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  • I gave the warning, He didn't obey his master. Through fault of his own.
    Thanks dude. I'm kind of glad Superoy came back, (not just cause I'm a fan), but because it would be devastating for people to see him do hat
    I haven't kept up with the Blackest Night Arc. The last i saw, the lanterns were fighting for their lives. Even in the temple. I dun remember much, can you fill me in?
    Yeah, I thought about it.
    Next time I will, lol.

    And good riddance.
    No shit Shurlock. You think I don't know that. Silh never did forfeit his admin powers. He just had a bitch fit and made a big deal about leaving.
    Why the hell did you call me a idoit for derailing the topic when the topic never really got derailed? Everyone was ignoring me and Audo, and in my last post I said 'We should really get baxk on topic.' Don't shout mentally challenged if you yourself is playing illiterate.
    HAHA Read the text stupid. Did I ever say that "you" deleted it. No I didn't it, see what happens when we assume stuff Vice. You make an ass out of yourself, and nobody wants that. You just keep setting yourself up for this, sorry man. Must be tough.
    I guess I'm with neither *goes to get her plat stat back now*
    Again - thanks for the heads up x.x; was confused there for a minute :3
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