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  • It's not so people rep me.

    But fine. Anyway I don't hang out on Heartstation all day, I check it every five hours or so just to see if there's any new KH news, but it's not to be the first to post it on KHI it's just out of my own curiosity and if I don't see it posted on here already I post it.
    LOL!!! oh wow that sounds like it was fun! i've only had jello shots once actually but they were really strong so i only had one or two. it wouldnt of been that bad if they hadn't used that cheap mccormack shit instead of smirnoff or something. >.>
    sadly, i actually didn't do crap last night. i watched taken at home with my fam haha. it was bc no one had anything going on last night so it was a bummer. i did go hookah on friday though with some friends and it was hella fun :D me and my friend almost got caught by an undercover cop buying beer though. it was crazy!
    lol well damn, thanks for letting me know haha. it's bc i have my privacy settings at the max bc of my parents but i should change them back since i'm friends with my mom on facebook now anyways lol. sorry i took so long btw, my laptop is currently not working so i have to use our desktop =[ but yeah i'm changing it now so it'll take you to the right place :]
    awww... sorry to hear that.

    i'd go with C too. make sure you have some friends over and stuff.

    me2. alot of stuff is happening for me in june.
    my 18th is next friday, gonna go out (too bad i cant hit the clubs cause i happen to be the oldest one out of my friends.)
    i cant wait to get my bff's name tatted.
    i got a team leader offer promotion and im gonna take it as soon as i hit the age.
    ima apply for some EMT course and get it started.

    and that one guy.......... acl<

    he's just "there"

    Also have you noticed ( kyle excluded ) that there are various sleight alterations to the Green Lantern symbols on people's suits? Even the symbol Hal Jordan had before and now, and it's not just due to different artists. When they did Secret Origin and when they draw flashbacks they always draw it blocked off, the new hal jordan has it slanted. John stewart has no bars on top or bottom and is often spherical and Guy Gardner has it like the new Hal Jordan, Killowog still has it blocked off. I just find that interesting.
    I'm waiting to see if there's anyone I like in the Indigo tribe before making myself a Blue Lantern
    Yay for Black Dragons. I wish I could nickname him. IMMORTUS IS AN AWESOME NAME FOR A CHARIZARD
    You don't have to. It was a give away, remember? I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible. And besides, you already gave me three masterballs. Don't need anymore right now.
    Give me about another minute or so and then I'll be ready.

    So about that bulbasaur, it actually has an English OT name, so it might not be a real Japanese Bulbasaur. But I do have a confirmed Japanese Charmander you can have along with it.
    I'd hardly mind being back, especially since I was a mod for like what, two months in all? Not even that? But for now I better start going over notes when I'm not deadened by stupid costumers x-x
    upcoming semester tests + work load + spoiler phobia = Pink Rain.
    Try not to get soaked.
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