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  • This is what I love about abortion, creation/evolution, or any other topic.

    I get to bash like crazy on the retarded and no one can stop me.
    That doesn't always work. I prefer the old-fashion "if you ignore it, they get bored of saying things that no one is bothering to respond to and give up". thats how I see the best way for this situation.
    Some people can snap and just give up and decide to bash something. Or he could have grown out of the series and is now trolling it for fun, I've seen people do that but then their accounts get banned. He signed up a while ago, but I've not seem him around which makes me think that he has grown out of it
    But if he was like any other then he would have just accepted it like the others. I don't think his purpose it to voice his opinion anymore. Besides, Beyer put it in a wonderful way:
    Yet he has had so many posts made about how they aren't side games and are important, and that they are waiting for Verses to be finished. If he was like one of the other threads, he would have grudgingly accepted it yet he seems to ignore the important parts of it and keep repeating his uneducated opinion.
    Alright, so he may not be a troll, but he sure is acting like one.
    However, those threads remain tame with the OP(I think, I hate entering those threads). This one is just...insane with the "side game" thing
    That is true, but it's best to leave trolls like that alone. They love reactions like the ones the people have given and don't really care about what you or anyone else have said
    Not going to post in that troll thread after what I said, so I might as do this here.

    That is true, however unless you contact a staff member that could possibly be on then the thread won't be closed.

    Not a good idea.
    I read your signature and it intrigued me. It's as if the secret boss is a completely different a new character.
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