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  • Jezza does fine, you're a member I like and respect, so I've no issue with you using my nickname.
    haha you mean playing it on the pc with a ps2 emulator? I suppose I could give it a try xD
    Great so I have to wait a year to play those 3 games............ Re:COM was only release in NA right?
    Oh god... I'm 15 how the hell am I going to be able to afford a new 3ds. :( I haven't even played Days yet and I was just going to buy a normal ds to play it on but seeing as the 3ds is coming out,I'll just have to wait for it and play the two cames together.. Is there a release date for the 3DS?
    I've been since before Days was released and just go to know this. o3o
    And just because they're members, Premiums, Platinums, Mods, Super Mods, G Mods, GFX, Staff or Admins doesn't make them intellectually superior/aware. Just saying, though, from what forum did you come from?
    Well i guess we'll just have to wait and see, but until then i still have 3 other KH games to play so they'll occupy my time lol
    ohh ok. that makes sense. i guess they made BBS with the idea in thier heads that "everyones already played KH1 and 2 so we'll just base the prequal off of everything those games have mentioned". i think they should have thought about introducing the new audience to kingdom hearts. making it a little easier to understand if thats the first kingdom hearts game youve ever played
    Hey dude. Thanks for telling me the order of the games. i knew that BBS was like a prequal to KH1 so i was gonna play that first, but im glad you told me it would just ruin the series kinda. ill take your word for it lol
    Lol, I finally found that episode where that clip came from, it's got some of the strangest animation I've ever seen.
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