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  • YAY! I FINALLY GOT RED AGAIN!! thank god, someone repped me and i was like 'wtf? BUT I WANT A RED BOX!!' its more noticable then green. like black/gray boxes. AHAHAH IM HIGH RIGHT NOWWW! YOU SHOULD SEE MY MYSPACE SURVEY?!! LOL>
    Why thank you! The Wheel of Time has to be my favorite fantasy series, second to Tolkien, that is.
    I've seen your advocation of the series throughout the literature section, so I was wondering when you would recognize Ishamael screaming at you. :)
    Which group? Because, like, a whole three of the four are defunct because the man I founded them with is an ass.
    Would you happen to be Chosen Again, by any chance? I didn't recognize your username first, but after visiting your profile page it became quite obvious. :D
    Thor. DP says that you should take over the RP for a bit, she's really busy with school stuff and won't be able to post as much as you could. She'll still post, and post more frequently when she is able to. Just move the story ahead so Waterlily won't die. It means a lot to here. I'd tell you this in person but. . .yeah. . .You're not here today.
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