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  • lulz *thinks we should be lazy when i move thar n spend teh day in bed* XD
    aww v.v Lol awesomeness xD
    probably v.v unless im sick or summinc
    oh llol, okays then <.< Yay for none til June :3
    u ish weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcomies ^____________^
    s'okay :c oh lol, okays then, thought you'd said summinc about them ending on friday lol :s
    *ish glad too* :3 n im happy ur okay then <3
    thanks and wat is ur real name is and my real name is james and my nick name is 007 james bond
    you are welcome and iam one of brians friends:)
    I dont know jade. I know you're concerned, and thank you for that, but thats a mistake im willing to make and learn from. .......except it doesnt solve the fact that i want to be with you ><
    Im sorry for making you even angrier or whatever today. I keep trying to make you happy, but nothing seems to work now v.v Im sorry that i cant help you, and im sorry for not being realistic. I only want to help you, n i thought you knew that. Im just sorry okay ;~;
    i do love you... i really do v.v
    have a good day, k. i hope it gets a bit better for you.
    So your just going to believe her now? why would she even think that? Fine Jade, Ill wait then. You seemed determined that i wont be able to, even though i probably can v.v Im gonna go to sleep. Ill talk to you tonight if ur on. bye. love you <3
    ... You really think I havent thought these things through? I was supposed to get the job, until the company decided on making another budget cut. How would you have known they wouldnt take me on? Meh, well we'll see whazt happens then. Im applying for every place here. Even on night shift jobs, so its likely i will actually get one. I know things can go wrong, and they do bother me >< I know that i cant move there "like that'. Im arraging the visa already, and im aalready saving the money im earning from work. Yopu seriously dont think i've been planning all of this? I said march because even without a job, march is a realistic point with the Visa, and money wise >:C

    Meh *doesnt care about the time*
    You are v.v and I am concentrating on my job, but im more focused on moving there. Thats all i want jade, just to be with you v.v
    Stupid thoughts? v.v I know you do Jade, and I am happy. I've been happy since the day you said you liked me too <3
    lulz, yush <3Lol, well you're sweeter ^^ I miss you heaps too v.v I'm thinking about finding some family thar that i could stay with if its possible, n going down at the end of febuary <3
    Can you upload my request now or not cause its been a while since I asked for you to do it and if you dont have it then ill ask someone else.
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