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  • Oi, I wasn't even discussing about KH3. I was discussing about the prospect of the future of SoraxKairi and how it not always turn that way. That lineart image was a example, I wasn't even remotely interested in whether it's official or not. It was leaked, I wanted to use it as a example. I'm just discussing an 'if' in the series and just wanted people's opinion on it, not another fucking KH3 as I never claimed it was real or in production.
    August. Near the end. So, I have nothing to do till then.

    I like my cave. It has pillows and video games.
    Ages, months , same difference. Been good. A bit bored though. So, really, I am a shark awaiting for someone here to put a decent topic.

    Aw, that sucks! D: I've actually never had to pay for my own insurance yet since my parents still do, but I'm sure when I turn 21 next year I'll have to start paying it.

    Haha, I'll show ya how tan I used to be. Granted the reason I was so tan was because I used to be a lifeguard for two summers so that's why I was so dark. Here's a pic (this is like from three summers ago btw) http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a358/the_malfactor/S5000101.jpg

    I wish I was still that tan! =[
    lmao, i wish i could go to the bar! guys, always buy girls drinks so i probably wouldn't have to spend that much lol! and wtf? how do you not know what kind of car you have? doesn't it say on your car insurance? o_O

    Grr, dont remind me i'm white!! =[ I'm tryin' to get tan! I used to be hella tan, people thought i was mexican lol!!! xD
    It's actually my dad's honda civic. He got himself a new car yesterday so since I'm the eldest child and I'll be leaving for school soon he decided to give me his car. I'm sooo happy because I've always loved his car! A 2004 honda civic is WAY better than my 1991 honda accord -_- And yeah, the lake will be amazing! I'm looking forward to getting hella tan! Plus I can go skiing and ride the jetski's and go tubing! :D I just can't wait for this weekend. My friend is having her 21st bday party on friday night so i'm pumped!
    lol, so funny story. i'm actually not going now D: long story short, people that were supposed to be going all flaked out and it got to just me and one of my girlfriends and it was just too expensive to split the hotel between us. but good thing, i'm going to the lake that weekend now so i'm happy! and i got a new car! well, new to me anyways :] now you'll have to tell me how warped goes! ;D
    aw that sucks lol. it actually rained a lot last week and it was REALLY humid, it was aweful! my hair does not do good in humid weather haha. we're leaving for warped tour in like 2 weeks i think lol, i'm so pumped about it! :D
    which one are you going to?
    yup yup pretty much! been workin like crazy to get money saved up for warped tour and other shit lol. what about yourself/ :]
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