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  • yush yush x3 lulz, well....im'a has a biscuit then :p
    Meh shoes lol. Thats wut teh doctor said. n its why he told me not to wear shoes except at work.

    yesh, ours. i wants us to have a home together n be happy forever <3 lulz ^^

    yush rofl xD er...yesh ^^
    lulz welll i dun mind if u do know me better then me ^^
    we dont know tbh. They think its an allergic reaction to summinc. o_O

    lulz, n since ill be living thar with you, in our home, im'a has lotsa time to find out wut noms ish, n whether u enjoy them or not :3

    :D xD :3 x3
    <3 i do though lol, i look stupid rofl :3 Im really glad theres photos of us together though <3
    rofl, so u know meh body better then? :3
    :s iuno when it'll go v.v It should hopefully go soon though

    well i had no clue wut a nom was lol, but now ima try n find out anyway ^^

    Yushieness!! xD
    aww yayness <3 you should. you're so gorgeous <3 >:C lulz i look like an idiot in them lol xD
    rofl... doesnt i know meh body better tho? :p yush lol ^^ :D
    Sore still, n worse tbh v.v

    lulz, im'a find out wut noms ish when im thar, coz im'a nom u nonstop >:3

    ah, okays ^^ then thats reli coolies, n yay for letters after ur name XD awesomes :3
    wuv you <333 n i reli wuv teh photo of u, n te ones where i ish holding ur hand while skating ^^
    lol maybeh, but not likely :3 I was full, n then as we were leaving i just felt reli crappeh ;~; rofl, but i dun wants to eat looots D: *tackles n snuggles* <3 Lulz, you like it when i say that im going home to you? me too lulz <333 ^______________^ Yay indeed :D

    *nibbles ur neck* <3

    Lol reli? i thought you were set on plymouth lol xD lulz, thats awesome ^_^ n yay for teh no exams :3 n i'll support any choice you make on where you go <333
    aww yay indeed ^^
    Iuno lulz, i didnt even eat much lol v.v ur weeeeeeeeeeeelcomies xD *kissynoms* <333 ZOMGYAYFULLNESS :D lol you have no idea about how much im gonna cuddle u when i get back home :3 Im'a not let you goooooooo <3
    n My day was.... okay thankies ^^ too much work though D: *ish reli glad u logged on this morning to say i love you* ^^

    zomg yayness *om nom noms teh link*....*om nom nom nom noms you* :D
    <333 im really going to hold you tight and not let you go when i see you <3
    v.v Iuno, i think dinner just made meh ill D: im glad ur kay <3 awww *kisses* when im thar u can always come home n see me ^_^
    :3 lulz, teh card ish awesome, tis a good memory of the one birthday i really enjoyed :D awww ;~;
    I ish feeliing ill v.v Stupid dinner D: How ish you?
    Jadey Jade ^_____________________________^ Wuv you so much aswell <333 lulz, i cannae stop looking at the ring n the card ^^ I miss you lol v.v
    u ish though :3 i always used to think no one would ike me lol, just all the stuffs mums said over the years used to have me beliving that v.v aw, ur so sweet n wuvley <3 lulz, yay indeeds <3 but u ish wuvlier than i ish ^^
    ah, but u ish <3 lulz, i never actually thought you'd like me though lol <33333 lulz, you still make me happy.... you make me alot happier actually xD but you're wuvliest :D
    but u ish :3 yer lulz. talking to you was the best bit of my week lulz <3 He used to laugh at meh coz i was always reli happy when talking to u xD lulz, but ur wuvlier <333
    but u ish <3 yer lulz, s'why i was always thar to talk with you ^^ id go to meh friends so i could stay up til 5 am just to chat with you lol :3rofl, well i was every weekend i could <3 tis teh truth <333
    yushes : D
    but you ish <3 I've been addicted to u since teh day i met you, hence why i was always up til early mornings even before we were together ^^ you just drew me in <3333
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