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Ban Mido

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Chapter 26: A New Day, a New Adventure.

If he could describe it, he would have said that it was the closest experience to eternity. Sleep seemed so much faster when you are dreaming. He thinks of nothing and he feels nothing. He does not move, he does not blink, does not breath. He just floats in an eternal void, existing, until a presence shoots through his own personal darkness. The terrifying, yet somehow familiar presence imposed itself onto his very being. At the edge of his sight, a dark specter formed, extending his hand ghostly hand to beckon him forth.

“..xas. Ro..s. Come…" The voice called out to him, reverberating through his being. The voice was faint but imposed such fear that he began to shudder. “Come … me. This… destiny.”

“I-I don’t understand. Who are you?”

“I… King. Come to…” The voice answered, the translucent figure still extending its shadowy claw.

“Come to where? Do you know me? What do you want!?”

“You are the thirteenth. You belong to me.”

“What? WAIT!!” He called out, pushing through the panic shooting through his body. He had so many questions that he wanted the answers to. He reached out his hand in desperation.


“GAH!!!” Buddy hollered at the sudden awakening as he opened his eyes to a pudgy face wearing sunglasses, a red hair band and topped with hair that looked like a palm tree. He scrambled form under the covers and into the corner, clutching his chest and panting heavily staring back at what he confirmed to be Pence with wide, panicked eyes. “WHAT THE HELL MAN!? YOU NEARLY GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK?!?”

“Yo man, I’m just keeping it real, you dig?” Pence rapped as he did a little dance. He wore a blue jean vest on top of a black t-shirt that had the word ‘Enclaim’ branded across his chest. He wore a pair of blue jeans along with a white sneaker with black stripes worn on each foot to complete his rap star attire. “I’m just here to pick up mah home slice, ya dig?”

“Pence…” Buddy growled irritably through his teeth. “Why are you talking like a Jackass?”

“Ha ha, ouch. I guess Olette was right.” Pence chuckled to himself as he removed his sun glasses and hanged it from his shirt collar. “I really can’t pull it off. So anyways, hurry up and get dressed. We have a big day ahead of us!”

“What are you talking about?” Roxas mumbled as he climbed as he crawled out of bed and pulled his cargo pants over his legs and boxers slowly. “What’s so special about today?”

“Sheesh, with how quickly you forget things, is it any wonder that you have amnesia?” Pence scoffed with crossed arms. “We’re supposed to go investigate you! Ask around a little. Find somebody who might know you.”

“Oh? Oh Yeah!” Hollered Buddy rather excitedly, now flying through his small wardrobe with the prospect of learning his past driving him forward. He was fully dressed in a matter of minutes, and ready to head out of the makeshift hideout. “What are we standing around here for? Let’s go!”

“Alright then, let’s go!” Pence commanded with a big grin, leading his mysterious friend out the hideout and towards the station in a quick jog.

“Hey, Pence! Wait a second!” Buddy shouted after the surprisingly quick pudgy teenager. Pence came to a stop in front of the station as Buddy caught up. Something about the surrounding area caught his eye as he looked blankly about the expansive terrace. Buddy, who just recently trotted forward, noticed Pence’s absentmindedness. “What’s up? You look like a million miles away.”

“Hey, do parts of the plaza look new to you?” Pence inquired, turning to Buddy.

“You’re asking me?” Buddy said with a shrug.

“That’s funny. It must be my imagination then.” Pence Drawled, still eyeing the area with a suspicious eye.

“So what’s the plan?”

“Well, here’s what I was thinking…” Pence started, but before he could finish his thought, another interruption came bounding forward.

“Hey, Pence!” A big muscular teenager bellowed as he trotted to a halt in front of the two young boys. He towered over them at around six feet. He wore fire read nylon pants, yellow sneakers, yellow tank top, a red windbreaker jacket adorned by a black dragon running up one arm, across the shoulder, and down the other. Hanging carefully from his neck was lightning bolt-shaped ornament that looked to be pure silver hanging from a steel chain. His black hair was short and styled, his sideburns reaching down past his eyes. “What’s up man?”

“Hey Rai! Not much, man.” Pence chirped in greeting, meeting Rai in a high five. “I was just gonna spend the day hanging out with my new friend-”

“Bud, right?” Rai concluded, going straight from the high five to grabbing Buddy’s right hand, shaking it vigorously. “Nice to meet you, ya know?”

