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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Hey, hows it going? Just letting you know that the FFX-3 RP is up and running again, if you wish to return.
    Hmmmmmmm I am not sure! xD That is actually why I have not posted yet...been trying to think of ways to do my first post! :)
    Yeah, my brother's online every day from 3 to 9, so I usually get about five minutes on an actual computer a day.

    Hai Shelby~
    I just had the cutest thought! What if she always noticed him but never got the nerve to talk to him? Or perhaps she could have been part of the royal courts family meaning that they could not see eachother very much and they were brought together through the destroying of their little wonderland!? Though I love the idea of the golden compass world...I adored that book!
    Well my profile isn't accepted yet unfortunately but if you want to start planning - awesome! Hmmm....well I already said that he was alone in childhood and that wonderland was destroyed when was about 13-14. So about...4-5 years ago from his time. Perhaps they could have met when he first came to the world where everyone is now? You choose how of course! :p
    Well I was sitting there going... "How am I going to do this...wait! HE LOOKS FEMININE! AND HES EXCITABLE! AND EVEN IF HE WAS MANLY MANLY THERE WOULD BE A CHANCE! I'LL MAKE HIM GAY IF ANYONE EVER ASKSSSSSSSSS! YESHHHHHHHH!" That and I don't think except for that one joking incident in Commision - I do not believe I have ever seen a male gay character. *shrugs* I'm glad to be back lovely~ <3 I KNOW THE PAINNNNNNNNNN! Friends are gorgeous!
    Like you, i'm awful at guys. So I thought HE WILL BE GAY! THAN HE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE AS MANLY! XD
    Awesomeeeeeeeeee!~ Because if you said a love interest I was going to have to break it to you that if the issue came up - I wanted to make Matoko gay. XD
    What do you mean a companion my dear~? Like, a buddy ol pal? Or a love interest? Or a wonderland couterpart?
    I can't believe you took out enough time to read that! ITS HUGE! But thank you so much! I was so worried about it being bad considering that i'm just starting to get back into the game! <3 JOIN ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT~
    Oh my lordy! We can be re-united 'returned just recently' buddies! XD And thank you. Like you, I just couldn't keep away from you smexy beasts! =P *huggles*
    How in the world did you think I would forgot you!? I do believe that except from Zizzy, you were my first friend on this forum! I can't believe how many people are still here to be truthful!

    Well, much has happened in the year but I do believe on the whole I am managing. Lifes been pretty tough. So that didn't really help. But as I have repeated multiple times, I ended up missing everyone the other day and thought 'screw it, i'm going back.' And bam! I am here. Yet again. Ready to roleplay to my full capacity! As long as it doesn't influence my assesement. :)
    Why yes, yes it is. Do I happen to know you? If so, I do believe you have had a name change.
    Well then, hopefully your detail will be enjoyed in the rp. I for one will enjoy it. The idea of your character was quite ingenious.

    An event should be stating soon. LOL whenever I post it anyway.
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