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  • Hey. Just to let you know that WWE Survivor series will be at 8pm tonight. Be sre to make your picks before the ppv starts.
    Just digging HeartGold. Team is good right now

    Quilava, Flaaffy, Hoothoot, Sandshrew, Slowpoke
    Hey Vice do you make signatures? if you do could you make me a umbreon one? I don't care whatp icture you use.
    Becoming X wasn't saying you were ranting. He was quoting from your post as a response to the OP's rant
    hey man I just put up that game informer release date that got closed is that release date really a holding date.
    Hello, this is a mass-message to people who I've spotted in the Pokémon thread.

    I don't know if you're aware, but a Pokémon tournament is being organised and we need to get down the names of people who would be interested in this event and participating in it. A date for this has not yet been set, but it is thought that it will be held around a month after the European release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver; this does not mean you have to use these games for the tournament since Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver are all inter-linkable on Wi-Fi. Rules have not yet been set, but if the response is big enough, an announcement thread will be made and rules will be set. If you are interested in participating, please respond.

    - Sol.
    Oh my bad

    I wasn't really sure how it all worked :x guess I'll just leave it to you guys next time
    I don't know wat to say my brother probably was on here.
    I have no idea who that person is I;m new to the forums.
    wat are talking about?

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