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  • yeah :3 theres a problem with that though. they're selling their house n moving to the city so his wife can work there.i'd have to move back home in about 2 weeks v.v
    Lol, well im sure you can hand in parts of it and ask for an extension if u need it. Ack to english >< okays then <3 Ill see u when ur back then <333333 bye's xxxxx
    Ysuhies xD n i know. I need to save money though D:
    Shit, maybe i should let you go do the work. I hope im not in the way of you doing the work you need to. well prove the teachers wrong, n catch up then say Har har in their faces >:3
    Yush XD though then it'd be a waste of his 300$ lol.... though its already wasted on teh game IMO xD.... n yeah, though she's becoming worse daily v.v
    Rofl, ish that why teh replies ish slow? or coursework? *thinks college ish evil* >:C lulz yay indeed ^^
    yer.. :/ n it was boring coz all we did was watch him play guitar hero on ps3 lol ^^ n.. kinda... everytime i talk to her though she says ive got a bad attitude v.v
    rofl, why gay? aw, well when i ish thar u can come home when u wants to <3
    lol, it was boring x3 just went to meh friends place, stayed thar most of the day then came home. hows urs been so far?
    roflralph XD
    ;~; yer, stupid lol xDDDD I cant help eet :c stupid australia >< aw yays for teh cuddles <3333 I just wants to beeeeeeeee with you again ^^
    aw <3 i really badly wanted you here today v.v meh stupid friend kept cuddling his girlfriend n it just reminded me how much i miss you v.v
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai <33333333333 sowwy, mum took forever to pick meh up from meh friends place T.T I ish back now though <3
    ...i miss you v.v
    Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadey.... I love you <3 n i wish i could be looking into ur eyes right now as i tell you v.v <333
    ya iam his new friend and the school
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