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  • Oh i completely agree with you on that! Actually all liquor is nasty to me, excpet Hypnotiq of course :]
    I HATE the taste of vodka with a passion. Sometimes we'll get sonic drinks and mix it in there. I'm thinking we might do that tomorrow or something and maybe play a drinking game so we'll get more fucked up haha. And I'd have to say I'm not the bigest fan of smoke myself but hookah just smells so good imo since it's flavored, it's not like your smelling a cigarette. Although, i tend to smoke those too when i've been drinking lol! But yeah, the hookah bar we go to is the shit! On friday nights it's like a mini club with a DJ and everyone's dancing, it's so much fun! I love it! <3
    Yeah, I'm saving up for stuff i wanna do this summer and also for school next semester so i dont need to have a job then if i dont want one. i'm not sure how it'll all work out though bc i have a bad habit of spending too much money >.>

    And drinking ain't bad! I do that every weekend too haha. Nothin' like a good party with friends right? Me and a group of people are hittin' up the hookah bar tomorrow night, like usual so it'll be cool. :] Too bad i'm sure we won't have much to drink besides vodka....gah, i'm so sick of that shit lol.
    If you think I'll need a Master Ball. I used mine on Giratina. I did try to catch it on my own. I went through 40 balls of Ultra and Dusk. Damn thing didn't follow so I Mastered the bitch. But yeah. Whatever good Pokemon you have for my Platinum will do. I'm not picky either since I haven't been catching a lot of Platinum.
    Nope, I'm all done with school now! I got out last Thursday, so I've just been working and hanging out basically haha. I'm just really excited tomorrow's the weekend though, this week has been hella busy since I have two jobs now and I had my best friend's graduation. But yeah, it's been good though. What about yourself?
    Well, the Suicune was legit. But I want a Shiny Charizard really bad ;-; No trading tonight though. Tonight I just want to relax afte5r finishing my projects. I'm good for Friday.
    Hey didn'y you say that you had a Darkrai or Shaymin that I could borrow? If so I have WiFi at the moment. So if please can you trade me really quick.
    If you have a legit Mew you wouldn't mind parting with.

    but I don't care if you don't. Think of it as a thank-you for the Regigigas.
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