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  • Hey Conqueror, been a while since I've visited this place. I see your still active on this site. How you been?
    What's up bro? I guess you finally got a PS3... Yeah, I re-bought a PS3 as well after my original one got stolen, so I'm pretty much back into gaming again.
    Yo, conquerer, its been a while!

    Just bought MGS4, finally going to play it! Been waiting to play this game forever.

    Anyway just wanted to drop by and say hi.
    I still havent played mgs4, or any of the psp games. I dont have a ps3 or psp. :(
    I thought so too.
    lol I was actually happy to see Naruto be his old prankserish self.
    Um...I don't want to sound like a jerk so don't take this in a bad way, but could you reply/comment on profile?
    It's just I never know when you reply so I usually forget cause it never tells me.
    Yeah, I don't think I've ever laughed that hard ftom a Naruto chapter. I didn't look at the spoilers either, so I was completely taken by surprise. Good Sh!t, good Sh!t.lol The rest of the chapter was set-up pretty nicely as well. Next chapter is sure to be big...
    Hey dude. Sup?
    Did you see the new Naruto chap?
    Yeah, the ammount of power Masashi gave him is pretty unbelievable.
    My guess is Naruto, Bee and MAYBE Tobi could be match for him.
    He'd probably blitz her and plant her into a wall... Pain would probably be a pain (lol) for Raikage though... But overall, the Raikage is pretty strong and not a lot of people can match up to him because he's so fast and all of his hits are one hitters. His style is straight-up and simple, but it's hard to defend against something that moves so fast and hits so hard out of no where. One minute the shinobi looking up at Raikage, the next minute he's smashed into rubble... Juugo just got utterly wrecked...
    I wonder what he thinks of Tsunadai.......
    Lol......I'm sure he can't see her as too much of a threat.
    Yeah I like the Raikage. When you see a 6 foot 6 (at least) tall, ox built man run like an olympic star you can't help but cower in fear. He pretty much just took a dump on Sasuke's Sharingan. And he uses Raiton chakra to jump start his reflexes (making him even more insanely fast). This guy is bad news for anyone who doesn't have an ultimate defense (*cough* Sasuke)...
    Yeah. lol
    He reminds me of......Well....Hmm....
    I don't even know. lol
    But I think he's way cooler then Bee
    Oh lol. I thought we were talking about Bee...XD
    Yeah, I agree.....Did you see how pissed he got with Sasuke?
    His arm was burning up from Ameretsu for their whole fight and he didn't even cringe. lol
    Not to me.....He just pretty much reminds me of a happy mix between Sakura and Naruto that raps.
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