“Uh, hi.” Buddy croaked, startled at Rai’s forwardness. Once his hand was free, he began rubbing it, it sore from the strength of his grip. “How do you know my name?”

“Fuu told me all about you, ya know?”

“Who?” Asked Buddy with a blank look upon his face.

“The blue haired girl you spent all of yesterday carrying luggage for.” Pence answered snidely with crossed arms.

“Ah yes.” Groaned Buddy with a wince. He rubbed his chin as he remembered events of the previous day. “Quiet girl who scares me greatly.”

“You ain’t the only one, bra!” Rai Exclaimed loudly in a roar.

“Speaking of things that give a great fright…” Pence drawled with a smirk. “Don’t you usually hang out with her and Seifer?”

“Seifer’s been busy, ya know?” Rai said in reply. “He said something about investigating a d.o.p. And Fuu…”

“You didn’t say something about her new cloths, did you?” Inquired Pence in suspect, raising a brow.

“All I said was that her top would look better if she had bigger jugs!” Rai exclaimed, gesturing powerfully around his own chest.

“Dude, did you eat paint chips as a kid or something?” Buddy asked to Rai.

“Hey, I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, ya know?” Rai stated in a sharp tone and a sharp jab of his finger as if it reinforced his point.

“So long story short, you’re trying to hide from her.” Pence lilted with a sigh.

“Yep.” The large teen said happily with a grin.

“Then why don’t you hang out with us?” Pence asked, to which Buddy shot him an annoyed look.

“Do you mind bra?”

“Sure. We were planning on going to Sunset station for the day. Could you go on ahead and get the tickets?” Pence asked, digging into his pocket and pulling out a bill. “You’ll have to spring for your own though. Here’s enough me and Buddy.”

“Solid!” Rai cheered as he snagged the bill from Pence’s hand. “I haven’t been there in a while! Leave it to me bra!”

As Rai bounded up the marble stairs and into the station, Buddy came around and struck Pence on the arm with the back of his hand. “Dude? What the hell?”

“Geez, what’s the problem?” Pence asked as he rubbed his arm, more out of instinct than actual pain.

“What’s the idea of inviting him along?”

“Buddy, I have seen Fuu when she really gets pissed.” Pence stated rather matter of factly. “Nobody deserves that, no matter how mentally challenged they are.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Buddy snapped back. “How the hell are we going to ask about me if he’s hanging around? Isn’t it supposed to a secret?”

“I think it won’t matter.” Pence stated plainly. “What, did you think you were gonna walk up to everybody you meet and ask, ‘Excuse me sir, but do you know me?’”

“Err…” The spiky haired one drawled in an inaudible grunt as he scratched the back of his head.

“I thought so.” Pence sighed with eyes rolling inside his noggin. Inserting his hands in his pockets, he turned on his heel and began strolling towards the station doors. “Don’t worry. I’ve got a cover story, which I’ll fill you before we get to sunset station.”

Not saying a word, Buddy followed behind the palm-tree topped teen and met up with the waiting Rai inside. Not long after that, the lot boarded the next train. A chatter filled fifteen minutes later, the lot was reaching their destination of Sunset station when Pence finally decided to relinquish the activities for the day, leaving the blond haired youth rather perplexed. “The Six mysteries of Twilight Town?”

“Uh huh.” Pence grunted with a grin and a nod in confirmation. He and his mysterious new friend were seated side by side, Pence’s right leg resting on his left, while Rai reclined across from the two as he looked on. “Sunset Terrace is a very mysterious place. Strange, unexplainable phenomena have been occurring all over lately. I figured investigating it would be a great topic for my summer project.”

“Man, that’s a great idea, ya know?” Rai praised, now leaning forward towards the adjacent boys. “If it’s possible, could I get in on that?”

“Sure! I’ve been looking for a partner, what with Ollete dragging Hayner off to do who knows what for the project.” Cheered the boy who eats well with a jolly smile. He then leaned over to Buddy and whispered in his ear, out of Rai notice. “And while we’re looking into that, you can use it as a cover to do your own investigation.”

Bull crap. You just want free labor, you dick. Buddy thought to himself rather perturbed. As he eyed pence in annoyance, a chime broke out from the speakers of the cabin.

“Attention passengers. We will be arriving at Sunset Station Momentarily. Please gather your belongings and prepare to disembark.” The automated voice informed everyone available.

