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  • Hahah, there is still some activity, especially in the Forum Insanity section, but it's not as lively as a year or two ago. I guess people are just losing interest. >>
    I know right. I actually posted every now and then lol. :c
    This place has been so dead lately.

    omg hi what's up 83
    Geez, again with the "Matt"...

    But whatever, you're actually back! And the colonel was busy, so I guess it's just us... and Bob, the invisible boy.


    This is amazing news! We must notify the colonel! *swoops off*
    Reportedly, his response was...

    He had his name changed to MIKURU BEAMU for a bit. I could probably find a picture of that if you'd like me to.
    We all do.
    Yeah... if he was even a member when you left, he certainly didn't have a character in a very important role. I still can't remember what he did... Though I rather vividly remember him himself.
    He was Vossler/Sexual Chocolate
    True enough. Smile doesn't even log on much, anymore. The new undisputed leader of the mindless masses is VirgilTheart... Who was also coincidentally in the Commish.
    Yeah... Well, there is no old me! Live for the moment, and the future, and tell the past to go screw itself~
    Oh, yeah, I think he got permabanned.
    I thought you were in some fanclubs? Yeah, well, she was only on here for the Commish in the first place, and was planning to quit anyways. She's on facebook, though.
    But we all know I'm more important than the rest!

    I am not nearly as sarcastic as I once was. Comes with watching Ethan crash and burn.
    I guess that not having the Commish can't be helping with that... Oh, and I think Emily quit.
    Oh boy! I'm someone's favourite!

    I know, it's... SUCH A PLEASANT SURPISE! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333
    I hate that kinda glomp... Too goodbyeish.

    What I like, however, is that I was one of the first people you came to when you managed to get back on! I'm wanted! Yay! ^^

    Okay, yeah, we should both probably pass out now. Goodbye... hopefully not for too long!
    No, I get the feeling I'd be confused even if what you said actually made sense.

    Well, seeing as it's nearly three, I should probably get going. Don't want to wind up falling asleep just as the sun rises...
    I'm confused... And I think I might like to stay that way...

    Neither do I. I barely watch any of it. MADtv's just one of the more memorable shows I've watched.
    No one said that...
    You're right. Ever watch MADtv? See a guy named Bae Sung? Yeah...
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