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  • ah okays then ^^ lol's'fine ^^ It has u as offline so i didnt notice lol
    n... i slept as well as icouldve lol <3
    ur welcome :3 lulz, guess i shoulda given a nicer answer lol. But im happier nnow thanks to you <3 *huggles back* wuv you too <3
    hai <333 ^^ im glad you slept okay :3 n im.... *points to msn* meh, slightly okay, n slightly depressed lol
    Yush, tis a very good deal ^^ though we probably wont be sleeping for a long while lulz xD
    nay :p night xxx
    rofl, ill only go to bed early if you go with meh though >:3
    *snuggles back* nay, tis simply teh truth <333
    ^^ rofl, nay x3 im not missing anytime that i could spend talking to u :C
    aww *hugs* im just happeh coz i gets to talk with you <3
    Thankies <333 lol, tis good coz its teh first time this week i hasnt been tired waking up :3
    You ish welcome :3 how ish you?
    Gooooooooooooooooooood Morning my sweet gorgeous darling Sherbet lemon *kisses back* xD Yush i did... though i was supposed to wake up 3 hours ago ;~; <333
    I Love you too <333 :3
    you dun needs to say sowwie v.v
    n yushies it ish :3

    lulz, yesh i do... though urs ish better <3 n it ish ^^
    Okays then v.v Ack to lessons D: c u when ur on next then <3 byes xxx
    *cuddles* dun be saaaaaads ;~;
    *ish gonna hold you reli tight n not let u go when i see u next* ^^
    well.......... it is <.<

    rofl, i hopes mine ishnt annoying xD n yush, ur voice ish very angelic <3
    : D *glomps*
    Lol, but what if it is true xD

    :3 aww, poor annoying voiced person :p *remembers ur angelic voice* <3333
    Yushieful yushness xD
    *ish reli glad ur happeh* :3
    Aww yayness <3 thankies ^^

    ..........................give her teh evils -_-
    yeah :/ ..So far its okay ^^ i might have another job soon :3
    :3 aw *ish reli happeh ur back* <3
    Nay lol. I need to stay here n finish the traineeship v.v
    Ah, well i guess that makes sense v.v I think you should've done the final year here lol, all work just needs to be in at the end of term lol. Ack to the tutor ><
    yays, i missed you <333333333
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