“Well, here we are! And as luck should have it…” Pence gave a pause as the doors slid open and the three of them stepped out, Pence bounded to the nearby stairwell, and presented it in earnest with right hand open and outstretched. “We can begin our investigation immediately! I present to you, the First wonder of Twilight Town, discovered by our own Rai!”

“It’s a flight of stairs.” Buddy observed in monotone, not really seeing anything mysterious about it.

“Not just a flight of stairs, Bud!” Rai interjected. “If you count the steps going up and then going down that first tier, it’s different every time, ya know?”

“Oooookay….” The blond youth drawled as he turned away to hide the look of bewilderment to Rai’s questionable intelligence. His sight returned to Pence’s direction. “So how are we going to do this?”

“What do you mean?” Pence inquired. “We count the steps!”

“That’s not what I meant.” Buddy said with a cracked voice. “I meant how are we gonna do the entire investigation? Since there’s three of us, I was thinking like each of us take two?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me, ya know?” Rai Hollered with approval, sticking his thumb out into the air.

“Me too.” Pence agreed. “So who goes first? Who gets to crack the mystery of the stairs?”

“Well, Obviously not Rai. It has to be you or me.” Buddy stated.

“Ro Sham Bo for it, bras.” Rai suggested as he opened and closed his index and middle finger in a scissor motion. His gaze darting between the two shorter teens.

“Sounds good to me.” Pence and Buddy said in unison, both of them then taking the traditional Ro Sham Bo stance. The squatted down until their knees were almost at ninety degrees as pres his left fist against his right palm, and pence pressed his right fist against left palm. They glared at each other with the fiercest of gazes, as if they were the last two combatants on a bloody battlefield at the end of a war, ready to strike one another down. They signaled the showdown with a chant, as per usual. “RO! SHAM! BO!”

The Two of them thrust their arms out, their hands just inches from each other. Pence’s hand was curled up into a fist still, while Buddy’s had unfolded flat, his palm facing down. With a smirk, Buddy jumped his palm over Pence’s fist. “Paper covers rock. I win.”

“Nice.” Rai said with a sneer and a nod.

“Aw man…” Pence huffed in defeat as he shook his arm, staring at it with disappointment. Buddy got into place at the top step and looked down. He took a deep breath as he prepared for his not to trying ordeal.

“Might as get this over with…” He said to himself. He started down the stairs, counting them off silently as he stepped on each of the descending granite blocks. As he arrived at the bottom level, he looked back up to the top, where his friends awaited his input. “I counted twenty!”

“Good, now come back up!” Pence replied. Following those directions, Buddy made sure to count off every step he takes, just like before. It wasn’t long before he was up at the top of the stairs.

“Still twenty.” He said to Pence.

“No, that can’t be right, ya know?” Rai grunted in disbelief as he looked upon the stone steps. “It’s supposed to be different every time, ya know?

“Rai…” Pence drawled with a heavy sigh, shaking his head. “Isn’t it possible that you just miscounted?”

“No! Well… Maybe.” Rai grunted nervously as he massaged his shoulder. “Math was never my best subject, ya know?”

“So that’s one down.” Buddy hummed to himself, not really concerning himself with despair the other two felt upon discovering the truth of the first of the six legends as he contemplated on the fact that he’s likely to discover anything new about his past. He began his way back down the stairs shortly followed by Pence and Rai. “Moving on.”

In no time at all, the group found themselves at the entrance to the Sunset Residential District. Standing aside and out of the flow of pedestrian traffic, Pence pulled out a map of the area and began plotting the group’s next course of action.

“Okay, I’ll circle around and checkout mysteries 5 and 6 at Sunset Hill. Rai, you checkout the mysteries in the back alley.” The chubby teen instructed as he moved his finger across the paper. “Buddy, you take a look at the one that should be just at the square at the end of the street.”

“Back alley, got it.” Rai repeated to himself.

“Whatever…” Huffed Buddy with a sigh. He turned up the street to see a crowd gather at the square mentioned by Pence, who had returned the map to his pocket and pulled out a stainless steel pocket watch adorned on a chain.

“Here you go.” Pence said as he placed the watch in Buddy’s hand. “May time always on your side!”

“You cornball.” Buddy growled with a sneer as he fingered the chain. Pence just laughed with a big cheek to cheek grin across his face. But still, you just can’t stay mad at the guy for long.

“Let’s meet up around one thirty for lunch, how does that sound?” Pence suggested, already rubbing his belly. Buddy could tell that he was already looking forward to it.

“Sounds like a plan, bras.” Rai said happily, slowly jogging in place. “I know this one place that makes a mean ramen!”

