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  • XD Pretty good, though uneventful at the moment. Trying to work on a post for Harmonia, but I keep getting sidetracked. I'll get it done... eventually. XD Later today, I just gotta get home first.
    You're welcome, and yeah it'll help out with flashbacks. :)

    It involves Saiyuri meeting Alt for the first time, and I have it done.

    I'm doing well, you?
    Hey Tyrant.

    Aw, I loved the bonding piece with Sairu and Saiyuri, but that last piece with Kari and Sairu made me laugh. :)

    After I get it typed up, do you mind if I run Riku (AU)'s segment past you?
    you remember the japanese symbols on my template for the sword? you don't have to show them all if they can't fit but I'd like to see some if not all the symbols on the part of the blade that's showing
    the hoodie appears regular but it's custom made in it's composition... the zipper that holds it is made of titanium, and the cotton of the red through the hood, chest, and sleeves are crossweaved with kevlar threads... so it appears and moves like a regular hoodie but it's bulletproof
    Standing is good because it's the actual pose that my OC takes after the first strike of the attack
    oh cool I got my points ready... remember side view, partially sheathed blade with one hand on the sheath and the other on the hilt, mind you he's right handed but I want his left side show and I'll send you your points right now... heck I'll throw in a bonus because I made a little bit more last night
    Not really interesting lol. :D Though I have been researching more on how can I develop Sairu's character though.
    Sounds interesting.

    I'm doing okay, just tired. Who knows, I might take that drink offer, although I'm just kidding. :D
    Hey, I've got a quick question before I get to work on a Reality post; do you mind if I have Saiyuri scolding Alt on his performance?
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