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  • *kicks teh work* >:C
    rofl XD or maybeh its just you who ish sweet ^^
    okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk D: lulz im'a talk to u thar then ^^
    well then... work does xD <3
    *had an image of random heads glomping peoples* XDDD well then i guess the truth ish sweet <333 aw yay indeed <333
    ^^ lullz, coz i has to go to teh evil work D:
    Rofl, yay for glomping heads xD n thats really sweet <333 Im'a be yours always <333
    aw, *ish reli glad i do, n i makes you happy* <333 yush yush *ish glad too* sowweh v.v
    Aw yayfullness xD What if a bald neo ish liking u though xDDD
    :D *kissy's back* :3 yush yush <3 Im glad that i makes it good on here xDDDD I ish okay thankies, just wishing i didnt has to go to work v.v
    aw yay indeeds :D Im'a always love you <333
    Goooooooooooooooooooood morning my my prettiful gorgeous beautiful Jade <3333 Yush thanks <3 How ish you?
    Lurve you too *kisses back* <3333
    maybeh i'll see it when i go thar next then :3
    Ack to bad ;~; Yushies xD ;~; *eats teh time*
    ...Goodnight too v.v Has an awesome day <3 *thinks you should lob summinc that will splat at someone from teh car*XDDD lulz I Love you loads aswell my sweet darling Jade <333333 *Kisses* night xxxxx
    rofl, teh red eye that no one else gots to see v.v
    *thinks it ish good* yer, but meh lol xD yush, thurday ish off xD but if i dun has a sick tomorrow, i has to go nao v.v
    okays then, wut do you think og ish?
    o_O... *ish thinking of having a sick day tomorrow* XD
    iuno... maybeh ogs a caveman xDDD
    lokays then... why teh ew then? o_O XD hrm hrm hrm...........*thinks* XD
    rofl, well then I shall drive u wherever u wants to go ^^
    lol.... *has three sick days left* ... *ish hinking*
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