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  • I know, which is why there's no huge pressure behind the request. Thanks for the response, and good luck with the upcoming months, daddy. ;p
    I know you said you've pretty much retired from the RPing section, but any chance we might be able to tempt you back for nostalgia's sake? Skitty and I were thinking about rebooting Melodies, and it'd be fun to try and see it through to the end this time.
    Yeah, I am. I'll be posting it, I just want to get the first two chapters done before I post it. :) Well, that's before I give it it's own thread, the prologue is up in my Blazing Summer thread. It's the "Witches, Wizards and Fire Breathing Dragons! Oh My!" entry. I figured it'd be a good way to ease back into the fanfiction writing thing. *although I think one of my favorite entries that I put up was the KH3 entry, and I blame Advent Children for some of it*

    Lol, and that's always a handful at times. Although you'll probably find a way to get out of the slump.
    That's good to hear. :)

    I'm doing well, just been enjoying my summer. I'm looking at starting up my own little fanfic and been enjoying the time to read and relax.
    We've been doing pretty well, we've just been busy with school and then enjoying our time off from it. Good luck with your new Alt story and your 2015 project. May I ask what your 2015 project?
    Lol, understandable.

    I'm doing okay, just trying to get through this semester of school and get ready for the holidays.
    True. :D It's going okay, a little slow but alright. Speaking of, it's your turn to post on Reality and Apocalypse. *pokes*

    Sounds like you've been kept busy.

    Lol, isn't it a little early to be wishing people Happy Thanksgiving. Either way though, Happy Thanksgiving. :)
    Well if that's the case let me talk to Seph2 first maybe he changed route and forgot to tell me so leave as is for the moment then
    Uhhhh Tyrant your last post in Reality that's actually plot required that they get trapped in whats happening its whats going to send them to the parallel world.
    Your RP even still alive? I see it's been awhile since anyone's posted. No offense, but I don't wanna cook up a template for something that's not active.
    Yeah, and then you happen to find a site that has REALLY good writing tips and lots of different links... I swear I've got 20 tabs open right now, and it's all for that one site! *although right now she's seriously thinking about taking her headache and going to bed* Must... resist... hypno charm... @____@;;
    I know it's no rush. It's more like I want to do it, but I get distracted, so easy... *snaps back to attention and away from the Reaper with a rather creepy, doll like assembly* Anyway, what was I doing? ^^ll
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