would buy him a good ten minutes. “Let’s get out of the way of the lessers and find a place more comfortable.”

Mere seconds later, the two of them ascend the remarkably unscathed clock tower, taking seats in front of the face of the clock to enjoy the last of the declining sunlight. Wasting almost no time, Marluxia jumped straight into the conversation.

“So Axel…” he drawled, admiring the sunset. “Tell me, honestly. What do you think of Xemnas?”

“honestly?” Axel repeated as he propped up his chin with his left arm, licking the bar rather casually. “I don’t know what to think.”

“You sounded pretty spooked earlier.”

“Well, when you take to account that I had watched the Nobody turn Zexion into a Dusk a few days ago, I’d say it’s perfectly understandable.”

“A Dusk? Seriously?” Marluxia gasped, agog to the thought that somebody actually had that kind of power over him. “You’re shitting me!”

“I shit you not my friend. I shit you not.”

“Wow, no wonder you’re scared.” Marluxia muttered nervously. “If I saw anything like that, I would be too.”

“And that isn’t even what scares me the most.” Axel continued on, wittling down his ice cream. “What scares me the most is that I absolutely have no way of telling what he’s thinking! He simulates no emotions to speak of. What are his plans, his goals? Why should I place my trust in someone if they show nothing what so ever?”

“That has always been my thought.” Affirmed Marluxia, now almost done with his bar. He finished off the last of the Sea Salt before returning it to its wrapper and stuffed it into his coat pocket. “What is there to say that once he gets what he wants, he won’t turn on us and keep project K for himself?”

“Some of the original six make him out to be some sort of messiah, but I don’t know…”

“Then maybe it’s time for us to show them the error of their ways…” Marluxia suggested in earnest.

“What do you…” Axel began to ask as he turned towards the Graceful Assassin, but the look on his face told the whole tale. “Oh no. No, no, no. Count me out.”

“You said it yourself. There’s no reason to trust him. If we can’t trust him, then why not do away with him?”

“What you’re suggesting, what you’re thinking is just idiotic, stupid even.” Dismissed Axel.

“Not if you do it the smart way.” Marluxia retorted.

“You have a plan?”

“I might.”

“What is it?”

“Are you in?”


“Then I can’t tell you.”

“It’s suicide.”

“Have you ever recalled somebody trying?”


“Then how do you know?”

Axel had to admit that Marluxia had a point. Nobody, at least to his knowledge, ever attempted to go up against Xemnas.

“Look, Axel…” Marluxia implored, draping his right arm over Axel’s shoulder. He held up his left hand, counting off of it as he spoke. “All we need for this is two things. A plan, and people. I already have one underway back at Castle Oblivion. I just need some more people. I’ve sent invitations to some of the others, but I need you there with me. I want you there. And if you can bring whoever you’re scouting with you well that’s all well and good too.”

“I’m not scouting anybody.” Axel said in an attempt to dodge the question.

“Oh come now!” An annoyed Marluxia snapped. “Out of the more productive things he could have you do with your time, why would Xemnas waste it with you standing post at Twilight Town? The only sound reason is if he knew for sure that a new member was appearing!”

“I told you before. Punishment.”

“Look Axel…” Marluxia sighed, rubbing his fore head. He removed his arm from Axel’s shoulder and stood up. He removed the red rose from his coat once more and admired it. “I’m nowhere as inept that I would buy that load. But I won’t press the matter, for now, at least. But do give it some thought. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your answer.”

He dropped the rose in Axel’s lap and took a swan dive off the tower. With a mid air spin, he summoned a flurry of cherry blossoms, hiding him from sight. A brief gust of wind sent the cherry blossoms scattering, Marluxia gone from site. Axel saw a flash around him, and knew that the Veil of Shadows had been lifted, probably along with his area misdirection spell. He picked up the rose and investigated its intricacies, chewing on the stick of his recently finished ice cream bar. Not long after, a Nobody shuffling cards appeared.

“A Gambler?” Axel asked in confusion. “What are you doing here?”

As if in answer, a card from the deck it was shuffling stopped in mid-air and floated towards Axel, snatching it from the air. Its package delivered, it disappeared into white light. Axel took a look at the card to find that it had a note that read:

I take it that you have been given an ‘invitation’ as well.

There is much that bares discussion. Meet us tomorrow night at sunset hill. Tell no one.​

“An invitation?” Axel read aloud. He looked at the rose left by Marluxia. “Is that what this thing is? He’s got one too? Marluxia, just what are you up to?”