“My mouth’s already watering.” The palm-treed haired youth lilted, drool leaking from his mouth. “See you guys later, and good luck!”

“Later!” Rai called back with excitement as he leaped away from Buddy’s sight with all the enthusiasm he had when he bounded in.

“See-ya…” Sighed the blond youth as he pocketed the watch Pence handed him. He started his way down towards the crowded square that was obstructing his imposed objective. This is all a waste of time. All of these ‘mysteries’ could be solved with a little common sense!

As he approached the crowd, he couldn’t help but feel that the chatter was somewhat familiar.

“Hey, what’s the attraction?” Buddy asked a nearby gawker.

“Sunset Terrace’s top struggler was taking on all challengers in the square earlier.” The spectator replied without turning to face him. “This dude in a wicked face challenged him and totally wiped the floor with him. The challenger’s just now finishing beating down the last of his gang.”

“Not too happy about it, I take it?”

“To say the least. With Setzer dust, this guy was Twilight Town’s best bet at taking the Struggle Slam.”

Buddy tried and failed at restraining his amusement, letting a stifled snort escape from his mouth. “If Setzer was the best bet for the town, then there was never really a chance was there?”

“Hey, watch your-“ He began to say as he threw his head around to look at the source at the offending comment, but froze as he caught sight of Buddy.

“What? Do I have something on my face? Do I have a booger or something?”

“You know…” The spectator drawled as he eyed the blond youth through slatted eyes. “The guy who was rumored to beat Setzer looked to be about fifteen. They said that he had blond, spiky hair, a scrawny little body, and the face of an idiot.”

“Hey, who are you calling an idiot!?" The youth snapped at the stranger’s comment, not really thinking prior to his reply.

“AH-HA!” The spectator exclaimed as he took hold of Buddy’s arm. “So it was you!”

Realizing that he had said something that was regretting, he attempted, and true to nature, failed to talk his way out of his predicament. “Well, you see- That is- I mean… Oh crap.”

“HEY GUYS! THE GUY WHO BEAT SETZER IS HERE!!!” The man yelled into the crowd, sending them into a frenzied state. As if something straight out of D-grade horror film, a mass of arms sprang from the crowd and took hold of him.

“STRUGGLE! STRUGGLE! STRUGGLE!” The crowd began to chant as he was pulled into the crowd, passing from one set of hands to another.

“Wait a sec! I didn’t mean-“ He pleaded, but before he was able to utter another word, the crowd tossed him into the square, his hands and chest all that was keeping him from making a face plant into the stone tiles.

“So you’re my next challenger, eh?” A young yet husky voice said. Buddy looked up to see the one who had been making a stir in the crowd. He was taller than Buddy by a good six inches. He wore a thick white under shirt that looked to cover his entire upper-body, and a red t-shirt on top of that. He wore thick black leather gloves and a pair of blue jeans, rendering the only visible skin located above the neck. His scraggily, shoulder length hair was as Black as night. The right side of his head was covered by a white cloth mask that stretched around his head, concealing the hair on the right side of his scalp. Where his eye would have been, a one way mirror was fastened to the cloth. He scrutinized Buddy with an analytical gaze. Something about this imposing person seemed eerily familiar. Then it returned like a bolt from the blue.

“Hey, you’re that guy from yesterday!” Buddy gasped as he jabbed his finger at the mysterious warrior.

“Oh, it’s you. That guy who looks like…” He began to mumble as he trailed off, his struggle bat resting on his shoulder. Annoyed, a spectator kicked the stray struggle bat that was used by the earlier combatants over to Buddy’s side.

“STRUGGLE! STRUGGLE! STRUGGLE!” The crowd continued chanting. The stranger just gave a heavy sigh and a shake of his head. He looked over the crowd, all crying out for action.

“Looks like they won’t let us go until a fight. So what do you say?” He said with a slight note of excitement in his voice. He had a grin that looked almost sadistic smile as he glared at Buddy with his visible eye, his crimson red pupil dilating as it met the youth’s. “Shall we give them a show?”

Buddy, still sprawled out on the floor, felt a shiver course through his body as his eyes met his opponents. He didn’t know how he knew, but he knew that the person standing before him had some real power inside of him, such that the thought of fighting this eccentric individual frightened him to his very being. As great as the fear was, another emotion began to well up inside of him. Excitement and anticipation began to fill and invade his thoughts. As much as he wanted to run away, he wanted to fight the man in front of him even more. Through a nervous smile and gritted teeth he took the struggle bat and climbed to his feet, gripping his weapon with both of his hands as he took a low stance on squatted knee. “Yeah, let’s give them a hell of a one.”

