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  • i did. but i got it sent to my house so ill pick it up over thanksgiving break. i so essited
    Oh. Pardon me, then. I'm really not that into slang. To be honest, I only found out what "sick" meant last year.
    Cool. The first Arkham game was a great action/adventure game, and I am so pumped for Arkham City! Wait, what's dirty?
    Hey man, look at my new avatar and signature. Oh yeah, you play any Arkham games yet?
    At Gamestop, I saw the most grand strategy guide ever. A hardbook strategy guide resembling an encyclopedia, for Uncharted 3.
    Alright, when it's patched, I'll send you a request, and hopefully, we'll be playing Uncharted 3 multiplayer! But first, I need the games!
    Hey man, two things, first, I almost bought the 39.99 Uncharted Two-Pack and Uncharted III at my local Gamestop, unDrake'sFortunetly (get it?), the butterfly that flew out of my Green Lantern wallet wasn't enough to purchase them. Lastly, do you have a PSN account?
    I don't hate them, just after playing *grumble* Superman Returns, I'm not a big fan.
    Dissidia was alright, I loved SSB, and I never played Shrek. Movie games aren't my thing.
    I'm not a big fan of that game. It's all blood and guts, which is why my younger brother plays, and in my opinion, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 gives you so much more content and fun without the excessive violence.
    It actually sounds kind of funny, if not like a mutant is saying it.

    I've posted it a few times before but that's another manner. My forum name is Chihuahuaman, like the dog, pronounced Chi-wa-wa man. As for it's origin, my first dog was a chihuahua and I was bored.
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