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  • You know I have been meaning to ask about that if she is a vet rper like the rest of us why is she only in this particular rp?
    I'm doing well, just trying to figure out which RP I'm posting on next. Thanks, and yeah that is a shame with Sairu.
    I do apologiz about the fight I would have loved to continue it until it met a stalemate hand yet Yoyo is need for plot reasons in Arcay so that all the other characters in the OU can come to the AU.
    So are they the same person? :p sorry stupid question. If yes then I can make Sairu to make her swoon. :D

    Sairu: Wh-what!? B-but I haven't known her fully yet!
    Yup, you did. ;P

    At the moment it's Kari's Nobody, she'll get reformed later on in the RP, but for now it's her Nobody Sairu would be meeting up with.
    *looks at Sairu and waves* Hi!

    Kixar: *perks up slightly and looks at him in curiosity*

    It's fine, the only things you need to concern yourself with is that Dream and Lunar are talking in the woods; and Kari is chatting with the Emperor near the palace; although that'll probably draw them (Kari and the Emperor) toward Sairu.
    I'd be willing to give you 20 points for a chibi twice as big for the one in your signature. But I want it as if it was viewed from the side. You can use the appearance pic in my template as a base but be sure to include the red hooded jacket, hood down. And the pose is the aftermath of Renn's Azure Zantetsu. Eyes closed. One hand on the sheath of of his blade, one hand the hilt. The blade is partially out. don't forget... the blade is black since Ebon is a black metal. also I was gonna finish Raelyn's template before I posted but I pressed the back button undoing my work so I'll take care of that now
    I added some stuff to Renn's template and I'm not sure wether or not I should do an armada template
    XD excellent now high time to show Alt that his "little girl" thought is about to dissipate into dust. With that said I sorta expected that comment from Alt yet it was still funny to read it XD.
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