Before he could finish his thought, a ring cut through the air. Axel grabbed the card with his right hand, the hand holding the rose, and dug through his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. Flipping it open, he brought it to his ear.

“Hello? You’ve reached Vexen’s house of Insanity, where everything and anything is certifiably one hundred percent grade A nuts. Please name your order your mental disorder at the tone!”

“Can the comedy Axel. Where is thirteen?”

“Sheesh, what crawled up your ass and died?” Axel whispered off the receiver before returning it to reception range. “Well boss man, it’s like this. The newb remembers nothing. Zilch. Nada. He knows absolutely zipp-o about his existence prior to waking up yesterday. Needless to say, this complicates things.”

“That is hardly an excuse for such tardiness.”

“Are you saying I should take him by force? Would you believe somebody who kidnapped you at weapon point?”

“Point given. But I need him Axel. He is imperative to my plans.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get him. All him having no memory means that the difficulty is amped up a bit. No memory of his past life means he has no clue as to who or what he truly is. As far as he’s concerned, he’s only human. But you’ll have him in no time. I promise.”

“For your sake, I sincerely hope you do.”

“Gotcha. Anyways, why calling on the emergency line? I thought it was maintain communication silence.”

“I’m getting to that. The reason I called is that lately while the Heartless continue to grow in number, our own number has shown no signs of increasing.”

“That’s what got you worried? Maybe we’re just in a slump or something.”

“We ran the numbers Axel a long time ago Axel. As long as the darkness consumes hearts, we have no ‘slump.’ Either something is blocking them from forming or something is keeping them from leaving Twilight Town. Either way, I want you to look into it.”


“I grant no discussion on the matter Axel. My word has been given. Carry it out.”


The line cut off, leaving nothing but the sound of the tone. Axel’s eye twitched slightly, as it dawned on him just how much of a burden he has come to bear In such a short time, he slumped in defeat, the ice cream stick falling from his mouth to the plaza below. He looked up with sad eyes and a crushed spirit as he witnessed the last of the day give way to night. He gave a heavy, defeated sigh.

“Aw man, this sucks. First the newb, then Marluxia, Luxord, and now this? When did I become the one on everybody’s shit list? And then there were those guys...” He murmured to himself. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the blue headbands he had taken from the street gang earlier that day. He knew that he was in the middle of something big right then and there. Bigger than anything he’s ever seen. The sense of adventure he had been filled with earlier was now replace with one of dread. “Why me? Somebody up there must hate me…”

For the first time in his existence, Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames, had reason to fear the coming of the morn.

Chapter 24: Side Stepped Side Story #IV: Rose red Blood! Pt-2: End

C'est Magnifique= It’s Magnificent
Est Monté le Sang Rouge = Rose Red Blood
Est cela ainsi? = Is that so?
Oui = Yes
Intéressant... = Interesting….
Merde à la hausse! =Bull Shit!
Adieu = Goodbye.
Mon ami = my friend.
Baisez-moi. =f**k me.
Baisez-moi latéralement. = f**k me sideways.
Author's notes:
So, uh yeah. Apparently they get Yu Yu Hakusho in the KH universe, lol. It was just something I had to do.

I hope you guys enjoyed Marluxia speaking french, because that's the last you'll ever see it happen. Too much of a pain in the ass. But french cursing = big fun.

We'll be seeing Marluxia once more before moving on to get some more insight on just what his plans are at this stage. Stay tuned.

Poor Axel's having it rough. Nobody should have to deal with crap like what I'm putting him through.(Heh, I made a punny)

Keep Xemnas's order in mind if you will. It'll become an important point soon enough.

Hope everybody enjoyed their BoD fix for the day! until next time, this is the ASG, comin' at you with the BoD and LoL! PEACE! I'm out.:thumbup:
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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Friggin' site, so friggin' glitchy making me have to friggin douple post to friggin bump my friggen thread right after I've friggen posted. FRIG IT ALL!


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Apr 4, 2008
Note to self, If your going to piss off Axel, mae sure you bring seasalt IceCream.
Nice Chapter.


Mar 27, 2007
Yeah apologies for the late reply been super busy today, but some great stuff that you've got going on so far very interesting into seeing how the next one unfolds.

Ban Mido

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Thank you.

a better idea would be: dont piss off Axel. lol.

with all due respect,

QFT. I mean, really. Who would carry around ice cream in case they accidentally tick off the wrong Nobody? Marluxia is flamboyant, but he isn't a fool. He planned for almost any contingency, and then some.
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