“Excellent. After fighting those losers, I thought today was going end up boring.” He sneered. Taking his weapon into both hands, he raises his bat into the air, the hollow plastic bulk descending diagonally as the grip was raised in a high stance. For a moment, the two of them just stared at each other, the noise of the crowd and town faded into white noise to the two. “My name is Judas. It is only polite that I give my name before asking yours.”

“M-my name?” Buddy stuttered. He suddenly became adherent to giving his alias. He had no idea why this stranger of all people made him feel uncomfortable about giving a false name. “Why do you want that?”

“I make it a point to learn the name of a worthy opponent.” He stated with slight sardonic joy. “I haven’t had a reason to memorize a new name for a while, but I suspect that I will soon, and I want to get it right.”

“My name… My name is….” Try as Buddy might, he couldn’t give his alias. He felt like it was impossible to even think of the word. His nerves were on fire. He tried desperately to think of a name, but all that ever came to mind was…


Sora? Is that… Is that really… My name? His mind began to race back to the day he woke up to that name being chanted. So familiar, yet foreign all together.

It can’t be mine. It just can’t! sharp pains began to run through his mind, escalating his illogical panic. Just as he reached his fever pitch, clarity struck him. It doesn’t feel right, but it doesn’t feel wrong either. For now though, It's a lot easier to live with than some weird moniker!

“Aros!” He barked out quickly. “Call me Aros.”

“Aros, eh? Weird name, but a good one.” Judas replied with a grin. “Are you ready Aros?”

“Reading and willing!” Buddy, or rather Aros, replied confidently. He returned Judas’s grin with one of his own, ready for battle as he peered into Judas’s crimson eye.

Aros the unnamed, and Judas the masked. One’s past has been hidden from him, and the other willing hides his. Both steeped in mystery that they themselves don’t fully understand, both having no true perception what tomorrow will bring. But at this moment, all that mattered to them was the pumping adrenaline, the roar of the crowd, and the thrill of the upcoming fight.

The wind blows through their hair. The first step is taken, the sound of hollow plastics striking one another echoed into the town, and the Struggle begins!

Chapter 26: A New Day, a New Adventure:End

So a couple things here. First and most obvious would be Roxas's name change. I just got sick of calling him Buddy all the time. So I used this as a good chance to change it. As you guessed, "Aros" is "Sora" Backwards. He isn't comfortable with Sora because I think it'd have to do with Roxas's heart, or his half at least, trying to establish it's own identity. you can proceed to make fun of my unoriginality now.

Second, some of you might notice a trend developing. when you think who showed up last arc and who showed up in this one. Work with me.

I feel funny. I'm referencing things that felt like they happened ages ago. It's been forever since I've been thinking about certain storyline elements.

Finally, the biggest to me was the introduction of Judas. For those of you following along with Legend of Link, I actually concieved this s.o.b. long before Melody was even a side thought. I put a lot into this guy. I mean, yeah he showed up once before, but now that he has an actual in story name and more dialog and action, I just feel off. I really want to get him right, for him to fit the role I want him to play. What that role is you'll just have to find out though.
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it isnt a question of where, but WHEN
Another good chapter, All star. I like the play on words with Aros. and Judas, he seems like an interesting character. this should be good.

so let's see... next update will be LoL, am i correct?

with all due respect,


Jul 4, 2007
Amazing chap, Matt. Though you happened to misspell 'alley'...twice. But on the positive side, you happened to fully capture Raijin's stupidity.


Mar 27, 2007
Awesome update and I can't wait into finding out what role you have in mind within the next upcoming updates.

Ban Mido

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Thanks all. I'm glad that he came off well. And thanks for pointing out the errors TPOP. I fixed those and a few others as well.

Yep, LoL is what I plan on doing next.

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That was a brilliant chapter man Matt, great job, your ones are always so long so I have to find free time to read it, so apologise for the delay ;-) Sweet action again man, and lol at Aros :D haha its good though, Nice one and will be waitin for the update.


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good chapter man. i thought it was funny how all u did was turn his name around. stupid but funny. i also thought u pulled raijin off really well. hes so stupid it must have been easy.


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Nice but I wouldn't mind a real fight with heartless or noabdys if u get what mean
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